Airfield Guide
Wiener Neustadt West
ICAO Code:LOXNInfo Last Validated:11-2011
City:Wiener NeustadtPosition:47°50'23"N 016°13'13"E
Runway(s):six grass runwaysElevation:935 ft

This general aviation/military airport has only grass runways and a rich history. In 1909 the municipality agreed to build an air field in the north of Wiener Neustadt in order to support aviation. On this field the First Austrian Aviation Week took place only two years later, in 1911. It was the first official airport in Austria. Even flight pioneers like Igo Etrich, Karl Illner, or Adolf Warchalowski flew here. During the Second World War, many Me109 aircraft were built here. Nowadays this is the biggest unpaved airport in Europe and used by gliders, small general aviation aircraft and the Austrian Army Parachute School. For this reason, PC-6s are based here most of the times.


This large airport has many grass runways and glider strips. The hangars are all located at the southeast side along Flugfeldgürtel.

Getting There

Wiener Neustadt West is located close to the Motorway A2, from Vienna to Wiener Neustadt and further south. Take exit 38 and follow the directions to Wiener Neustadt Nord via the roundabout onto route 21. After two roundabouts, take a left and left towards route L151 direction Wiener Neustadt. You will drive along the eastern perimeter towards the airport.

Around The Airport
Overview from the east

Along the perimeter of the airport while driving on L151, the airport is at your right. From the end of this road you will have a distant view onto the aprons.

View from the west

For a view from the other side, continue along the Flugfeldgürtel. At the T crossing, take a right and at the next crossing take a right again. Now you will follow the perimeter of the airport again onto Strasse der Gendarmerie. From here you will have a distant view onto the aprons and airport.

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