Airfield Guide
ICAO Code: Info Last Validated:aug11
City:MoscowPosition:55°40'05"N 037°55'54"E
Runway(s):HELElevation:440 ft

This very small airfield is home to the Mil Design Bureau. The platforms are therefore crowded with helicopters which are used (or have been) for test purposes, ranging from the venerable Mi-6 to the latest Mi-28, although most probably will never fly again. Most interesting though is the unique Mil V-12 which is preserved here.

Getting There

Because of its size and it is clamped between railroads, this airfield is not very easy to find.
Easiest is to take the M5 from the Moscow Ring (or MKAD) and take the exit for Bykovo airport. But when you reach the A102, do not follow the signs towards Bykovo, but turn left, back to Lyubertsy. On the next major crossing turn right (there is a small sign "Tomilino 2"). After you have crossed the railroad make a 180° turn to the right onto a dirt road which leads back to this railroad. Turn right under the flyover and follow the dirt road which runs parallel to the rail track. You will pass an entrance to the complex (with a Mi-1 as gate guard) before you get to the garages.

The closest railway station is Panki station, on the Kazanskoye line, which borders the airfield on the south west side.

Around The Airport
Railway bridge

The best option is to go on the bridge across the railway tracks, which starts on the west side at the station square. From this bridge you can see most helicopters.
Another spot to see at least part of the platforms, is between the airfield and the railway, where an elevated garagecomplex (автостаянка) gives at least some overview.

From the bridge across the railway you have a good view on the complex. Shown here is one of the two massive remaining Mil V-12s in the world. (Theo van Vliet)
This photo by Theo van Vliet is from the same spot and shows another part of the ramp.
    • This Mil V-12, one of only two built - the other one is preserved at Monino - is preserved in front of the main hangar. Most likely it is the first prototype, but this still has to be confirmed.
    • A camouflaged Mil Mi-1, without marks, is preserved at the side entrance you pass on your way to the garage boxes.
    • Another Mi-1, in a silver colourscheme, is preserved behind the wall, just past the same side entrance.
    • A large collection of Mil helicopters (Mi-6, Mi-8/17, Mi-14, Mi-24 and Mi-28) is put in storage around the main platform.
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