Trident Juncture 2018

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Re: Trident Juncture 2018

Post by Arjan »

There has been an accident this morning between a Norwegian Frigate and a Refueller. The frigate has been taking lot of water and is in danger of sinking. Is it known if this ship was carrying a helicopter, and if so, is it still on board?
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Re: Trident Juncture 2018

Post by Reds 314 »

Arjan wrote:There has been an accident this morning between a Norwegian Frigate and a Refueller. The frigate has been taking lot of water and is in danger of sinking. Is it known if this ship was carrying a helicopter, and if so, is it still on board? ... anker.html
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Re: Trident Juncture 2018

Post by Arjenp »

Breguet Atlantic sneaked-in :D

A few more bits and pieces
07-11-18 EFTP EFRO C295 FNF365 CC3
07-11-18 EFRO ENOL C295 FNF365 CC3
07-11-18 ENOL EFRO C295 FNF365 CC3
07-11-18 EFRO EFKU C295 FNF365 CC3
08-11-18 LFRH ENAN C30J CTM2069 FRAPP
08-11-18 ENAN LFOJ C30J CTM2069 FRAPP
09-11-18 ENVA ETOU BE20 DUKE80 40162
09-11-18 EGBB ENAN A310 GAF149 1023
09-11-18 ENAN EDDK A310 GAF149 1023
09-11-18 LICZ ENAN P8 TRDNT45 168857
09-11-18 BIKF ENGM C560 VM767 166374
10-11-18 BIKF ENBO C17 CFC3696 77704
10-11-18 ENBO BIKF C17 CFC3696 77704
10-11-18 ENBO ENVA A310 CTM1072 FRADB (Visited both Bodø and Vaernes)
10-11-18 EFRO CYJT C17 RCH323 40065
10-11-18 EGAA EFRO C17 RCH323 40065
10-11-18 EKYT ENVA C30J DAF4894 B538
10-11-18 ENVA EKKA C30J DAF4894 B538

Military passenger charters
09-11-18 EDFH ENVA B763 GTI8090 N662GT
09-11-18 ENVA KNKT B763 GTI8091 N662GT
09-11-18 KATL ENVA B763 DAL8820 N198DN
10-11-18 ENVA KNKT B763 DAL8956 N198DN

Btw, kudos to everybody that contributed in-front and behind the scenes :respect:
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Re: Trident Juncture 2018

Post by AK01 »

Final Overview of what's known, and it's not complete.
8x CF-188 CAF 401sq arrived 18/10, call signs Ramm01/08. Serials : 188780/ YO-J, 188767-YO-L, 188777/ YO-U, 188729/ YO-A, 188757/ YO-R , 188796/ YO-W, 188753/YO-M and 188731/YO-D with a special tail.
1x CC150 15005, arrived 22/10 call sign CFC4338, local mission as Hoser** dep 9/11 as CFC3344.
4x Mirage 2000C/D FAF EC02.005 arrived 22/10 as FAF7330. Serials : 102/115-KR, 121/115-KN, 526/115-KS, 527/115-OR. Dep 8/11 as FAF7330, refueld by FAF KC135 475 as FAF4016, this picked up the Mirages over the North Sea, so never landed Bodø.
4x F-16C/D HAF 337Mira arrived 22/10 as HAF337A/D via Spangdahlem serials : 515/ 530/ 531/ 619. Dep 8/11 via Spangdahlem again.
1x E-550A ItAF 14°St/71°Gr arrived 23/10 as IAM1495, serial 62293/ 14-11. Local missions callsign Perseo71. Last mission 31/10, dep 1/11?
1x E-550A ItAF serial 62303/14/12 visit 31/10 and arrived back 1/11 as IAM1401, departed 8/11 as IAM1495
6x EF-18M SpAF Ala12, arrived 22/10 as AME1210/1216, serials :C15.49/12-07, C15-54/12-12, C15-55/12-13, C15-62/12-20, C15-65/12-23 and CE15-10/12-73. Dep 9/11 via Leeuwarden.
3x F-16D TuAF 181Filo F-16D 07-1015, 07-1016 + 07-1018, arrived 23/10 as TuRAF48 flight, support by KC135R 62-3567 as Turaf11. Dep 8/11 together with KC135R
7x JAS39 SwedishAF, arrived 23/10, serials : 39260/260, 39261/261 , 39263/263, 39265/265, 39285/285, 39286/286 and 39840/840, dep 8/11?
IAM0601 3x Tornado ItalianAF, arrived 20/10, refueled on the way by KC767 IAM1432 MM62228. IAM0604 3x Tornado ItalianAF, arrived 20/10, refueled on the way by KC767 IAM1431 MM62226.
Serials MM7020/6-77, MM7055/6-65, MM7066/6-43, MM7067/6-41, MM7073/6-34, MM7075/6-07. An extra Tronado arrived on 31/10 as IAM0603, flightplan says MM7019 which could be coded 6-02.
IAM3701 4x Eufi ItalianAF, arrived 22/10 as IAM3701+ IAM3703, serials: MM7307/ 37-01, MM7311/4-55, MM7312/36-34 and MM7329/37-15, Support was KC767 IAM1432 MM62228, which was based for the duration of the exercise at Bodø. This departed home 8/11 as IAM1435 dragging fighters.
RNoAF Da20's TDY 041, 053, local missions as Raven7*.

