LOG Philippines (MIL) FEB 24

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LOG Philippines (MIL) FEB 24

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A quick and dirty log of three days in the lovely Philippines earlier this month:

Manila IAP/Jesus Villamor AB Museum 03feb24
all noted from outside the base, the Holiday Inn hotel proved a good vantage point.
outside were seen:
YS11: RP77
C-47: 48301
RC690: 11250
F-86F: 24468/468
T-33A: 29806/806
HU-16: 48607
F-8H: 147056/313
F-86K: 524140/140
S-62: (62018)
F-5A: 13326/1
UH-34: (153131)
UH-1: 570

Tarlac City 03feb24 Camp Aquino
T-33A: 29585
UH-1: 622

Clark AB 03feb24
C-130: 4726 std
UH-1: (860) pres log centre
T-28: 645 pres park
F-8H: 48661/301 pres park
UH-1: 171 pres park
T-33A: 52557 pres park
F-5A: 10507 pres park
F27: (10296) i/a assault course (no nose)
UH-1: (515) + (61113) i/a assault course
MD520: (390) pres 410 mx wing gate
H500: unknown pres 410 mx wing gate
UH-1: (355) pres 410 mx wing gate
T-28: (171) pres 410 mx wing gate
F-5B: (40780) pres 410 mx wing gate
F-5A: (21190) + (89048) pres ad hq
F-5A: (1332)4, 701374, 689076 std apron
F-5B: 13380 std apron
Only four F-5s left here.

DC-8: N817NA visit
C-20B: N520NA visit
P-8A: code LC-550 visit

Subic Bay Port 03feb24
MQ-8C: (169666)/33 o/b USS Manchester (LCS-14)

Olongapo City park 03feb24
RA-5C: “147858” (=156627)

Olongapo City main road 03feb24
F-8H: “145544” (real ID unknown, ex US Navy Cubi Point)

Cesar Basa AB 03feb24
RT-33A: (53457) pres gateguard
F-5A: (10499) pres inside gate
S211: (001) pres inside gate
T-33A: (“52257”) pres inside gate
F-86F: (“11363”) = 52-5121 pres on pole on airbase
S211: 011 preserved on airbase
F-5A: (21191) pres near mx hangar
S211: (814) pres near mx hangar
T-33A: (unknown) pres near mx hangar
and two unknown FA-50s in their sheds.

Pasay City (Manila) 03feb24 Museum Pambata
UH-1: (66-16328) pres

Pasay City (Manila) 03feb24 Navy HQ
Bo105: "142" (=414) pres

Manila IAP/Jesus Villamor AB 04feb24 Museum visit
early morning visit to the museum, which was closed for renovation, but the outdoor display appeared open.
outside additions, which could not be seen from the Holiday Inn the day before:
T-28: 109
T-6G: 150162/662
SF260: 15-39/639
T-41: 8958/958
T-34: 506

inside display:
P-51: "001"
PT-13: "551"
Super Pinto: "233" (=234?)
SF260: (15-44/644)
+ an F-86 cockpit

Manila 04feb24 Fort Andres Bonifacio
Ce172: (PA862) pres

Manila IAP 04feb24
C-7: RP-C2702 std

Manila IAP/Jesus Villamor AB 04feb24
C295: 177
F28: 1250
+3 Bell 412 in hangar
Also read on 05feb24

Cebu-Mactan/Benito Ebuen AB 04feb24
L-100: 4512 park pres
C-123: (54624) park pres
F-86: 24246 park pres
UH-1: "292" park pres (=125)
N22: “22” = 05
C212: 2119, 2120 in shed
C-130: 3633 in shed
C295: 140 std
F27: (10669) std
C-130: 3545 std nr apron
C-130: 5011, 4704
F27: 10620
N22SL: 87

Lapu-Lapu City 04feb24 Indiana Aerospace University
N22: (20) (22) (23)

Basilio Fernando AB 05feb24
T-28: (7760) pres gate
T-41: 15040/040, 15009/009, 15062/062, 15042/042, 038/038
Ce172: 976/976
SF260: 10-31/031, 10-40/040, 687/687? (could be 637 but unlikely)
training base of the PhAF, they usually start flying early (around 0700), also on weekend days.

Danilo Atienza AB 05feb24
OV-10: 1x flying
AW159: 1x flying
AW109: 431, 432
BN-2: 1x parked
Beech 90: 392
Just too late, traffic hold us up, to take decent pics of the Bronco and Wildcat.

OV-10: 142, 145, 14611, 31312? (misread?) + 3 more (all stored)
145 was not faded like grey 142 & 14611, 31312 faded olive drap
The base is awkwardly situated on a peninsula and hard have a decent view of. Broncos were read from the wall overlooking the old ferry jetty behind the city hall in Cavite City; more Broncos should be stored here but these are usually obstructed by a berthed navy barge.

Beech H18: RP-C984 flying

Manila IAP/Jesus Villamor AB 05feb24
H125: RP-6088 + 2
H145: (CGH-1451) with nose radar, which CGH-1452 does not have
C295: 177, (204) per adsb
Bell 412: RP-1896 +2
C-130: 5040
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