EHGR 09-07-2024

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EHGR 09-07-2024

Post by Eric van Lisdonk »

Vanmiddag het volgende in Gilze gezien tijdens diverse touch and go's.

PC-7 L-01 131EMVOsqn Diamond15 * 14:04u-14:20u
PC-7 L-02 131EMVOsqn Diamond12 * 14:26u-14:54u
PC-7 L-03 131EMVOsqn Diamond08 * 14:26u-14:54u
PC-7 L-05 131EMVOsqn Diamond01 * 14:06u-14:20u
PC-7 L-12 131EMVOsqn Diamond09 * 14:26u-14:54u
PC-7 L-13 131EMVOsqn Diamond07 * 14:05u-14:24u

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