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LOG roadtrip Norway (CIV/MIL)

Post by spottervito »

LOG Roadtrip Norway August 2021
Here is a LOG from some visits to locations in Norway and on the way there during a recent family holiday in Norway:

Copenhagen-Kastrup EKCH 07/08/2021
A one-hour stop at the „Flyvergrillen“ was made before we crossed the Öresund-bridge to Sweden.
For pictures see:

9V-SML A350-941 Singapore Airlines
A6-EGL Boeing 777-300 Emirates
OO-SSV A319-111 Brussels Airlines
OY-RCJ A320-214 Atlantic Airways
PH-BCL Boeing 737-800 KLM
SE-RPH Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
SE-RRB Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
TC-JHF Boeing 737-8F2 Anadolu Jet
TC-RBD A321-251NSXL Pegasus Airlines
UR-CSV Boeing 737-4K5 Jonika Airlines

Halmstad ESMT 07/08/2021

Only stop in Sweden was in Halmstad:
I did not visit the w&r locations on the military side due to lack of time and since I did not need them any longer. Some pictures taken at Halmstad can be found here:

32094/P A-32A FV pres at entrance road to airport
SE-KXI SF.340B Air Leap
SE-LXM Yak-52 stored engineless in the open
SE-MFH GA-8 with parachute club

Oslo Teknisk Museum 08/08/2021
The next day, some sightseeing in Oslo was planned plus a visit to the technical museum in town

(P42459) Vampire F.3 RNoAF preserved, forward fuselage
1 MF7 Farman Longhorn preserved; named „Olav Tryggvesson“
(Unmarked) Bleriot XI-2 Artillerie preserved
(unmarked) Deperdussin Type A preserved
(LN-BAH) Loening C-2H Air Yacht preserved, named „Leiv Eriksson“
LN-BWD Norge C1
LN-GAT Hirth Doppelraab V c/n 548 preserved
LN-KLH Caravelle 3 SAS preserved
(LN-LMN) AC.680F Wideroe preserved, forward fuselage
LN-ORD Bell 47J Helicopterservice AS preserved

Oslo Fornebu Seaplane base 08/08/2021

LN-ABP Cessna 208EX

Oslo-Kilen Seaplane base 08/08/2021

LN-AAN Glasair Glasstar GS-1
LN-ASB Cessna F172N
LN-BGO Cessna A185F
LN-BIK Cessna 180H
LN-FFF Cessna U206H
LN-IKA Cessna TU206G
LN-KCA Cessna A185E
LN-SEA Cessna T206H
N3547T Cessna T206H

Tonsberg-Jarlsberg ENJB 09/08/2021

One hangar of the three was open, it contained:

LN-AAE Cessna 175C
LN-FTE Cessna 172S
LN-JMP DHC-6 outside with parachute club, ex RNoAF 184
LN-KPL Pa34-200T
LN-RTB Piper L-18C ex ALAT 18-1593, in RNoAF colours
LN-TFK Cessna 172S
LN-TSK SOCATA Rallye 180T derelict outside in the grass
LN-TWB Pa31-325
LN-YWW Aerospool WT-9

Sandefjord-Torp ENTO 09/08/2021
On a pre-arranged visit I was able to visit the hangar of Dakota Norway in the old military area:
(323) Saab 91D RNoAF under restauration
52-8723/X-AZ RF-84F RNoAF (preserved outside next to Dakota Norway)
The other jets (F-84 A-803, F-86 41290, CF-104 889 should be also here in a smaller hangar next to the Dakota hangar, but the guy who showed us around had no key for it. This year, they have not been towed for display to the civil side as usual.
Pictures can be found here:

LN-WND C-53D Dakota Norway
LN-WNH AT-6D marked as ‚FS907/AJ‘
N167B A-26B marked as ‚434602/S‘

On the airport side are:
G-OXFG Pa34-220T
HA-LVI A320-271NSL Wizzair
LN-BSF KingAir 200GT Babcock Scand. Air Ambulance
LN-PFD DA42NG Pilot Flygskole
LN-PFE DA42NG Pilot Flygskole
LN-PFG DA42NG Pilot Flygskole
SP-RKM Boeing 737-800w Ryanair

Kristiansand Kjevik ENCN 10/08/2021
Only a short stop here:

117055/T3-H RF-84F RNoAF preserved
LN-DPS CT-133 ex RCAF also ex 13359 and marked as such, parked in front of GIA hangar
(LN-FAJ) Jetstream 31 G.I.A., parked outside
LN-WEB Emb190E2 Wideroe
LN-WEC Emb190E2 Wideroe
M-VLCC Cessna 525A Shiphold Management Services
SP-KPK SF.340A Sprint Air