Local F16's 286/295/674/677/681/682/687.

Visit/ support (not complete) C17A 177703 as CFC3678(18/10), C130H 5114 CTM2070(19/10), C130H 752 as HAF356N(21/10), C27J 4116 as HAF354N(22/10) C130H 84006 as SVF809(22/10), S340 100008 as SVF630(22/10), C130E 73-0099 as TuAF746(23/10). A400M TK23-3 as AME3114(22/10). KC767 MM62226 as IAM1446 on 17/10. C130J MM62194 as IAM4678 on 18/10. C130J MM62185 as IAM4672 on 22/10. USN C20G 165151 as Catbird1 on 3/11. THK KC135R 60-0326 as TurAF11 on 7/11, HAF C27J 4117 as HAF354N on 7/11, HAF C130H 752 as HAF356N on 7/11, AMI C130J MM62185 as IAM4668 on 8/11, AMI KC767 MM62229 as IAM1445 on 8/11, AME A400M T23-01 as AME3132 on 8/11, FAF C130J 5847 as CTM2069 on 9/11, AMI C130J MM62181 as IAM4669 on 9/11, AMI KC767 62229 AS IAM1445 on 10/11, AMI KC767 62228 AS IAM1435 on 11/11, AMI C130J MM62181 as IAM4671 on 11/11, AMI KC767 62228 AS IAM1440 on 12/11

8x F18C/D VMFA(AW)224 (+ others) arrived 17/10 from Beaufort/SC as Cube11/14 and Cube 21/24. Serials : 164679/WK-04, 164699/ED-02, 164876/ WK-07, 164877/WK-01, 164950/ WK-00, 164951/WK-05, 164865/AD362, 164265/DW-02.
5x F18 FinAF arrived as FNF395 on 24/10, serials : HN-412/439/447/452/ 453. Dep 8/11.
4x RAF Hawks, XX332/CD callsign RFR7021, XX198/CH RFR7023, XX303/CR and XX191/CC, guess they used RFR7022 and 7024, but sequence unknown. Local missions flying as Savage1/4. Dep home 8/11 as RFR7021/7024.
3x E3A LX-N90447/90448/90452 arrived 24/10. 90447 Dep 8/11 as Nato40, 90448 dep 7/11 as Nato41, 90452 dep 7/11 as Nato40.
1x KDC10 NethAF T-235, local callsign Whitehorse10.
1X E3C 77-0353 as Chive01, arrived 24/10, dep 15/11, same callsign?
1x E8C 92-3290/GA arrived the 26/10 as Peach68. Dep 7/11 same callsign.
1x KC130J USMC 169225, arrived the 20/10, flying as Otis81.

Locals F16's 276/297/306/659/660/668/671/672/675/682/688/711 + tiger tail (664?). F35A's 5149/5206/5207/5208/5210.

