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by BaasG
12 Jun 2023, 10:10
Forum: Spotting Germany
Topic: Air Defender 2023
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Re: Air Defender 2023

NDR offers a live stream of the "launch phase" from around 16:15 ... m7310.html
by BaasG
01 Jun 2023, 19:58
Forum: Gilze-Rijen & GRAS
Topic: EHGR 01.06.2023
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Re: EHGR 01.06.2023

Zojuist op nog geen 800ft dwars over Breda :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
by BaasG
14 Apr 2023, 09:53
Forum: 't Praethuys
Topic: Scramble badge
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Scramble badge

Een Scramble badge, maar dan net wat anders:
Via Trouw: Taiwanese luchtmacht geeft Winnie de Poeh een optater
by BaasG
28 Mar 2023, 16:32
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: Tokyo-Narita 12-13-17-18 March 2023
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Re: Tokyo-Narita 12-13-17-18 March 2023

VH3D wrote: 28 Mar 2023, 16:20 From the photos it looks like you were shooting at Incheon not Narita :)
LifelinerOne wrote: 28 Mar 2023, 15:072. Quite happy to finally catch a few A350s from Malaysia Airlines like this 9M-MAF:
ImageA359-MAS-9MMAF-NRT12mar23 by Anton Homma, on Flickr
by BaasG
10 Jan 2023, 09:47
Forum: 't Praethuys
Topic: Virgin Orbit
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Re: Virgin Orbit

by BaasG
13 Dec 2022, 15:27
Forum: 't Praethuys
Topic: Baby geboren tijdens de vlucht
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Re: Baby geboren tijdens de vlucht

KL755 B772 (PH-BQB)
by BaasG
19 Sep 2022, 10:49
Forum: Radio Activity
Topic: Help - trying to connect UBC3500XLT to laptop
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Re: Help - trying to connect UBC3500XLT to laptop

Little late.... Your old cable most likely had a PL2303 clone chip, which were made useless with a driver update some years ago. Roll back to driver should do the trick. See ... l2303-usb/ for a download.
by BaasG
16 Sep 2022, 12:30
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 16-09-2022 MIL
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Re: EHEH 16-09-2022 MIL

Via ''The Lazy 🌴 Garden 🌴'' Eindhoven Spotter 🇳🇱
- RAF Lockheed Martin C-130J C4 ZH872 as flight #Rogue15 : Smoke & Fumes.

- RNLAF C-130H G-781 as flight #Rogue14 : Engine number1 shut down (see pic)
by BaasG
07 Sep 2022, 08:42
Forum: Tattle Lounge
Topic: A330MRTT or KC-30
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Re: A330MRTT or KC-30

My penny in the bag :|O: In the Vliegende Hollander 2018 ( Nu nog toekomst, straks realiteit. De grijze toestellen, dan aangeduid als KC-30, krijgen allen de Nederlandse roundel, op de staart het MMU-logo en de registratie beginnend m...
by BaasG
06 Sep 2022, 15:25
Forum: Photography
Topic: Plakkende camera
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Re: Plakkende camera

Bekend probleem bij Nikon.
Kijk eens bij de Nikonclub, DPreview, IFixIt, Richard Haw of zoek eens op Google op Nikon sticky rubber.

Vaak blijkt wrijven met een alcoholoplossing goed te werken.
by BaasG
02 Aug 2022, 10:44
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: F-35A deliveries to date
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Re: F-35A deliveries to date

shuck wrote: 02 Aug 2022, 10:37 Please can anyone provide the date F-021 was delivered from Cameri to Leeuwarden.
6 October 2021