A line of about 50 white lights

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A line of about 50 white lights


Hi All,

First of all i wasnt drunk last night !!!

Yesterday evening about 23.00/23.30hr i was standing outsite when i saw suddenly a line from +/- 50 steady white lights moving across yhe evening sky from the direction of Brogy heading N- NE,
No engine sound or rotorblades popping and no anti collision lights.
After many years spotting i never saw something like this.
I hope someone of you saw it as wel and got a awnser for it.

Greetzz Eurospotter.
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Re: A line of about 50 white lights

Post by Hurricane »

Bennie wrote:This line of lights was likely 'STARLINK' satellite related.
Search the www for it and I think you will find your answer!
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