Uganda Air Force

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Uganda People's Defence Air Force


Advanced Su-30Mk2 are the pride of the Ugandese People's Defence Force.

Entebbe/Intl (HUEN)

RWY 12/30, 17/35     POS 00°02'32"N 032°26'37"E     ELEV 3782 ft

Air Base Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Entebbe Air Base

Su-30 Squadron Su-30MK2

Puma Squadron L-39ZA

Government Flight G550

Uganda Air Cargo Corporation L-100

Attack Squadron Mi-24PN

Helicopter Squadron Mi-17

Helicopter Squadron Bell AB206B/B-II/B-3
Bell 206A
Bell 206B-3
Bell 212

Various types of Mi-17 are used.

Gulu (HUGU)

RWY 17/35     POS 02°48'19"N 032°16'19"E     ELEV 3432 ft

Air Base Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Gulu Air Base

Flying Training Squadron L-39ZO
SF260W (wfu?)

Soroti (HUSO)

RWY 05/23, 09/27 (dirt), HEL     POS 01°43'20"N 033°37'07"E     ELEV 3697 ft

Air Base Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Soroti Air Base

Helicopter Squadron Bell UH-1H-II

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