Visitors: 3x EF18 C15-55/12-13, C15-62/12-20, C15-65/12-23 22/10, dept to ENBO later. 1x KLu C130H G-273 21/10. 1x FinAF Cn295 CC-3 as FNF364 on 23/10. 2x AMI Eufi o/s 23/10 + 24/10, 1x , USMC KC130J 166514 as Otis82 on the 25/10, G4 KLu V-11 26/10, 1x MH60R 168115/AB-700 27/10, 1x Klu AS532 S-419 on 27/10, 1x KC130T-30 163591/RU on 29/10. USAF F16's 91-0338/SP + 90-0827/SP on 29/10 (for the DV day fly-by?), TurkishNavy SH60B TCB-72 on 30/10, USN MH60S's 167844/AB612 and 168540/AB-614 on 30/10. Finish PC12 PI-05 on 31/10, callsign FNF394, USN KC130T-30 163591/RU on 29/10. BAF A-Jets AT-33 BAF101 and AT24 BAF123 on 7/11. FinAF CN295 CC-3 as FNF365 on 7/11, KLu G4 V-11 as NAF61 on 8/11, CAF CC177 177704 as CFC3696 on 10/11, FAF A310 F-RADB as CTM1072 on 10/11

Byneset (Near Trondheim)
DV day was held the 30th with rehersal on the 29th.
Noted from pictures so far
29/10: 1x USMC F18D 164950/ WK-00, ALAT NH90 code EAF, ALAT Tigre code BIF, USMC CH53E's 161184/ HH-01, 165243/ HH-04, USMC MV22B's 168330/YM-08, 168672/ YM-12, USMC UH1Y 168047/HF-90 . Flyby , AMI E550 62293/14-11 +2x USAF F16C (most likely 91-0338/SP + 90-0827/SP) + 2x HAF F16C, KLu KDC10 T-235 + 2x THK F16D 07-1015 + 07-1018 + 2x SVF Gripen 39261/261 and 39285/285, AMI KC767 MM62228 + 2x AMI Tornado + 1x FAF M2000B +1x FAF M2000C , Formation of 2x CF188A's 188757 + 188777 + EF18's C15-62/12-20 + CE15-10/12-73 + 2x Unk FinAF FA18C, GAF A400M 54+12 + RNoAF C130J 5629 , RNoAF Fa20 041 + x4 unkown RNoAF? F16, 1x unk RNoAF F35A (5206 +5210 departed Orland), NATO E3 + 2x unk AMI Typhoon.

30/10: 1x B1B EL callsign Mytee12 serial 86-0134??, USMC CH53E's 161989/ HH-16, 164366/ HH-00, USMC MV22B's 168330/YM-08, 168672/ YM-12, USArmy AH64's 45431 +1?, ALAT NH90 code EAF, ALAT Tigre code BIF, Flyby E3/ AMI E550 MM62293 +2x unknown F16, KLu KDC10 T-235 + 2x F16, AMI KC767 MM62228, CAF CC150 15005 + 2x Spanish F18, GAF A400M 54+12?+ RNoAF C130J, NoAF Fa20 041? + x4 unkown F16, 2x unknown F18.

USMC (some more or less based others transiting from/to the Iwo Jima) : 4x (or more) MV-22B 168663/ YM-00, 168330/YM-08, 168225/ YM-11, 168672/ YM-12 They use callsign Rugby2*. USMC CH53E noted :161184/ HH-01, 161989/ HH-16, 163075/ HH-06,164366/ HH-00, 165243/HH-04, using callsign Hammerhead3*. 2x AH-1W 165274/HF-61, 161017/HF-59 and 2x UH1Y 168047/HF-90 and 169290/ HF-94. They use callsign Gunner**.
2x USN MH60S 167846/ AM-03, 166354/AM-07(30th). AM-03 was based, other visited many times. Callsign used Nightfury11 most of the times.
1x USN MH60S 167847/ BR-37 as Ghost37, was based, or at least almost a daily visitor.
2x RDAF Merlin, M507 as DAF3176 + M519 as DAF3175, both arrived 17/10, flying local missions as Hunter 01/02
1x FAF AS332. 2235/FZ arrived the 23/10 via Bergen as CTM1360. Local mission as Mediator25 on the 29/10. dep 30/10 as CTM1360.

