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by Hurricane
30 Jan 2023, 21:48
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 31-01-2023 CIV
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Re: EHEH 31-01-2023 CIV req

MichelZTM wrote: 30 Jan 2023, 21:15 is eral iets bekend over die IL-76 die een nachtstop komt maken .
Als er momenteel iets bekend zou zijn had je dat hier gelezen.
by Hurricane
18 Jan 2023, 21:09
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: Spotting trip Europe 09-2022 part 4 (TEV/CDT/PGF)
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Re: Spotting trip Europe 09-2022 part 4 (TEV/CDT/PGF)

F-HUNO an Air Caraïbes A332 parked at PGF since 2020. You don't get much from this photo but wanted to add it anyway, I think it's the only Air Caraïbes A332 in these colors in Europe. On the left you see the tail of 6V-ONE, former Senegal Govern...
by Hurricane
14 Jan 2023, 12:15
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: Gilze Rijen 14 nov 2022 slope just before golden hour
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Re: Gilze Rijen 14 nov 2022 slope just before golden hour

erik_kamphuis wrote: 31 Dec 2022, 17:28 sorry, I don't know how to share/view them otherwise.....!
It's about selecting the right link from Flickr. I'll send you an email with the instruction for next time :wink:
by Hurricane
05 Jan 2023, 19:19
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Port Visits 2023
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Re: Port Visits 2022

witje wrote: 05 Jan 2023, 15:24 Maybe you can create a new topic for this year
by Hurricane
16 Nov 2022, 22:07
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Falcon Autumn 2022
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Re: Falcon Autumn 2022

Noted today to/from Valkenburg (from camera): CH-47F D-601, D-603, D-473, D-485? NH-90 N-195 Mi-8 6105, 639 +1 AH-64D 4x AS532 1x D-603 was D-602, D-485 is correct. Missing Mi-8 = 649. AS532U2 was S-459 (visited 3x together with N-195) Only photoproof AH-64 I've got was Q-30. According ADSB Q-01/17...
by Hurricane
15 Nov 2022, 23:29
Forum: Tattle Lounge
Topic: 15 nov 2022 Poland: Russian-launched missile kills two people in Przewodów...
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Re: 15 nov 2022 Poland: Russian-launched missile kills two people in Przewodów...

Side note: various links direct to withdrawn posts.

On topic wondering; What proves it was Russian launched? It seems to be S-300 debris, making it Russian-mademissile. Could be UKR, could be RUS ...
It remains very regrettable that civilian lives have been lost.
by Hurricane
31 Oct 2022, 21:14
Forum: De Peel
Topic: EHDP General info
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EHDP General info

As part of the Falcon Autumn 2022 excercise we want to keep the movements in a central position so all interested can find it.
Therefore we created a temporary subforum for De Peel/EHDP so movements can posted in daytopics.

Happy hunting.
by Hurricane
10 Oct 2022, 19:49
Forum: Spotting Rest of the World
Topic: Christchurch Antarctic season
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Re: Christchurch Antarctic season

The next arrival into Christchurch for the 2022/2023 ice season was LC-130H Hercules 92-1094. This arrived on October 7 in a most unusual green c/s. Not sure how to attach a photo to this post? harewood I noticed this photo online last weekend, being the same Hercules ->
by Hurricane
25 Sep 2022, 19:56
Forum: Rotterdam-The Hague
Topic: EHRD 25-09-2022
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Re: EHRD 25-09-2021

Richard from Rotterdam wrote: 25 Sep 2022, 13:33 Typo in the date it seems...
Adjusted to the right year.
by Hurricane
05 Sep 2022, 20:48
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: EHBK 05-09-2022
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Re: EHBK 05-09-2022

Hopla wrote: 05 Sep 2022, 18:21 Nu in de approach D-AZAU AIB017B van Hamburg, A321NEO. Staart wel geverft maar wie? Romp niet.
Wizz Air, aldus
by Hurricane
25 Aug 2022, 16:50
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 26-08-2022 MIL
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Re: EHEH 26-08-2022 MIL

niekkie wrote: 25 Aug 2022, 16:15 x??x-1725 AME C295 T.21-08
Arrived 25-8-22.
by Hurricane
25 Aug 2022, 16:49
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: EHBK 25-08-2022 CIV
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Re: EHBK 25-08-2022 CIV

Adjusted EHAM to EHBK.