Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

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Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by Ergo01 »

The day started with rain falling on the masses waiting to get in. Luckily proceedings were efficient, and the rain stopped shortly after the gates were opened.
This day was static only, today Sunday will be the show over the seafront. Friday was spotters'day so who were present then may have additions to my list of active military.
Access was restricted to static area only.
45-44 T18-5 Falcon
43-32 UD14-02 Canadair
80094 KC-135 100ARW
22-32 P3M-09 Orion
31-22 TK23-02 A400
31-50 TK10-05 KC130
30-HK 315 Rafale
14-31 Tiger EF2000
12-06 C15-48 EF-18
01-914 AV8
61-15 MM55221 M346
0 534 (on n/w door) MB339 Frecce
79-97 E25-69, 79-98 E25-73 C101
23-02 AE9-08, 23-16 AE9-27, 23-17 AE9-28 SF-5
79-50 E26-01, 79-68 E26-02 T35
78-29 HE25-10 EC120
78-03 HE24-03 S76
ET-717 HE-28-17-10066 Tigre
72-07 T12B-19 C212
74-20 T19B-20 C235
35-45 T21-07 C295
46-82 MM62118 G222
168636 EG-16 MV22 Special c/s ‘Gopher broke’, and ‘Blood sweat & tears’
22 TAV8
20 AV8
12-14 EF18
No code C16-56 10007 EF2000
61-22 and another M346
803-14 HT21-02 Super Puma SAR
Patrulla Aspa EC120s, 1 identified as 78-33 HE25-14
20 C101s of which many in Patrulla Aquila c/s
1 T35
At civil terminal:
43-24 Canadair
? G222
79-64 and many other T35s
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by Rads »

Cheers Ergo 01
Nice list
Impressive Flight line
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by Shamu245 »

Log from San Javier 75th anniversary event. I wont repeat the static listed above just the flightlines & other area's


Ht21-02/803-14 AS332 803esc
HE25-14/78-33, E25-3/78-22, HE25-8/78-27, HE25-15/78-34, HE25-3/78-21 EC120 Ala78
(HA16-14)/ET-714 Tigre BHELA 1
E25-27/8, E25-84/5,E25-21/1, E25-78/7, E25-72/-, E25-50/- , E25-13/5, E25-63/3, E25-31/3, E25-38/2, E25-53/1 C101 Ala79/Patrulla Aguila.
MM 503/11, /8, /7, /6, /5, /3, /2 MB339A Frecce Tricolore (I may have missed a couple in my note book).
C16-56/umkd EF2000
C15-56/ nn EF18A
/22 TAV8B
/nn AV8B

Between the hangers. There were 10 C101, 8 in Aguila/new C/S, 1 in Normal C/S & 1 in a 75 anno C/S,

E25-62/79-17, /79-35, /79-15 2, 8, 5, 2 + two more/
/ 75 anno c/s.

Hanger. The end hanger was open at the right hand end at the start of the day and later on in the morning the left hand doors were also opened. the following T35'S were noted at various times during 1015-1300. Not all could be seen at the same time as the as doors moved when the other end was opened.

/79-72, /79-53, /79-75, /79-44, /79-46, E26-17/, E26-11/, E26-08/, E26-27/, E26-25/, E26-58 or 9, + one.

Also at the left end were r to l U9-04 casa127, /79-46 C101 damaged/wfu tail missing + another Casa127.

any corrections, gap fillers welcome>

Davem< Ady & TP
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by bobs »

Just to add to the San Javier postings, the 10 Casa 101s between the hangers were noted on a very swift walkabout. Just concentrating on bagging the important serials at the time without noting the codes. E25-19 E25-12 E25-25 E25-86 E25-28 E25-16 E25-15 E25 -09 E25-54 E25-62 . Also a number of
of Casa 101s noted between the gaps in a closed maintenance hanger but only one serial noted E25 -79 before my luck ran out. Guardia Civile Bo105 code 09-124 was flying in the local area during the morning. Preserved on base noted Casa 1131, HA200A , T6G , T34A ,Casa101 as EMOOS 2018, no sign however of the preserved T33 or Casa212 . In the town on a roundabout E25-10 79-10 Casa101 , U9-49 Casa 127 noted at the local museum.
Best Regards Bobs...
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by MartinK »


you were obviously concentrating on the off-limits areas rather than logging the 42 AV-8s and about a dozen EF-18s on the flightline that got a friend of ours all excited !!! :oops:
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by ChrisThorpe »

A few corrections / additions to the above. All serials read except where in brackets.

