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Spotting @ Volkel

Post by raclim »

Hi all,

Friday the 8th of may I will be nearby Volkel AB and I was thinking of paying a visit to the base and hoping to see some action.

As I have zero spotting experience I was hoping you guys could help me with some questions:

1. What are the best time periodes to visit the base? If I understand correctly the F-16's usually fly in waves, but what are generally the take-off and landing times of those waves?

2. Should I even take the time to visit the base? With a lot of the Volkel based jets now in Portugal for the NATO Tiger Meet I would imagine that there isn't a lot of flying activity this couple of weeks.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,
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Re: Spotting @ Volkel

Post by joost »

10 Jets at Beja, expect at the most two F-16's if any at all this week and next week.

In my opinion, not worthwhile a visit.
patrick dirksen
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Re: Spotting @ Volkel

Post by patrick dirksen »

Well, as you have probably seen, the 10 jets from Bja are already on their way back as I type this. So plenty of aircraft home again on the 8th, whether they will be flying is another question (which I can't answer I'm afraid).

Patrick Dirksen
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Re: Spotting @ Volkel

Post by frank kramer »

By the way, friday is the 7th, not the 8th
Frank Kramer

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Re: Spotting @ Volkel

Post by gozoman »

The first one is near Paris now. Maybe half an hour till arrival.
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