Airfield Guide
Bucharest - Henri Coanda
ICAO Code:LROP/OTPInfo Last Validated:
City:BucharestPosition:44°34'16"N 026°05'06"E
Runway(s):08L/26R, 08R/26LElevation:314ft

Bucuresti-Henri Coanda is the main international airport of Romania and used to be named "Otopeni". The military part of Otopeni goes by the name of "Baza 90 Aviatie de Transport Gheorghe Banciulescu" and is home to the transport fleet of the Romanian Air Force and two IAR330 SOCAT squadrons.
The airport has a special policy regarding spotting which is published on the homepage. Photographers have special spots where photography is allowed, they are outside of the airport perimeter, on the basis of identification and access permits issued by the airport. In order to obtain a permit plane spotters, you have to send a request with your contact information (name, phone) on the following address with a CC to in the shortest possible time. Thereafter you will be contacted for the required formalities.

Getting There

The airport can be found 15 kilometers to the North side of Bucharest and is well sign-posted from Higway 1. You will see it anyway, because it is located next to this highway.

Around The Airport

The civil terminal offers views of the ramp. Photography of parked aircraft is possible, but not allowed. The civil terminal can be found by following the signs to the Departure terminal.

Military Gate

The gate to "Baza 90 Aviatie de Transport Gheorghe Banciulescu" can be found by taking the last right from Higway 1 before the civil terminal (coming from the South). Views of the airport are difficult, but the stored aircraft, if present, can be seen from here. From the trees to the right of the maingate (right to the grassfield), some aircraft can be read. Walking from the military gate towards the terminal offers more views.

Military ramps

Coming from the South on Highway, take the first road to the right after the "Police 200 mtrs" sign. This is "Str.23. August" and comes just after you pass a pedestrians-bridge. Following this road will lead to a dirt-track to the west of Otopeni. From this dirt-track based aircraft can be read off.


The former entrance of the RoAF Museum can be found at Higway 1. Only a Il-28 has remained. The museum has moved to a new location at: Bucharest, Fabrica de Glucoza Street, no.2-4, 2nd district. Opening schedule between 20 July and 1 August 2006 is: Monday – Friday: 09.00 - 15.30 Saturday and Sunday: 13.00 – 17.00

Hotel 08 approach

A hotel, with swimming pool, is located in the approach of runway 08R. This is very convenient location for your activities. This is also the only spot allowed without prior permission.

  • 120.900
  • 121.850
  • 121.700
  • 118.500
  • 118.250/120.600
  • C-130B
  • C-27J
  • IAR330L
  • BAe146
  • A310
  • A109
    Bell 206
    Global Express
  • Il-28R, positioned at spot 4
  • Official Homepage
  • Webpage (in Romanian) for the Museum.
  • thsi page has specific information about spotting at OTP, in English
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