Uganda People's Defence Air Force

Brief history
Uganda is a republic in central Eastern Africa. The country gained its independence from Britain on 9 October 1962. Logically, the official languages are not only Swahili but also still English. So greetings to you in Uganda if you read this!

The inventory of the air force has always been quite modern and substantial, relying not only on Western types but also former Soviet block aircraft. however, most recent acquisitions are from the latter category. Notably the pride of teh air force the Su-30. Other modern assest include Mi-17 helicopters and Mi-24 gunships. Also some L-39 trainers and MiG-21bis fighters were sourced in Eastern Europe to beef up the advanced trainer and fighter capabilities.

Entebbe international airport is the only base in use, a site that has seen some quite historice events in the past. Being a former hydroaviation base, it is beautifully located on the Northern shore of Lake Victoria. The military air base part is North of the threshold of runway 30.

Uganda Police Air Wing

Brief history
The Uganda Police Air Wing was created in 1966 but suffered from lack of available means. It used to operate a Bell 206, but that crashed in 2010. Recently this seems to have changed for the better with A109A, AW119 and W-3A helicopters being acquired. Their homebase is Entebbe airport.

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