Kleine Brogel

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City Kleine Brogel
Position 51°10'04"N 005°28'15"E
Runway(s) 05/23
Elevation 200ft


Kleine Brogel is home to two F-16 equipped fighter squadrons plus the Operational Conversion Unit, and is one of the two airbases in Belgium with this type. This base is famous for its spotter's days with excellent photo opportunities.


The base has one main runway with a secondary next to it, that is mostly used as a taxiway. Although the terrain is flat, patches of forest block the view on the base nearly everywhere. Most of the shelters are north of the runway, a few maintenance facilities are in the southern corner. This is also where public enters the base on spotter's and open days.

Getting There

Kleine Brogel is situated just south of the Dutch border. From the Netherlands, follow the N69/N74 from Eindhoven and take the N73 to Peer. From there you can follow the signs to Kleine Brogel.
From the South, take the N715 from Hasselt towards Eindhoven. Take the N73 to Peer. From there you can follow the signs to Kleine Brogel.

Around the Airport

1Final 23

The approach on the north eastern part of the field can be found along the N747 from Kaulille to Kleine Brogel. Right at the base perimeter, an unpaved track leads along the fence amidst the trees. Follow this track and you will reach spot 1.

2Spotting Place

On the western side of the base an official spotter's place has been installed. Follow the road from Kleine Brogel to Peer and the spotter's place will be on your left-hand side. From here landing aircraft can be spotted. Unfortunately, the base can not be seen and photography is hindered by the position of the sun: in your face.

3Final 05 - close

Better for taking pictures is spot number three. Just after the official spotter's place there is a small dirt-road to the left. From this road, landing aircraft can be photographed with 300 mm effective. Unfortunately, the trees are growing higher and higher and photography gets worse every year.

4Final 05 - distant

Again when following the road from Kleine Brogel southbound, pass the approach lights but then take the first road to the right. This spot requires more than 300 mm effective for photos of F-16-sized planes.


Some of the base's smartest preserved aircraft can be seen here through the trees that line the perimeter fence.

Best spot outside the fence at Kleine Brogel is spot number 1. The aircraft are pretty low there aleady. (Frank van de Waardenburg)

Not as good as number 1 but still quite OK is spot 3. (Frank van de Waardenburg)


314.375 / 122.100Tower
257.800Tower (alt)
337.975 / 122.500Approach
362.300Approach (alt)
282.200 / 123.300Precision approach radar
284.275Precision approach radar
299.900 / 129.325Belga Radar
278.350 / 339.175Pampa Range
373.550Belga Info


FA16F-16A, stored on base
FA38F-16A, instructional airframe
FS17/DMBF-84E, near gate
FU66/RA-TF-84F, near gate
FU145/Z6-EF-84F, stored on base
FX02F-104G, with tail of FX47
FX41F-104G, stored on base
FX86F-104G, near gate
FX96F-104G, dumped fuselage only

Order of Battle Belgium

Belgian Air Component

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