Stavanger-Sola ENSO 10/08/2021
There are several locations at Sola for easy spotting: I started at the old terminal which is used by the helicopter companies, then continued to spot 4 in the Scramble airfield guide. Here, there is now a wooden terrace especially constructed for our hobby. So no ladder is needed to make pictures over the fence. Also, our hobby seems to be widely accepted by the airport authorities (this is not usual for Norway, espiacially for a airport which is also used by the military. I made different experiences at Bodo… Nice pictures of aircraft touching down on runway 18 can be made from here in the afternoon.
I ended my visit here on the beach in the approach of runway 11. Here I got some additional helicopters, because all helicopters came in via runway 11.
Pictures of the visit:

LX-N90456 E-3A NAEWF several approaches
D-IMME Cessna 551 Heli Flight
EC-IMX Emb-120FC Swiftair
LN-NIH Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
LN-OIG Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-OIH Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-OII Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-ONH Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-ONQ Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-ONR Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-ONS Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-ONT Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-OQH Sikorsky S-92A CHC Helicopter Service
LN-OQI Sikorsky S-92A CHC Helicopter Service
LN-OQO Sikorsky S-92A CHC Helicopter Service
LN-OQT Sikorsky S-92A CHC Helicopter Service
LN-OQU Sikorsky S-92A CHC Helicopter Service
LZ-CGS Boeing 737-4Q8SF Cargo Air
SP-ZEN Challenger 350 Jet Story

Bergen-Flesland ENBR 12/08/2021

At Bergen airport I spent about two hours at the parking lot of CHC helicopters directly along the taxy track and opposite the helicopter ramp. Officially it is a private parking but noone cared about us standing there.
For pictures see:

15+01 A319CJ Lw/FBS
9H-JZM Pilatus PC-24 Albinati Aviation
F-GRHR A319-111 Air France
HA-LTE A321-231SL Wizzair
LN-BSE KingAir 200GR Babcock Scand. Air Ambulance
LN-BSF KingAir 200GR Babcock Scand. Air Ambulance
LN-BTT Cessna 172S
LN-ENQ Boeing 737-800w Norwegian
LN-MLM Piper Pa32-301
LN-OIA Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-OIB Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-ONA Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-ONB Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-ONC Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-OND Sikorsky S-92A Bristow Norway
LN-OOR Airbus BK.117D2 Norsk Luftambulanse
LN-OQM Sikorsky S-92A CHC Helicopter Service
LN-OWG Airbus AS.350B3e Nord Helicopter AS parked in hangar
LN-WDF Bombardier DHC-8-402NG Wideroe
LN-WDG Bombardier DHC-8-402NG Wideroe in maintenance hangar
LN-WDL Bombardier DHC-8-402NG Wideroe
LN-WEA Embraer Emb-190E2 Wideroe
LN-WEC Embraer Emb-190E2 Wideroe
LN-WFT Bombardier DHC-8-311Q Wideroe

Dombas Heliport 14/08/2021
For a picture oft he helicopter click:

LN-OUH EC.135P3H Norsk Luftambulanse

Fagerhaup Airfield ENOP 14/08/2021
LN-BGB Cessna U206F
LN-YRX Aerospool WT-9

Trondheim ENVA 14/08/2021
Local spotters have built a wooden pedestal on the north side of the runway near the motorway tunnel. Not very good when the sun is shining but with the typical norwegian weather this does not bother very often…
Traffic was low when I was there in the early evening.

EC-HCF Embraer Emb-120ER Swiftair
LN-DYK Boeing 738-8JF Norwegian
LN-RMA KingAir 200GT Rely AS
LN-WDJ Bombardier DHC-8-402 Wideroe
LN-WIH Bombardier DHC-8-103 Wideroe
SE-RPD Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian

Bodo ENBO 17/08/2021
I positioned myself on the hill near the fence next to the Wideroe hangar. A good place for spotting but not for photography, since somebody at the airport called the military police…
I was too lazy this time to save my digital pictures or hide myself like I usually do so I had to delete all pictures where the ground was visible under the vigilant eyes of the guard…
Thank god they did not recognice what an analogue camera is, so the visit was not fruitless because I had at least a slide picture of everything I needed!
Military activity was low just one F-16 was flying in the afternoon plus one SeaKing landed just before I arrived.
675 F-16AM RNoAF/Skv 33.
…. Sea King MK.43B RNoAF/Skv 330
LN-BSD KingAir 200GT Babcock Scand. Air Ambulance
LN-OFN Airbus AS.350B3e Helitrans AS
LN-OLK AW.139 Lufttransport AS
LN-OSS R44 b

