Tinker AFB

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City Oklahoma City, OK
Position 35°24'53"N 097°23'12"W
Runway(s) 12/30, 17/35
Elevation 1291 ft


Tinker is a large Air Force Base in the southeastern outskirts of Oklahoma City. It is home to the majority of the USAF Boeing E-3 AWACS fleet operated by the 552nd ACW. But besides that you can also find an AFRC KC-135 unit and the Navy operates several E-6B TACAMO aircraft. The area east of the north-south runway is occupied by the Oklahoma City Air Logistic Center. They perform heavy maintenance on the B-1B, B-52H and KC-135. Because of its central location the base is often visited for a fuelstop by aircraft transiting from east to west or vice versa. A lot of buildings on base make sure you can not see everything, but there are possibilities for pictures and reading numbers.

Getting There

The base is easy accessible by taking Interstate 40 east from downtown or I-240 when approaching from the south.

Around the Airport

1Runway 35

This runway is often in use. It can be reached by taking the S Douglas Blvd exit from I-240. Go north and take the first left (SE 74th St). This road will take you under the approach. Take the first right (S Midwest Blvd) which is a dead end street and will stop at an unused gate. From here you have a great view on the aircraft comming and going. You need about 300mm (digital) for full-frame shots of the large aircraft. From this point you also have a good view on the AWACS on the ramp nearby and the ALC accross the runway. By looking in the north west (below the watertower) you can clearly see the preserved EC-130Q and by looking a little bit more left the instructional B-52 and KC-135 (obscured by bushes).


By going back east on SE 74th St and north on S Douglas Blvd you will pass the ALC. At times this road is very busy but there are enough places for a quick stop to read of tailnumbers.

3Runway 17

From point 2 go further north and then west on SE 29th St. Take the S Midwest Blvd north and somewhere along this road or one of the sidestreets a good view on approaching aircraft can be had.

4Welcome Center

By going further west on SE 29th St you will pass the Oklahoma Welcome Center which is guarded by a blue AT-38B. From here you have a limited view on the preserved aircraft near the main gate. Walk a bit further west and the view will improve.


Again go further west and take S Sooner Road south. Take SE 59th St east and just before you reach the Gott Gate you will see the ARINC company on you right hand side. They have a couple of Chilean T-37B fuselages outside and inside a KC-135 forward fuselage.

During the whole afternoon good shots can be taken from spot 1 (Jurgen van toor)

This time the main resident, also taken from spot 1. (Jurgen van Toor)


335.800 / 119.700Clearance Delivery
275.800 / 121.800Ground
251.050 / 124.450Tower
336.400 / 124.200Oke City APP/DEP (northeast)
288.325 / 120.450Oke City APP/DEP (southeast)
263.075 / 126.650Oke City APP/DEP (southwest)
266.800 / 124.600Oke City APP/DEP (northwest)
372.200 / 134.100Pilot to Dispatcher
287.450 / 305.600Command Post
139.950 / 141.650Command Post
382.600AFMC Flight Test
119.150Tinker AOTC
261.025PMSV Metro

Based Operators

960th AACSE-3B, E-3C
963rd AACSE-3B, E-3C
964th AACSE-3B, E-3C
965th AACSE-3B, E-3C
966th AACSE-3B, E-3C
465th ARS AFRCKC-135R
OC ALCB-1, B-52, C-135
VQ-7E-6A, E-6B


61-0817/HMGAT-38B (Welcome Center)
50761C-47J as 'USAAF 2150761/U5-N'
137890EC-121Q as 'USAF 55-0552' (on base)
159348EC-130Q (near US Navy HQ)

More Info

Order of BattleScramble website
Tinker AFBOfficial website

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