Bacau (LRBC)
Baza 95 Aeriana

RWY 16/34     POS 46°31'19"N 026°54'37"E     ELEV 607ft

Baza Escadrila Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Baza 95 Aeriana

Escadrila 951 Aviatie Instructie Avansata IAR-99C

Escadrila 952 Elicoptere SOCAT IAR330L
Wild Stallions
Bacau also houses the Aerostar aircraft facility which carries out maintenance, modifications and repairs on most of the aircraft on the Romanian AF inventory.

Esc.902 Av. Transp. Oper. si Foto based at Baza90 Bucuresti - Otopeni are using two of these An-30s

(Nörvenich, September 2020, Anton van Ruiten)

Baza 95 Bacau is the home base for the IAR-99C Soims from Esc.951.

(air to air, September 2019, Hans Antonissen)

Boboc (LRBO)

RWY 04/22     POS 45°13'04"N 026°58'29"E     ELEV 344 ft

Scoala Escadrila Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Scoala de Aplicatie a pentru ForteleAeriene 'Aurel Vlaicu'

Esc. 1 Aviatie Instr. Faza AI-A IAK-52

Esc. 2 Aviatie Instr. Faza AII-A IAR-99
Scoala Militara de Maistri si Subofiteri a Fortelor Aeriene 'Traian Vuia'

Technical School various i/a

S.A.p.F.A. which is based at Boboc is still flying with a dozen Iak-52s.

(Băneasa, July 2018, Erik Sleutelberg)

IAR316B 122 is in use for helicopter training.

Caescu Dan

Bucuresti/Henri Coanda (LROP)
Baza 90 Aviatie de Transport Gheorghe Banciulescu

RWY 08L/26R, 08R/26L     POS 44°34'16"N 026°05'06"E     ELEV 314ft

Baza Escadrila Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Baza 90 Aviatie de Transport "Gheorghe Banciulescu"

Esc.901 Av. Transp. Strategic C-130B

Esc.902 Av. Tr. Oper. si Foto An-30

Esc.903 Elicoptere Transport IAR330L

Esc.901 Av. Transp. Strategic operates four C-130Bs and one C-130H out of Baza90 Bucuresti - Otopeni. Due to maintenance issues the availability is much lower then five.

(Câmpia Turzii, September 2015, Arnold ten Pas)

Seven C-27J's are in use with Esc.902 Av.Tr.

Caescu Dan

Constanta/Mihail Kogalniceanu (LRCK)
Baza 57 Aeriana (Bâzu Cantacuzino)

RWY 18/36     POS 44°21'44"N 028°29'18"E     ELEV 353 ft

Baza Escadrila Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Baza 57 Aeriana

Escadrila 572 Elicoptere IAR330M Puma
Câmpia Turzii (LRCT)
Baza 71 Aeriana

RWY 15/33     POS 46°30'16"N 023°53'04"E     ELEV 1079ft

Baza Escadrila Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Baza 71 Aeriana

Escadrila 713 Elicoptere SOCAT IAR330M

Escadrila 48 Vânătoare F-16AM

The F-16s has replaced the MiG21s at the Romanian Air Force.

(Băneasa, July 2018, Erik Sleutelberg)

IAR330L SOCAT 66 of the Escadrila 713 Elicoptere.

Chirila Alexandru

Fetesti (LRFT)
Baza 86 Aeriana ; Cocargeaua (Borcea)

RWY 18/36     POS 44°23'20"N 027°42'40"E     ELEV 180 ft

Baza Escadrila Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Baza 86 Aeriana

Escadrila 53 Vânătoare F-16AM

The European F-16 Training Center (EFTC) will train Ukrainian Pilots on the F-16. the Romanian Ministry of Defense provides the 86th Air Base, training facilities and host nation support, the Royal Netherlands Air Force provides F-16 aircraft, and the Lockheed Martin Company provides the instructors and maintenance. More F-16s from other countries are expected to join the EFTC.
Timisoara/Giarmata (LRTR)
Baza 71 Aeriana annex

RWY 11/29     POS 45°48'36"N 021°20'16"E     ELEV 348ft

Baza Escadrila Aircraft Type(s) Name Badge
Baza 71 Aeriana annex

Escadrila 712 Elicoptere IAR330M

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