Creil (BA110)

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Last Validated 03-2012
City Creil
Position 49°15'13"N 002°31'09"E
Runway(s) 07/25
Elevation 291 ft


Creil-Senlis is often visited for a stop-and-go by spotters that are routeing to or from airshows. The based CN235 are often parked outside on the ramp even in the weekends that makes it worthwile to stop by. The northwest and northeast sides are good for viewing; the rest of the base is surrounded by forest.


Creil air base used to be a fighter base. The remnants of that are still clearly visible. The northeast and southeast shelter areas with dispersals are still mostly intact; although not many shelters remain. The northwest shelter area as well as the cross runway have been largely dismantled. This corner of the field now houses the aero club with their preserved Hurel-Dubois HD34 and fleet of Robins. In the northeast corner there is a small general aviation area. The south side is occupied by the main ramps and hangars of the transport squadron that is based here, south of that many offices and a housing area can be found. Lastly, the southeast shelter area is used by air defence units that are frequently detached here.

Getting There

If you arrive from A1/E19 Autoroute du Nord take exit 8 and make your way around Senlis counter clock-wise on the N330 northbound. The air base will come up on your right, make sure to keep to the right on N330 into Creil.

Around the Airport

1Northwest side ramp view

From the D120 through Creil head for Verneuil-en-Halatte, take the D565 southbound to Monte la Ville. In the village make a right turn uphill into Rue Androuet de Cerceau. At the end, make a left on the dirt track. You can pole off the CN235 from a distance from here early morning or late afternoon. Alternatively, walk into the farmland along the fence line to get closer. This is a bit of a walk but the CN235s are not that easy to read off so it is probably worth the effort.

2Aero club

This where a rare Hurel-Dubios HD34 with its huge wing sits on the grass, and a distant view of the main apron can be had. From Creil, take the N330 off the N16 southbound towards Senlis. At the roundabout in the northwest corner of the airfield you can take the road to the civil side, Avenue de la Fôret d'Halatte. This was previously called Chemin de Creil a l'IGN, after the French national geographic institution IGN that used to operate the HD34.

3West side approach runway 07

The N330 runs past the threshold of runway 07. Just north of the gate, you can watch the approaching aircraft and have a distant view of the ramps to see if anything is outside.

The Hurel-Dubois 34 with its incredible wing, slowly fading away adjacent to the aeroclub in March 2009. (Erik Sleutelberg)

The view from spot 2 towards the distant main apron, showing six Spanish EC120s. (Nigel Howarth)


122.100 / 257.800Ground
123.300 / 142.450Tower
119.700 / 387.450Tower
138.570 / 140.575Precision
259.725 / 265.900Precision


401CM170 on base
F-BICVHD34 at aeroclub
322/TBMirage 3R, stored north-east side
656Mirage 3E, stored north-east side
59/CFMirage 4P near gate, in special c/s.
139/10-RE/10-SESuper Mystère B2 at main gate

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