Airfield Guide
Constanta - Bâzu Cantacuzino
ICAO Code:LRCK/CNDInfo Last Validated:
City:ConstantaPosition:44°21'43"N 028°29'18"E

Baza 57 Aeriana, formerly also called "Mihail Kogalniceanu", operated two squadrons of MiG-29 Fulcrums until early 2003 when it was decided to withdraw the type from service. One squadron operated some eight Lancer-As and a Lancer-Bs which were based at Borcea-Festesti until April 2004 when Baza 57 Aeriana was disbanded altogether. The base is now an annex from Baza 86 Aeriana with the helicopter squadron of Baza 57 Aeriana being reassigned to Baza 86 Aeriana. The based helicopters were previously assigned to Grupul 59 Elicoptere at Tuzla which closed in late 2001. In storage at the base are the MiG-29s which were previously based here awaiting their fates. For the civil orientated spotters: Acvila Air and TAROM fly regular services to Mihail Kogalniceanu.

Getting There

The airport can be found folling road 2A from Constanta to Hirsova. The airport can be found easily as it is signposted from this road.

Around The Airport
Civil terminal

The civil terminal is signposted from roadnumber 2. From here the civil ramp can be overseen. Military activities are hard to observe from here.

East side

Follow road number 2 to the South and take road 22 towards Tulcea. The airfield is now on your lefthand side. Threequarters along the runway road 22 takes a turn to the right. Take the dirttrack to the left. This track leads towards the airfield but is, especially in fall and winter, not always suitable for cars. Follow the dirttrack to the airfield and flying operations can be overseen.

  • 121.9
  • 120.45
  • 118.75
  • 122.9/127.35
    Bucharest Radar
  • IAR316B
  • Several MiG-29s and MiG-23s are in open storage at the base.
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