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by Peter3076
02 Sep 2022, 16:37
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: Abbreviations, info, parkingspots and runway info
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EHAM: Runway maintenance - Buitenveldert baan

Tussen 5 en 13 september 2022 is de Buitenveldert baan gesloten in verband met onderhoud.


Between 5 September 2022 up to 13 September 2022 the Buitenveldert baan is closed for maintenance.
by Peter3076
07 Jun 2022, 16:40
Forum: Spotting Germany
Topic: Mönchengladbach (MGL/EDLN) 2022
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Re: Mönchengladbach (MGL/EDLN) 2022

It was on 26 May, but poorly to photograph. On both sides a former Art Lingua was parked.
by Peter3076
09 Apr 2022, 18:11
Forum: 't Praethuys
Topic: AN-225 Mriya
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Re: AN-225 Mriya

UR-NTE An 28 in same hangar as An 225. Aircraft seems to have no damage. Antonov Airlines: “As a result of the Russian attack and occupation of the airfield, significant damage has been caused to its infrastructure, office buildings, hangars, as well as the destruction of the AN-74 (UR-74010 c/n 365...
by Peter3076
09 Apr 2022, 14:28
Forum: Brussels-Zaventem/Melsbroek
Topic: IL96-300 expected 10-4-22
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IL96-300 expected 10-4-22

Expected on Sunday a IL96-300 Rossiya Special Flight Unit. ETA 9:00 hrs, ETD 11:00 hrs to Moskow. Expected RA-96017. ... -on-sunday
by Peter3076
09 Apr 2022, 14:19
Forum: Groningen-Eelde
Topic: EHGG 25-03-2022 CIV
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Re: Groningen/Eelde (EHGG/GRQ) 2022 CIV

mirage 69 wrote: 26 Mar 2022, 17:13 Op 25-3 na het vertrek van de AMI 767 zag ik nog een L39 buiten staan bij skyline aviation. Met een rode staart, heeft iemand misschien zijn serial gelezen?

Grtz Rene
Kijk op geas-web, daar staat een lijst met based aircraft, inclusief foto.
by Peter3076
19 Sep 2021, 20:24
Forum: Scramble Intelligence Service
Topic: Island of Wright, 25 September 2021
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Island of Wright, 25 September 2021

On Saturday 25 September 2021 the Britten Norman Preservation Society has an open dag between 10:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs in the museum on the Island of Wight. Free enterence. The first aircraft delivered to a client for passenger service, G-AVCN, could be seen there. The aircraft is almost fully restor...
by Peter3076
17 Jul 2021, 21:15
Forum: Scramble Intelligence Service
Topic: Friese Ballonfeesten 2022
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Friese Ballonfeesten 2022

De 35ste Friese Ballonfeesten is verplaatst op 20 t/m 24 juli 2022. De Friese Bollonfeesten in Juli 2021 gaan niet door omdat verschillende deelnemers uit Europa komen en hun komst onzeker is. The yearly Friese Ballonfeesten, the 35th time, are cancelled for 2021 and set to 20 to 24 July 2022. The r...
by Peter3076
05 Jun 2019, 17:59
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Oostwold 9 and 10 june 2019 (EHOW)
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Oostwold 9 and 10 june 2019 (EHOW)

During Pentecostal (9 and 10 june 2019) the (Warbird) Oostwold Airshow will be held. Oostwold is a small airfield in the North-East of the Netherlands, between the towns: Groningen - Winschoten - Delfzijl. During the airshow the following aircraft are expected: Mustangs (PH-PSI "Damn Yankee", PH-JAT...
by Peter3076
29 Sep 2018, 23:53
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Blue Angles - 2019 air shows
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Blue Angles - 2019 air shows

March March 16 NAF El Centro, CA NAF El Centro Annual Air Show March 23 – 24 Salinas, CA California International Air Show Salinas March 30 – 31 NAS Key West, FL Southernmost Air Spectacular April April 6 – 7 Lakeland, FL Sun ’n Fun Air Show April 13 – 14 NAS Corpus Christi, TX Wings Over South Texa...
by Peter3076
31 Aug 2018, 23:20
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Meerstad (Groningen) Ballon Fiesta 31 August 2018
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Meerstad (Groningen) Ballon Fiesta 31 August 2018

Today and tomorrow (September 1) the ballon Fiesta is active in Meerstad (groningen). On 31 August 29 ballons are going airborne. See the list: Reg'd type c/n Remarks G-CDXW Cameron Orange-120 2947 Orange (special) OO-BHW Cameron Z-210 10311 Priscilla (special) OO-BIE Cameron A-180 2869 Calimero (sp...
by Peter3076
30 Mar 2018, 22:26
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Tikkakoski 16th –17th of June - Finnish Air Force 100 year
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Tikkakoski 16th –17th of June - Finnish Air Force 100 year

Please read for details . The Airshow consists of three parts. In the first part there will be flying airplane types which have been in the service during the past decades, such as Fokker D.VII, Gloster Gauntlet, Viima, Douglas DC-3, Saab 91D Safir and Fouga Magister CM.1...
by Peter3076
20 Feb 2018, 19:44
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: 1-3 June 2018Bücker Fly-In - Großenhain EDAK
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1-3 June 2018Bücker Fly-In - Großenhain EDAK

Bücker Fly-In - Großenhain EDAK
1 - 3 June 2018
1 June, fly in of partipans
2 June in the moring: aerobatics competition
after lunch: flight Meissen, Dresden, Sachische Sweis, Moritzburg
3 June Flying to Dresden and departure of the partipans
by Peter3076
28 Dec 2017, 13:14
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: Mali AF Cessna 206 questions
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Mali AF Cessna 206 questions

Back in 2014 the European Union donated a Cessna 206 to Mali.
The known registration is F-WTBU and it is assumped that the Malian registration is TZ-3SA.
Does anyone the c/n or tie-up of this aircraft?
by Peter3076
23 Oct 2017, 19:03
Forum: Helispot
Topic: Bell Helicopter sales 3Q 2017
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Bell Helicopter sales 3Q 2017

Rotor & Wing International published the following item on 20 october 2017: Bell Helicopter revenues were up $78 million, parent company Textron said. Textron’s third quarter results showed that Bell delivered more commercial models, the same amount of H-1s and less V-22s compared to last year’s thi...