Waco TSTC (KCNW), 2021

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Waco TSTC (KCNW), 2021

Post by tally »

After the Fort Hood excursion made may way back north. Waco was the next stop. An absolute horrible place to shoot unless it flies.

C-5M 436 AW, 9 AS L3 Waco
83-1285, 85-0002

HC-130J L3 Waco

KC-135E L3 Waco
(982) Chilean AF paint stripped
No number present as the paint was stripped but 983 was in there recently (about a month ago or so) and 981 is stored. So that leaves 982 as the only plausible number.

P-3C wfu, L3 Waco
(157320), 160288/288 paint stripped
Only 288 was Identified. The sun fell just right to make out the modex on the nose. But as these are completely stripped of paint and have been laying in the hot TX sun no way of making out anything on these P-3's.

P-3C L3 Waco
+1 paint stripped
These were in for some maintenance. 998 was fully painted while the other was in bare primer without ID.


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Re: Waco TSTC (KCNW), 2021

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A reliable source reported in October 2020 that P-3C 162998 was at Waco, stricken.
157320 is the EP-3E which was w/o after it ran off the runway after landing at NSA Souda Bay, Crete on 22 September 1997. The fuselage was flown to Waco by C-5A.
Thanks for confirming that 160288 is still present. Any pictures of these P-3s are most welcome !
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