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Last Validated Jan 2009
City Hurghada
Position 27°11'03"N 033°47'54"E
Runway(s) 34/16
Elevation 52 ft


Hurghada is a port of call for many charters bringing hordes of package deal tourists. Expect lots of charters. There is also a small Egypt Air Force presence here. Military traffic usually gives way to civil traffic by mid-morning.

Be aware, plane spotting is neither understood nor appreciated in Egypt!


The airport has a simple north-south runway. The main ramp is adjacent to the terminal with a smaller parking area just south. Further south east there is a remote parking to handle even more charters. The taxiway, a former runway, runs all along the runway. There is also a disused north west-south east runway.
The military fighter detachment usually operates from the large drive through shelters east of the southern threshold.

Getting There

The airport is about 7 km south west of Hurghada village along a highway with separated lanes. Many resorts are situated along this road. Some are near others are more distant, but ample opportunity to find a convenient one. besides, they are more used to tourists here than most other airports around Egypt...

Around the Airport

1Albatross Beach Resort

Relatively far south but still okay for the 34 approach are some resorts. Hotel Albatross Beach is convenient. You can get a day's entrance ticket to most of these resorts to hang around at the pool. Take the part of the resort that is on the sea side of the road to get a better angle, albeit more distant. The land side resorts are a bit too much under the approach which may result in belly shots every now and then.

2South side approach - p.m.

From the public road south of the airport the approach is reachable. On both sides of the road there are sand dunes, so you can find a place out of sight. Be careful if you loiter for long here though, the locals will be very puzzled and photography is not allowed officially. The desert environment does not help either ;-)
This works for the afternoon but also in the morning, you will be closer to the build-up area then.

3South side residential area

Nearer to the airport threshold, there are some residential areas between the two lanes of the highway. These are under development but from the outskirts, they offer unobstructed views of the approach.

4Hotels near threshold

It seems that large hotels like the Steinberger Al Dau Beach Resort and Hotel Sultan Beach are quite close to the threshold. No reports from the possibilities here though.

5Terminal area

South of the terminal part of the main ramp can be seen. Also, the remote parking is visible. Once air side in the terminal and on your way to your plane, some quick shots should probably be possible.

6North side approach - a.m.

Runway 16 is not the preferred runway. To get to this side follow the road from the airport to Hurghada village. After the airfield perimeter stops the road bends right and you have to go left. That is not possible at the junction, so drive a little bit further and make a legal U-turn at the Nile Hospital. After that it is right and right again. Find a spot before you reach the build-up area.

Taken from one of the southern resorts. (Henneghien Fabrice -

Another one, this is from spot 1. (Patrick)


119.100 / 123.400Radar

Based Operators

53_ Helicopter Brigadecontrols two helicopter squadrons
(still based here?)
(still based here?)
...sqMiG-21, J-7


8047MiG-21PFM, inside gate

More Info

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