Last Validated Aug 2010
City Faro
Position 37°00'52"N 007°57'57"W
Runway(s) 10/28
Elevation 24 ft


Faro is the main entrance for all tourists visiting the Algarve area. The airport is therefore visited by numerous European companies (both charter and scheduled flight) on a daily basis. The frequency is even higher during the holiday season. The airport offers several great spots for photography, most of them on the Southern side of the runway. Though you do not need mega-millimeters to take great pics it is an airport that gives plenty of opportunity for experimenting with hefty tele-lenses or converters.
The area between the airport and Faro beach is an area of wetlands. Please note that this is a protected natural park so please respect the environment and local rules!


The lay-out of the airport is relatively simple. The runway (10-28) is on the Southern side whereas the terminal building is on the North side. All parking spots for aircraft are in between (either at the terminal building or a bit further away). General aviation aircraft are parked a bit further away as well.

Getting There

Being the largest airport in the area the airport is sign posted very clearly. Just follow the signs near Faro city towards the airport and you will end up at the main parking lot.

Around the Airport

1Runway 10

The first spot to visit is near the threshold of runway 10. From this spot you can take shot of aircraft taking off from and approaching runway 10. The road is elevated here, so no stepladder is needed. The hill is located south of threshold, so you can photograph landing aircraft, as well as aircraft lining up for runway 10. Mind that you will have heatwaves taxiing aircraft during most of the day.
Runway 10 is mainly in use during the morning before the wind changes. To get here head for Faro beach (‘Praia de Faro’) when heading for the airport on road number EN125. You will the pass the approach of runway 10 and just after that you can turn left onto a dirt road that parallels the runway.

2Spot 2

The dirt road that runs along the runway offers plenty of opportunities to position yourself. Another good spot is where the fence turns away from the runway. A this spot you can picture aircraft during rotation when taking off from runway 28 and all aircraft using runway 10. Again a stepladder is useful.

3Spot 3

Yet another position along the runway but no stepladder is needed here. A good spot for photography on both runway headings. Light conditions are not that good after 18.00 PM.

4Runway 28

The final spot mentioned here is near the treshold of runway 28. Good for picturing aircraft approaching runway 28 and aircraft ligned of for take-off on the runway. No stepladder is needed. You can not get to this spot by car. You have to park your car about 300 meters away and walk the final stage.

5Taxi track

The other side of runway 28 is good for photography as well. From this spot you can picture the aircraft on the taxi track towards runway 28. Lighting conditions are best during the morning. To get here you take the Rua Aristides Sousa Mendes to the right from the EN125 (heading away from the airport) and turn right again at the end. You follow this road (Rua Prof Dr Fernandes Serrao) to where a road leads you along the fence. Park your car where it appears logical and walk the final meters.

Made from spot 2, a Martinair MD11 setting down at runway 10. Photo Luis Rosa

This Tu-154 is approaching Faro's runway 28 and was shot from spot 4. Photo Luis Rosa


120.750 / 376.750Tower

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