01-914 AV8 wore serial VA.1B-24
"0" MB339 wore serial MM54534
78-03 S76 was HE.24-3
ET-717 Tigre was HA.28-17
72-07 C212 was T.12B-49
46-82 C27 was MM62218

Flight Line:
01-920 VA.1B-30 was AV8
01-922 (VA.1B-33) was TAV8
12-14 F18 was C.15-56
M346s were MM55154 61-01, MM55223 61-22
T35 (towed from hangar and flew around 13.00) was 79-74 / E.26-27
EC120s HE.25-2 was 78-21, HE.25-3 was 78-22
ET-714 Tigre (should be HA.28-14)
C101 "1" was E.25-52 / 79-34. I did not note E.25-84 '5' anywhere - but did see E.25-87 / 79-29 with special markings. Was E.25-84 definitely there?
Frecce Tricolori codes were 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,10,11 (0 was in static)

79-72 was E.26-25
79-53 - I noted 79-55 / E.26-08
79-75 should be E.26-28 - probably misread as "E.26-58 or 9" which do not exist
79-44 does not exist - probably misread of 79-64 E.26-17
79-46 was the C101, not a T-35
79-74 - E.26-27 was towed out later (see above)
79-58 was E.26-11
79-56 (E.26-09) was also there

On way in:
As well as the 5 preserved aircraft the front fuselage of RF-4C 12-61 (CR.12-52) was on display

Civil Terminal:
"?G222" appeared to be an RSV C27 - serial anyone?

As well as a selection from the above (I can provide details if requested), noted were:
72-01 (T.12B-13) C212 dropping parachutists about 10.15
79-85 (E.26-38) T-35 part of 75 anniversary flyby about 13.45
35-43 (T.21-05) C295 departed about 16.00

Any comments / questions / additions most welcome!
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by KIER »


As probaply everybody knows Spain doesn't have 42 AV-8's , and this number is part of the serial/code.
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by Starman »

Some initial ramblings from the Costa Cálida:
Those 10 CASA 101s: as stated one in normal colours, 79-35/E25-54,
one in Anniv cols, 79-28/ E25-28 but it's for 30 years of the Patruilla, 1985-2015.
and 8 Aguilas but not all with "codes", 79-32/8/E25-86, 79-16/no code/E25-16, 79-15/2/E25-15, 79-08/no code/E25-09, 79-17/2/E25-62, 79-12/4/E25-12, 79-25/(5 not 100% conf it was this one, s/be back right a/c)/E25-25 & 79-19/no code/E25-19
The 11 CASA 101s on the flight line were in two rows but looking from the tower :wink: L to R approximately:
79-33/E25-50, 74-26/E25-72, 79-02/7/E25-78, (79-34)/1/E25-52, 79-21/1/E25.21, 79-38/2/E25-38, (74-17 - failed to spot healthy girl doing aerobics in front of serial [photo-proof])/3/E25-63, 79-29/SP/E25-87, 79-31/3/E25-31, 79-xx/5/(E25-xx) - "5" deffo there but my pix (as usual) inconclusive, parked behind ..... 79-27/8/E25-27.
The Frecce were surprisingly tricky (and Shamu, I'm afraid your 11 is incorrect [photo proof])
0/54534 (static), 1/no idea, 2/54551, 3/5505X, 4/55053 - alone in flightline hangar (the furthest one), 5/5505X (where X = 5 or 9), 6/54538, 7/55054, 8/54514, 9 - oh, there was no 9, 10/54505 & 11/55052.

Thanks to Mr ChrisThorpe I've just deleted 1/2 an hours typing so can I be the 94th person to point out the Pilans were actually in a hangar and not at the dry cleaners :roll: In that shed (!) was indeed 79-53/E26-06 behind 79-72 and pointing the other way. I too have 7 Pilans in there plus the CASA and two Do's. Eurodemobbed have a 2nd Do-27 "stored" U9-23/79-114 but we didn't get that far in.
Still working on the main Pilan hangar …. tired now! Oh yes and the RSV C-27 at the Ryanair Terminal was CSX62219.

Bobs, the Casa 212 & the Tee Bird were acquired by turning left thru a car park as you walked out and tacking NW past the lemon trees / buildings, about 100 metres. Actually perpendicular to the the other preserved stuff.
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by ChrisThorpe »

well the shed looked like a dry cleaner's to me :-)

The C101 coded 5 on the flightline was definitely E.25-13 / 79-13.
I presume E.25-09 amongst the 10 between the hangars was 79-09?

Thanks for the rest! Would appreciate a definitive list of the T-35s in the various hangars.....
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by Starman »

Oops, edited!

Image79-09 by Starman, on Flickr

And by the power of Canon Fudger Professional I am tending to agree with you on 79-13/5!
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Re: Murcia-San Javier June 9, 2018

Post by Starman »

The Main Pilan hangar:

Reports suggest up to 17 a/c in there; my pix show a lot of stanchions and aeroplane bits with no numbers on, but ditching the Canon revealed:

79-51/E26-04, 79-52/E26-05, 79-60/E26-13, 79-61/E26-14, 79-63/E26-16, 79-65/E26-18, 79-66/E26-19, 79-67/E26-20, 79-70/E26-23, 79-80/E26-33 & 79-82/E26-35

Image79-66 by Starman, on Flickr
See what I mean!
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