Air Band radio

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Air Band radio

Post by martyn1962 »

Hi to everyone could someone please tell me is it ok to use a civil airband scanner in Switzerland

Best Regards Martyn Moore
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Re: Air Band radio

Post by Xtreme »

Use of the scanner - from 500 KHz to 1300 MHz - is allowed. Sales and property are free. Here too it is stated that only reception is permitted for broadcasts of general interest (one is less strict here). Emphatically prohibited are: mobile telephone networks, mobile telephones, police, ambulance and other private users. It is forbidden to have the unauthorized frequencies programmed in the memory of your scanner. The Swiss authorities expressly state that in case of abuse the scanner is absolutely confiscated, while the fines, depending on the circumstances, can go up to thousands of euros. Risky business, there between the mountains!

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Re: Air Band radio

Post by AK01 »

I guess Martyn will use Google translate for this.
Want to add that they transmit Zurich tower live on the visitors terrace over there.
Almost every Swiss airfield can be heard on so if you have a mobile device with unlimited internet you can hear everything without even using a scanner.
Regards Pieter,
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Re: Air Band radio

Post by Alpha Kilo One »

My experience during Axalp is they are not really that strict. At Meiringen even standing next to military personnel..... No problem.
Of course that's no promise!
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