Svolvaer ENSH 19/08/2021

From Bodo we took the ferry to the Lofot islands. Svolvaer was one oft he many regional Wideroe airports in Norway with the usual one or two Wideroe movements a day but nothing else.
At Svolvaer an additional light type was present

LN-UCE Carbon Cub (floatplane)

Andoya ENAN 20/08/2021

Probably the most remote military airport you can visit in northern Europe… And it was probably my last visit here because the airport will stand down as an active base as soon as the new P-8 arrive. I hoped for some Orion action but I was disappointed since not one could be seen on that day!
Viewing here is easy – the base is very open and since there is almost no vegetation so far in the north easily for viewing from all sides. A road is running along the perimeter in the southern part. From here you get close to some dispersals where a wfu P-3 is parked.
From the northern side, near the town of Andenes and from the civil terminal you have several views on the active platforms and hangars where usually the P-3 are parked.
If you fear to have missed something the last option to pear into every area on base is to climb the lighthouse in town where you can overview the whole airport (cost is 100 NOK / about 10 Euro)
I also climbed the lighthouse today but not one aircraft could be seen – shame!

I also spend the whole day at Andoya since our ferry departed at 17.00 but apart from some Wideroe nothing more happened.
6603 P-3N RNoAF es Skv 333 wfu on the dispersal, missing engines (last noted active 2017)
LN-WSA Bombardier DHC-8-103 Wideroe
LN-TRA Cessna 182 several practice approaches

Tromso ENTC 21/08/2021

For pcictures see:

LN-BSA KingAir 200GT Babcock Air Ambulance
LN-BSB KingAir 200GT Babcock Air Ambulance
LN-MTF Cessna R182
LN-PFG Da-42 Pilot Flyskole
LN-WEA Embraer Emb190E2 Wideroe
LN-WIB Bombardier DHC-8-103 Wideroe
LN-WIC Bombardier DHC-8-103 Wideroe
LN-WIM Bombardier DHC-8-103 Wideroe
LN-WSB Bombardier DHC-8-403 Wideroe
SE-ROK A320-251 SAS

Orland ENOL 25/08/2021

This airbase is also very open – a street is running along the whole perimeter, but there is a huge wall inside the base preventing looks inside (apart from one crash gate and the small civil terminal on the western side.)
Both runway ends are accessible and views from here are easy, also photography.
0277 Flew as „Saver 40“ and the three F-35 took off at 09.40 as „Shape 1, 2 and 4“. „Shape 3“ had to cancel its mission for unknown reasons. My first Norwegian AW101 and F-35A. Nice!
Pictures can be found here:

0277 AW101 RNoAF Skv 330
5206 F-35A RNoAF Skv 332
5288 F-35A RNoAF Skv 332
5384 F-35A RNoAF Skv 332
SE-LJT Saab SF.340B Air Leap

Oslo Gardermoen 26/08/2021

Noted from the spotting corner near the West Air ramp were the following. For pictures see:

5629 C-130J RNoAF Skv 335 parked on the ramp
9A-BTG A320-212 Trade Air arrived from Tblisi with several Afghan refugees on board
A7-BFE Boeing 777-FDZ Qatar Airways Cargo
D-AEAK A300B4-203F DHL Air parked at cargo
G-CKWF B787-9 Norwegian stored near cargo apron
HB-JCT A220-300 Swiss
LN-AOC Gulfstream G280 Sundt Air
LN-BSI King Air 200GT Babcock Scand. Air Ambulance
LN-DYJ Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
LN-DYK Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
LN-ENM,O,P Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
LN-ENR,S,T,U Boeing 737-8JP/800(w) Norwegian
LN-FGA, B Boeing 737-82R Flyr
LN-NGZ Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
LN-NHA Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
LN-NIG, H Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian
LN-OSP, OSU AS.350B3 Pegasus Helicopters
LN-RNU Boeing 737-783 SAS
LN-RPJ Boeing 737-783 SAS
LN-RRA, RRB Boeing 737-783 SAS
LN-RRF, H, W Boeing 737-783 SAS
LN-SAA Cessna 680 Babcock Scand. Air Ambulance
LN-TUJ Boeing 737-705 SAS
LN-WIP, WIP Bombardier DHC-8-103B Wideroe
LN-XAX Dassault Falcon 8X Aker ASA
LZ-CGQ Boeing 737-3Q5SF Cargo Air
N362UP Boeing 767-346ERBCF UPS
OK-TVT Boeing 737-86N Travel Air arrived from Tblisi with several Afghan refugees on board
OY-RUF, RUO ATR-42-500 Danish Air Transport
SE-DOX A320-251 SAS
SE-KXP ATP West Air Sweden
SE-LGX ATP West Air Sweden
SE-KXP ATP West Air Sweden
SE-LJT SF.340B Leap Air
SE-MAI ATP West Air Sweden
SE-MFD Fokker 50 Amapola Flyg
SE-REX Boeing 737-76N SAS
SE-RLM Boeing 737-83NBCF West Atlantic on Cargo apron
SE-RPI Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian Air Sweden
SE-RRB, T Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian Air Sweden
SE-RUA, B, C, E Airbus A320-251NSL SAS
SE-RUF Airbus A320-251NSL SAS
YL-CSH Bombardier C Series Air Baltic

