Singapore-Changi 30-01-2019

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Singapore-Changi 30-01-2019

Post by LifelinerOne »

Hej everybody!

I finally found the time to continue editing my pictures. Here is my selection of this half day at Singapore before I went to explore the city. All pictures were taken from my hotel room.

1. Air Asia is known for their very colorful planes. Here's one celebrating the fact that it's their 100th awesome plane:
ImageA320-AAS-9MAQH-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

2. Nice long B737-900ER from Lion Air:
ImageB739-LIO-PKLHV-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

3. My first A321 of Cebu Pacific shortly after arriving from Manila:
ImageA321-CBU-RPC4112-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

4. This A320 is promoting the AirAsia Foundation:
ImageA320-AAS-9MMQI-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

5. Thai is flying with B777-200s, -300s and the A350 to Singapore:
ImageA359-TGA-HSTHF-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

6. The Indonesian branch of AirAsia is also promoting stuff, this one Indonesia:
ImageA320-AAS-PKAXD-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

7. Nice to catch several B737-800s of Malaysia Airlines:
ImageB738-MAS-9MMLL-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

8. VietJet is also flying to Singapore and this A320 is promoting Coca-Cola as well:
ImageA320-VJT-VNA676-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

9. Thai Lion is also a daily visitor and send the A330-300 to Singapore:
ImageA333-TLN-HSLAI-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

10. Singapore has a very large Indian community and therefore quite some Indian airlines are flying to Singapore, like Air India Express:
ImageB738-AIX-VTAXQ-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

11. China Southern is also a B737MAX8-operator nowadays:
ImageB738M-CSZ-B1206-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

12. IndiGo is another frequent visitor from India:
ImageA320-IND-VTIAY-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

13. JetStar is also flying with several A320s promoting things. This one
ImageA320-JET-9VJSH-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

14. And this one the Northern Territory:
ImageA320-JET-9VJSB-SIN30jan19-2 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

15. The other airline from Myanmar is Myanmar Airways International:
ImageA319-MAI-XYAGR-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

16. My very first A321neo ever is this one from SriLankan:
ImageA321N-SRL-4RANF-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

17. Yay! And another and different Fokker 50UTA of the RSAF:
ImageF50UTA-RSAF-712-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

18. Jet Airways is also a very frequent visitor, especially with their B737-800s:
ImageB738-JET-VTJFT-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

19. Not the best light anymore, but another nice logojet of AirAsia:
ImageA320-AAS-9MAFV-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

20. Also not the best light, but quite rare for me; Drukair A319:
ImageA319-DRK-A5JSW-SIN30jan19 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

I hope you liked them. You can see all 125 pictures at: ... 536589427/

Cheers! :wave:
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Re: Singapore-Changi 30-01-2019

Post by actionhenk »

Very good, thanks!
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