A new low-end fighter

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A new low-end fighter

Post by Flyboy »

a split off from F-35 Lightning II developments
Alpha Kilo One wrote: 25 Feb 2021, 12:11 Good article about F-35....

https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2 ... cec6911b16

Something already known for years:
But the Air Force and Lockheed baked failure into the F-35’s very concept. “They tried to make the F-35 do too much,” said Dan Grazier, an analyst with the Project on Government Oversight in Washington, D.C.
“I want to moderate how much we’re using those aircraft,” Brown said.

Hence the need for a new low-end fighter to pick up the slack in day-to-day operations.
So now we can start speculating about additional planes. :twisted:
Advantages are: much lower flight hour price, slower wear on the F-35, proficiency and check flights on a dual also for staff (flight surgeon, MQ-9 pilots, high brass) Even useful a lead in fighter trainer. A lot of the not requiring " high end of the violence spectrum" efforts can be done in this type of Fighter Trainer, and also is useful as aggressor

The M-346FA looks promising as being readily available and capable of using a datalink for intercepts.

The Korean T-50 family is also available

Airbus is developing the AFJT however far away from a flying status now.

And of course our airforce is fond of Made in the USA so the Boeing T-7 Red Hawk has a chance.

The bets are on!
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Re: A new low-end fighter

Post by Alpha Kilo One »

The Israeli people were the first to understand.
Finally the rest of the world seems to come to its senses.
That's about time.

What do we as community want the outcome to be?
"Nix bliev wie it es"
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Re: A new low-end fighter

Post by Stafsels »

New build a-10a thunderbolt iii's.

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Re: A new low-end fighter

Post by Starman »

No AK41 the Israel people do not understand, neither this nor politics, but that's another story! Things are a bit different here where almost every flight is classed as an operational mission, so having an aircraft that can go behind enemy lines and drop two smart 500-pounders on a pre-selected target and bring the driver home safely is the top priority. When most of your "brass" - even the head of the air force - can be an instructor on Texans or Macchis and has probably, in his youth, gone Mach-2 with his whatsit on fire, inverted, there is no need for check flights (& where is your flight surgeon gonna sit in an A-10???). The Israel Air Force (yes Scramble website "Israel") is committed long term to the F-35 & whilst I have no inside knowledge, would expect another 25 to be ordered b4 we look to any other manned fighter. At least I can go pot some AW-119s, maybe next year.
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