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by WR
11 Oct 2020, 21:20
Forum: Vintage, warbirds and wrecks & relics
Topic: Mi-2 in Veen
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Re: Mi-2 in Veen

Do not expect it to go back to Veen. It was sold last year at a owner in the "achterhoek" who converted it into at traveling food shop.
by WR
03 Sep 2020, 15:26
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Glitches with the new website
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Re: Glitches with the new website

Well I can find the reply button in Chrome, but I cannot login! Signing in works with Mozilla though, but I bet the majority of the users is using Chrome. After logging in with Chrome get a error page, however when using the "go back" chrome button, they webpage will show you are logged in and can ...
by WR
18 Jul 2020, 18:20
Forum: Spotting Germany
Topic: Ansbach-Katterbach (ETEB) 2020
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Re: Ansbach-Katterbach (ETEB) 2020

Only 3 CH-47s (8176, 8178, 8435) on deck on 17jul, over 20 a/c are temp based Vilseck AAF
by WR
18 Jul 2020, 14:34
Forum: Vintage, warbirds and wrecks & relics
Topic: C47 in Scheveningen garden
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Re: C47 in Scheveningen garden

The aircraft is owned by the owner of the house which is rented by the russians. When the rent ends he will put it in the back of his garden and restore it. Until then it is stored at the other side of the fence in the public park. Arrived by 2013, ex Bolivia AF.
by WR
02 Jul 2020, 08:42
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 02-07-2020 MIL
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EHEH 02-07-2020 MIL

Noted this morning on north ramp
20361 20392 20422 30351 20616 20172 20395 20387 20364 20354 20615 20355
26596 26587 26830 26812 26482 26458
45439 75535
by WR
28 Feb 2020, 19:30
Forum: Helispot
Topic: franch navy Heli in Amsterdam
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Re: franch navy Heli in Amsterdam

ErwinS wrote:
pipit wrote:This afternoon on board of D651 "Normandie"a NH90 chopper was on deck. The number of this heli is 14
IJhaven acc ... en-vertrek
by WR
08 Feb 2019, 17:57
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 08-02-2019 MIL
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Re: EHEH 08-02-2019 MIL

GIPS wrote:
downwind wrote:ADSB 16-20874 just landed 15:00lt, flight of four.
1x HH-60 & 3x UH-60L This time I counted right?
20874, 26509, 26569, 26810
So how many arrived today at EHEH, these 4 plus the 3 mentioned as leaving Wiesbaden ?
by WR
12 Aug 2018, 12:51
Forum: Aviation Photos - Thematic & non-actual
Topic: Help with ID of these Fokkers
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Re: Help with ID of these Fokkers

Please note these are only the ones that I've actually seen and bothered to remark 'triangle' on, so this list WILL not be complete. But it does provide some feeling how many and when these triangles were applied. I will be difficult to say which ones they are. I have more the 30 pictures of F50s w...
by WR
31 Aug 2014, 14:45
Forum: Ramstein
Topic: ETAR 31-08-2014
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Re: ETAR 31-08-2014

Noted early morning a decent amount of aircraft 83-1285 C-5M Dover 86-0023 C-5B Westover 93-0602 C-17A Charl 00-0182 C-17A McChord 01-0188 C-17A Stewart 01-0192 C-17A Stewart 04-4136 C-17A McGuire 04-4138 C-17A March 06-6157 C-17A Travis 06-6163 C-17A Travis 06-6164 C-17A Travis 06-6165 C-17A Dover ...
by WR
13 Aug 2014, 17:17
Forum: Civil Aviation News
Topic: S-11 gear malfunction at EHGR 13-8-2014
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Re: S-11 gear malfunction at EHGR 13-8-2014

phkza wrote:Apparently a Fokker S-11 sufferd a gear malfunction while landing at Gilze Rijen Airbase today. ... tel__.html