Sessvollmoen 26/08/2021

563 F-5A RNoAF G.I.A.
898 F-5A RNoAF G.I.A

Kjeller 26/08/2021

766 CF-104 RNoAF preserved

Rygge ENRY 26/08/2021

The civil airport is closed and is now a vaccination centre.
On the military side there were just a few helicopters operating from here. Noted have been:
141 Bell 412HP RNoAF Skv 339
0270 AW101 RNoAF Skv 330

Copenhagen City Sea Plane Base 27/08/2021
On the way back home, we did some sightseeing at Copenhagen, the Twin Otter was a pleasant change.
HB-LWB DHC-6 (float plane)

Roskilde EKRK 28/08/2021

For pictures see:

014 C295M Polish AF/ 13ELT
D-FCAE Cessna 208B CAE Avn.
G-ENKH Cirrus SR22
N112EA Eclipse EA500 Freeway Aps
N999LR Gulfstream G550 White Cloud Charter LLC
OM-M713 Aerospool WT9
OY-BKK Pa28-140
OY-GPS Vulcanair P.68
OY-HYO Robinson R44
OY-JBF Pa28-161
OY-LTC Pa28-236
OY-LUN Super Decathlion 8KCAB
OY-RSE Pilatus PC-12/47E
OY-TKH Cessna 182T
PH-STB Dassault Falcon 900C Exxaero

Bye Alex
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Re: LOG roadtrip Norway (CIV/MIL)

Post by RobertMB »

Very nice trip report and photo's!

A few additions:
Kristiansand Kjevik ENCN 10/08/2021: The CT-133 LN-DPS (ex N865SA) was 133599
Bergen-Flesland ENBR 12/08/2021: The Piper PA-28-140 in the hangar is LN-BBU
Roskilde EKRK 28/08/2021: The Cessna 421C Golden Eagle between the hangars is 2-MAPP +MBA Aviation+ (still registered, and was seen 04 march 2021 at Copenhagen Airport with also a missing starboard engine).

Greetz Robert
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Re: LOG roadtrip Norway (CIV/MIL)

Post by patrick dirksen »

Indeed a ice log of a country not often visited (at least for aircraft spotting).
Sessvollmoen 26/08/2021
563 F-5A RNoAF G.I.A.
898 F-5A RNoAF G.I.A
Can you tell from where you saw these? AFAIK only 563 is visible from outside, and I need 898....

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Re: LOG roadtrip Norway (CIV/MIL)

Post by spottervito »

both of them are very easy to see. The first one (563) you can see from the road, for the second one you have to enter the first dirt road to the left (at 60.237479, 11.151260) after the road bends right. Walk for 100m until you reach the fence. You cannot miss it.

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Re: LOG roadtrip Norway (CIV/MIL)

Post by patrick dirksen »

Perfect, thanks!

Patrick Dirksen
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Re: LOG roadtrip Norway (CIV/MIL)

Post by F17_114PM »

Thanks for the great log!
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Re: LOG roadtrip Norway (CIV/MIL)

Post by Bennie »

Nice log! As far as I know, Stavanger/Sola's ICAO location indicator is ENZV, not ENSO.
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Re: LOG roadtrip Norway (CIV/MIL)

Post by spottervito »

Bennie wrote: 24 Sep 2021, 11:26 Nice log! As far as I know, Stavanger/Sola's ICAO location indicator is ENZV, not ENSO.
You are right of course. It is ENZV.
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