Florennes (EBFS) - 2021 MIL

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Richard de Florennes
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Florennes (EBFS) - 2021 MIL

Post by Richard de Florennes »

Weather: scattered/broken clouds, a heavy thunderstorm, later sunny

(14:00 – 18:00 near runway 26R and runway 08R approaches)

F-16AM 2 Wing FA101 demo c/s L14:43+a/d
F-16AM 2 Wing FA70 no badge L15:02+
F-16AM 2 Wing FA72 no badge L15:03+
F-16AM 2 Wing FA132 no badge L15:05*
F-16AM 2 Wing FA68 no badge L15:05*
F-16AM 2 Wing FA129 no badge L15:16da0 QRA
F-16AM 2 Wing FA118 no badge L15:23da1 QRA

M.28B/PT 8.BLTr 0225 L13:25 T17:54
M.28B/PT 8.BLTr 0218 L13:30 T17:59
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Re: Florennes (EBFS) - 2021 MIL

Post by FP24 »

Log 25-08-21 morning wave.

FA-86, FA-57, FA-70, FA-72 F-16AM
FA-97 towed around the field.
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Re: Florennes (EBFS) - 2021 MIL

Post by YOXA »

Are there flying activities on Florennes tomorow?
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