Sintra (BA1)

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Last Validated 8-2008
City Sintra
Position 38°49'52"N 009°20'22"W
Runway(s) 14/32, HEL
Elevation 440 ft


Sintra Air Base is located at Granja do Marquês near the Sintra mountain range. Its origin dates back to 1914 when, on May 14, the President Manuel de Arriaga promulgated a law creating the Military Aviation School, based on studies carried out by the Aero Clube de Portugal. This school, initially built in 1915 at Vila Nova da Rainha, was transferred to Granja do Marquês on February 5, 1920. Later, in 1928, it was renamed Military Aeronautics School until its deactivation in October 1939, when it became Airbase 1. Therefore, Granja do Marquês was the place where, along the years, Air Force pilots and technicians got the necessary skills and training. In 1993, the Flying Training Squadron 101 was transferred to Air Base 11 at Beja but this was transferred back around 2010. In 2011, also the Museo do Ar has been located on this field.


The airport has a northwest - southeast located runway. All buildings are to the north. The aprons are from west to east used for the Museu do Ar and Esq101.

Getting There

Sintra is located 5.3 km to the northeast of the city of Sintra. It is located along the IC16 at the point where is becomes the N9 towards the Auto-Estrada Malveira - Ericeira. From Lisbon take the IC19 towards Sintra but before Sintra go to the right on the IC16. On the IC16 take the sign towards BA1 Sintra.

Around the Airport

1View onto Esq502

After leaving the IC16 you will have to continue along the airport which will be to your right. Now take the next right and drive past the entrance to the Air Force Academy, which will be to your right. You will drive through two small villages. At the second one, at a sharp turn to the left, take a small road towards the airport. At the end of this road, park your car and check the apron. Also landing traffic can be photographed here, although early mornings preclude backlight conditions.

2Air Force Academy

After leaving the IC16 you will have to continue along the airport which will be to your right. Now take the next right and follow it until you see a road to the right which leads to the Air Force Academy. At the gate, at the small parking at your left, you will see the preserved T-38.

3Preserved T-37

After leaving the IC16 take the first road to the right towards the airport. At this crossing a T-37 is preserved.

4View onto Museum Apron

After leaving the IC16, take a small dirt road to the right just after the turn towards Sintra. Just before the turn into some soil retrieving station, park in the grass to have a look across the museum platform. You will also have a view onto landing and departing aircraft although in backlight conditions.

5Landing to the East

A better view onto all landing aircraft can be obtained from this spot. When you drive onto the IC16 to the north, take the first right at the last roundabout before the exit to AB1 Sintra. This road is called Estrada do Rio da Mó. Before the small stream take a right and follow the turn. Just after the turn, take a small road to the left into a concrete ramp.

6Mid Runway Position

There is a nice spot with the sun at your back halfway the runway. To reach this spot you have to take the second right on the IC16, if you are coming from Lisbon via the N249. You arrive on the Estrada Principal. At the end of this road you will be at the fence.

7Landing to the West

From spot 6, take the other routing along the fence. After the fence continues away from the road, take the next dirt road to the left. At the turn, you will be positioned for finals with westerly winds.

In Portugal, ties with Brazil are very strong. No wonder that the aircraft of the Brazilian Demo team fill up their tanks in Sintra. This picture has been taken by Cristian Schrik from spot 1.

The road into BA1 Sintra is guarded by this T-37C 2424. It is positioned at our spot 3 and was shot by Piet Luijken.




2424T-37C, preserved at spot 3
2604T-38A, preserved at spot 2
manyMuseu do Ar

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