Former Skytech Mi-26 to Baarlo

On 17 October 2021 Scramble reported on the shipping of three former Skytech Mil Mi-26 helicopters. The suggestion was launched at that time that at least one of these giants was destined for an (unknown) aviation museum.

Thanks to an announcement on their Facebook account, it is now clear that one of the helicopters has arrived at PS AERO in Baarlo, the Netherlands. The Mi-26 involved is RA-06041 (with c/n 34001212431). 

The company is a well-known supplier of static aircraft, helicopters, flightsimulators, engines and spareparts. PS AERO buys and collects said items around Europe and manages to sell them to aviation museums, collectors, leisure and sports facilities, training, and for rent in the movie business.

The company is known as spotter friendly as they organize regular (paid) tours around their premises in the months March to October. Visit:

Photo: PSAero

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