Vergiate (LILG) 2020

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Vergiate (LILG) 2020

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Always a bit frustrating place because you can see more than you can actually read off. Luckily, the hangars were wide open in the early evening, with lights on, probably to allow some fresh air in as it was 30+ degrees while we visited 16/17sep.

"I-109" towed, Italian roundel, some sort of ground training aircraft?
I-EASP white c/s, no c/n, inflatable float gear attached
I-EASQ no c/n, yellow c/s
... primer/grey towed to other side (16th)
... Trekker, grey (was this also primer paint?) towed from one bay of the paint hangar into another (17th)
I-AGGR Trekker yellow/blue/white c/s
Plus four AW109 wrapped in blue cloth in the tent hangar (at least three of which were camouflaged, brown vetral fins, Cameroon roundel confirmed on the first aircraft)
Plus two AW109 Trekkers, also wrapped in blue cloth in the tent hangar (at least one of which had an orange tail ventral fin)

HZ-AL56 white c/s blue cheatline, some green accents (no 'last two' taped on)
C.S.X.81986 c/n 05 dark grey AMI fcs
c/n 06 dark grey AMI fcs
c/n 23 dark grey AMI fcs plus one more inside the hangar
c/n 64 primer/white c/s, could this have been an AW149/189? It was blocked a bit by others in the hangar
VF-141 Vigili del Fuoco fcs
... white c/s with dark blue accents, grey/green stripes and possibly a German flag?
Plus four yellow (with some red) rotor less stored in the hangar, we thought to read ..004 on a piece of paper attached to one of them
Plus one AW139 wrapped in blue cloth inside the tent hangar

C.S.X.81975 c/n 08 Qatar AF fcs 'Al Zaeem'
C.S.X.81982 c/n 24 primer (81992 more likely?)
I-EASI c/n 11 primer
I-LCIA c/n 07 white c/s, red/green stripes
c/n 26 or 36 in primer, towed, possibly to the engine run-up area

I-LCIH c/n 11 white with grey/red AW logo, AgustaWestland
I-RAIH white with grey/red AW logo, AgustaWestland

Italian army Do228 (62157 from adsb) overflew the airfield on the 17th

Happy hunting!
Fred, Leonard & Erwin
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Re: Vergiate (LILG) 2020

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Thanks a lot for the log :)
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