Visit/ support (not complete) C17A(nato) 01(17/10,20/10,22/10,8/11,10/11), 02 (22+27/10), 03(5/11) , C20G 165151 Catbird1 on 30/10, 3/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/11. C12U 84-0157 as Duke80 on 19/10, C40A 166693 as CNV6442 on 20/10, KC130T-30 163591/RU as CNV6486 on 20/10, A400M 54+18 on the 22/10 as GAF111, C130J B538 as DAF4727 on 22/10, Tp102 102004/024 27/10? FAF Fa900 02/FP as CTM1279 on 28/10. USAF C17A 06-6156 as RCH253 on 30/10.
SlovenianAF AS532 H3-73 noted Vaernes 27th, and H3-72 + H3-73 on the 29th as Cougar01/02 fuelstop/visit only or based? USArmy CH47F on the 27th, 13-08134 + 1 or more AH64E. USMC C130J 166513/BH as Otis81 +166514/BH as Otis82 on 27/10. 2x AH64 USArmy on 30/10. USMC KC-130J Otis81 169225 on 31/10, FN NH90 14 on 1/11, USN C40A 166693 as CNV6053 on 2/11, USMC KC130J 166513 as Otis81 on 3/11. Nato E3 LX-N90452 on 3/11 T&G's as Nato12, USArmy UC35 95-0123 as Duke11 on 3/11, USN C40A 166693 as CNV6822 on 5/11, CAF CH148 148823 on 5/11, SwedishAF C130H 84005/845 as SVF815 on 7/11, RN Merlin ZH853[ as Hadrian on 7/11, RNoAF C130J 5629 as Husky02 on 7/11, USMC KC130J 169225 as Otis75 on 7/11. USN C40A 166693 as CNV6822 on 7/11, RNoAF F35 or F16 overshoot on 8/11 as Flash11 rtb Orland, FAF C130J 5847 as CTM2069 on 8/11, USArmy C12U 84-0162 as Duke80 on 9/11, RNoAF C130J 5629 on 9/11, FAF A310 F-RADB as CTM1072 on 10/11, RAF A400 ZM401 on 9/11 as RRR4544, RDanAF C130J B538 as DAF4894 on 10/11.

DV day 29/10 SlovenianAF Fa2000 L-101 as LSV101, USAF C21A 84-0083 as E10E3, USAF C37A 99-0402 as Spar80, USMC C37B 166378 as VM101, Polish Cn295 027 as PLF032, USAF C21A 84-0087 as Falcon01, USArmy UC35A 95-0123 as Duke25, Finish PC12 PI-03 as FNF392, Belgium ERJ145 CE-01 as BAF615, Italian P180 MM62286 as IAM1495, USN C40A 166693 as CNV6624, GAF A310 10+23 as GAF557.

2x C2A temp based since beginning october, 162171/51 as RG01 and 162144/55 as RG02.

3x USN F18 arrived 19/10 as Tarbox11 flight. AB102,AB303 and AB412. 4x USN F18 arrived 22/10 as Tarbox85/88, 166631/AB-106, 166808/AB-204, 166820/AB-300, 166839/AB-411, all departed by 27/10 for the Truman.

Visitors (not complete) : A400M TK23-3 as AME3114 on 22/10. UC35 95-0123 as Duke80 on the 23/10. KC130J 169228/QH on 17/10 as Ranger77, USN C20G 165151 as Catbird1 on 25/10, SN F18F 166809/ AB205 on 26/10, USN E2D 168276/ AB601 as AB601 on 26/10, USN C40A 166693 as CNV6624 on 28/10, TP102D 102005/025 as SVF635 on 29/10, GAF A400M 54+12 on 29/10 as GAF131, RAF Bae146 ZE701 on 29/10 as KRF55, GAF A340 16+02 on 31/10 as GAF906. USArmy CH47F's 13-08133 + 13-08134 on 7/11, USN C26D 900528 as CNV6628 on 1/11, USArmy C12 84-0165 as Duke80 on 2/11, GAF BD700's 14+02 and 14+03 as GAF671 on 3/11, GAF A400M 54+03 as GAF061 on 8/11, USMC UC35 166374 as VM767 on 9/11, RDanAF C130J B536 on 10/11, KLu KDC10 T-235 as NAF46 on 10/11, USAF KC10A 85-0191 as Bobby71 on 11/11, USAF KC10A, RAF Voyager ZZ330 as RRR2165 on 11/11, NATO C17A 01 on 11/11, USAF KC10A 79-1950 as Bobby61 on 12/11, KLu KDC10 T-235 as NAF46 on 12/11, USArmy 3x AH64D/E 95587/25327/45467 + 1 CH47F 13-08434 on 12/11, GAF A400 54+03 as GAF004 on 12/11

1x GN P3C 60+07 GNY4521 arrived 24/10. Dep 8/11.
1x FN Atla 22 arrived 23/10 as FNY5114, dep 8/11, F-XCUE on fpl.
1x P8A 169324 arrived 22/10 Trident 96, dep 7/11.
1x P8A 168848 arrived the 26/10 as Trident29, but dept Lossie same day?
2x CAF CP140 140105 or 140115 arrived 22/10 as CFC0498 and 140116 arrived 23/10 as CFC0611.

