Tyndall AFB

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City Panama City, FL
Position 30°04'12"N 085°34'34"W
Runway(s) 13L/31R, 13R/31L
Elevation 18 ft


At Tyndall AFB is F-15 and F-22 pilots are trained by the 325th FW. Besides the F-15s and F-22 there are also two other squadrons present. One of them is an TDY Air National Guard unit from Minnesota, present with F-16 ADFs. The other squadron participates in the education of pilots. This 82 ATRS (Aerial Targets Squadron) consists of QF-4s which are used target aicraft but also this squadron has the only two E-9A Widgets. These, from origin DHC-8s, are used for surveillance during target training to maintain the safety in the area.

Getting There

Tyndall AFB is located just south of Panama City, FL. You can easily get there because the 98 runs straight through the airbase. As soon as you pass the East Bay in southern direction you will notice the large Tyndall welcome sign. Here is also spot 1 located.

Around the Airport

1Old Bridge southside

This spot is located at the southside of the old bridge which crossed the bay and is cleary marked with the "Tyndall AFB welcome sign". Near this sign, on the eastside of the 98, is a parking lot where you can park you car. Walk towards the water and enjoy the view. Here you can see landing at runway 13. Aircraft landing at runway 13L and R are possible to photograph. With 400mm you will be able to catch everything landing at 13L, but aircraft landing ar runway 13R tend to be slightly on top of you.

2Old Bridge northside

Because this spot is located at the opposite side of the bay you are closer to the landing at runway 13L instead of 13R. Unfortunately the sun/lighting conditions could be a problem here in the middle of the day. This spot also has a parkinglot (east of the 98) where you can park your car. Walk towards the waterline and enjoy the view from a different angle.

Landing aircraft at runway 13L can easily be photographed from spot 1. (Mike Riffle)


289.400 / 118.050Clearance Delivery
259.300 / 121.900Ground
384.400 / 133.950Tower
381.300Command Post
390.8502nd FS 'Beagle OPS'
292.70043rd FS 'Raptor OPS'
392.80095th FS 'Bones OPS'

Based Operators

2nd FSF-15C/D
43rd FSF-22A
95th FSF-15C/D
82nd ATRSE-9A/QRF-4C/QF-4E/QF-4G
179th FS det.1F-16A/B ADF


52-10133F-86L '45244'

More Info

Tyndall AFBOfficial homepage

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