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Liège - Bierset
ICAO Code:EBLG/LGGInfo Last Validated:
City:Liège (Luik)Position:50°38'15"N 005°26'36"E
Runway(s):05L/23R, 05R/23LElevation:659ft

Liège airport is a cargo hub in east Belgium, also facilitating holiday charters. TNT Airways has a dominant presence, especially at night when numerous parcel flights arrive and leave here. Bierset (EBLH) used to be home of the Belgian Forces armed helicopter fleet. After the transformation into 'Wing Heli', all of the helicopters were relocated to Beauvechain.


Airport expansion on the west side has the village of Velroux now bordered by the fence. The former spotting point at the taxiway had to give way to this expansion, as did the southern tip of the village. On the civil side, the large new terminal has been in operation since 2007. Most TNT aircraft will park on the southern aprons, other freighters in the middle and on the new aprons on the opposite side.

Getting There

Follow the A15/E42 from Liège to Namur and take exit 3 for the civil side of the airport. For the other side of the airport, take exit 4.

Around The Airport
Runway 05R

An excellent spot to log anything flying in or out, and also a good standpoint for photos of traffic on 05R, or heavies vacating 23R at the last exit. Construction work is carried out here too, so the future of this spot is unknown.

Approach 05L/05R

Take exit 4 and follow the signs to Fontaine. You can see landing aircraft from here, but aircraft are too high for decent pictures. Also because of construction work in the area, it might be difficult to park your car.

Preserved aircraft

Follow the Rue de Velroux from Velroux to Bierset. After 1.5 km you will see a gate on your left. This is where the preserved aircraft are situated. Further towards Bierset, the road offers views (on the right-hand side) of some hangars. Helicopters parked outside could sometimes be read off.

Taxitrack North side

On the road from Bierset to the Highway (N673), there is a roundabout just outside Bierset. There is a small (Rue de Hollogne) road that leads to a crash gate, from where one of the taxi tracks is visible.

Beginning 23L

From spot 4, drive towards the highway. After passing underneath the approach of 23L, a dead end road appears on your right hand side. Not only is this a great photo spot for aircraft taxiing to the beginning of 23L, but you will also be able to read off some aircraft parked nose-in on the apron, that are difficult to get from the other vantage points.


The new terminal has a restaurant with view, and photos are possible from the building. One has a great overview of the runways and nearby aprons from here. Sometimes military helicopters can be found here on overhaul with one of the Bierset-based maintenance companies.


A bit further to the south on the Rue de l'Aéroport will get you to the Agusta facility which will appear on your right. Whenever the hangar doors are open you must be able to read the helicopters inside. It is possible to drive al the way around the facility since there is no direct connection between the airport and this heliport.

Cargo southwest

The expanding cargo facilities at the airport were built on the south-western end of the airport. The new ramp is large enough to accomodate ten wide body freighters. If you continue past the building, there is a small path along the side of the facilities from where you can reach the fence. Although handling equipment on the ramp will usually preclude photograpy, this location can be very useful for number reading when it is very busy on the main ramp, between TNT and the terminal. The shelters close to location 8 are hidden behind the bushes.

This Master Top Linhas Aéreas DC-10 was photographed from spot 1, vacating 23L. Construction work is threatening the availability of this spot. (Arjen Sleeuwenhoek)
  • 121.925
  • 118.125 / 130.625
  • 119.275
  • 129.325 / 373.550
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  • 126.250
  • Auster AOP6, preserved at gate as "A16"
  • Alouette 2, preserved at gate at spot 3
  • BN-2B-21, preserved at gate at spot 3
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