Visit/ support (not complete) , CC177 177704 as CFC3684 on 18/10. CC130J 130613 as CFC2569 on 22/10, A400M GAF 54+15 as GAF261, GAF A310 10+23 as GAF149 on 9/11, USN P8A 168857 as Trident45 on 9/11.

Rena Leir Airfield
US Army CH47F 13-08132, 13-08133, 13-08134 plus 13-08434. AH64D/E 45426, 95587,25216, 45431, 45467, 25327. All transiting via Roskilde/DK the 17/10 and 18/10.

Ships (excluding Truman and Iwo Jima)
FFH332 Ville de Quebec carrying CH148 148823.
BNS Godetia carrying All3 M-2.
F245 TCG Orucreis carrying SH60B TCB-72.
F804 De Ruyter carrying NH90 N-227.
F332 Corte Real carrying LynxMk95 19201.
French vessel carrying NH90 14.
L801 Johan de Witt carrying AS532 S-419.

Unknown base, possibly also Rena Leir Airfield 2x As532 SlovenianAF H3-72 + H3-73 arrived as LSV372/373 via ETNW/Wunstorf, EKKA/ Karup and ENRY/ Rygge on 19/10. Flying local missions as Cougar 1/2. Dep back home 8/11 via (amongst others) Wunstorf.

5x F16 Belgium. Noted FA72,86, 89, 119, 130, 135. Callsigns BAF251/254 + 1.
1x KC135R 62-3556, arrived 21th as RCH201, flying local missions as Decee91. Dep home 8/11 as RCH201.
1x KC135R 57-1487, arrived the 22nd as RCH415. Dep home 8/11 as RCH415.
1x KC135R 62-3551 flying local missions as Quid200/201.

6x F-15C USAF 144thFW/194thFS California ANG, cancelled, or it was a bad rumour.

Visitor's (not complete), 2x Emb145 CE-01 + 02 on 21/10, BAF619/617, USAF C130J 04-3142 as HKY804 25/10, USAF C130J 15-5822 as HKY803 on 25/10, BAF C130H CH-12 as BAF657 on 29/10, USAF C130J 11-5745 on 29/10 as HKY801, SAF C130J 08-8603 as HKY805 on 1/11, BAF C130H CH-09 as BAF657 on 3/11, USAF C130J 07-8609 as HKY801 on 3/11, BAF C130H CH-03 as BAF662 on 9/11, USAF C17A 94-0065 as RCH323 on 10/11.

Local F18's : HN-421/428/435/444/455/457.

18x F-16C USAF 480thFS 'SP'
Warhawk 01 flight 90-0829/SP rd 52ndOG CO markings/ 90-0813/SP rd / 90-0827/SP rd/ 92-3918/SP rd/ 91-0344/SP rd/ 90-0833/SP rd
Weasel 01 flight 91-0343/SP rd/ 91-0402/SP rd/ 91-0416/SP rd/ 91-0417/SP rd/ 91-0358/SP rd/ 91-0360/SP rd/
Steel 01 flight 91-0418/SP rd/ 91-0340/SP rd/ 91-0342/SP rd/ 91-0338/SP rd/ 91-0403/SP rd/ 96-0080/SP rd
1x KC135R 58-0084, arrived the 22nd as RCH232.
1x KC135R 60-0355 flying local missions as Quid200/201.

Credit is for Scramble MB, Fightercontrol, privat mails from persons who choose to remain anonymous, and all the news video's/ pictures on the web.
Regards Pieter,
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Re: Trident Juncture 2018

Post by AlGa »

Thanks Pieter for your huge compilation work.
Just note that FAF 2/5 Mirage 2000 include two C and two B (526,527).
(for those willing to see an official picture : ... -juncture/)
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Re: Trident Juncture 2018

Post by F17_114PM »

Thanks Pieter!

6x F-15C USAF 144thFW/194thFS California ANG, cancelled, or it was a bad rumour.

Cancelled due to the tragic accident in the Ukraine ...
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