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Sevilla - San Pablo
ICAO Code:LEZL/SVQInfo Last Validated:mar13
City:Sevilla - San PabloPosition:37°25'05"N 005°53'56"W
Runway(s):09/27Elevation:112 ft

Sevilla's airport, San Pablo, handles domestic and international civil traffic. The majority of the flights are domestic ones though. It is also home to the Airbus Military production facilities. Both the CN235 and C295 transport aircraft are manufactured here. The giant hangars on the southern side of the airport house the A400M production facility.

The design of the terminal was based on Seville's cultural roots, using three traditional components: the mosque, the palace and the orange trees. An orange grove greets the travellers upon their arrival at the airport before they enter a hall, coloured blue by the effect of the glazed roof tiles, and crowned by a line of arches supported by vaults.

It offers a number of locations for collecting 99% of all serials and some positions for photography.


The airport can be divided in three separate parts; the civil terminal (and related General Aviation platform and hangars) in the north west, the CN235 production facility on the north eastern side and the new A400M production line on the southern side.

Getting There

San Pablo Airport is located ten kilometres north-east of the city between the city limits of Seville and Rinconada. If travelling by car you can easily find the airport by following the signs towards it.
You can get to the airport from the centre of Seville by bus. They cost 2,10 euros one way, and depart from Av. el Cid, next to the statue of the Spanish hero. The bus stops at the main building.

Around The Airport
Near terminal 1

The balcony next to the road which leads to the arr/dep building, just to the south of the main building is available for collecting serials. It has a walkway next to it, and is divided from the main road by safety rails. Photography is not really an option here and the TNT/DHL building obscures most of the ramp.

Near terminal 2

North of the terminal building you can view the other side of the platform. Most low cost carriers position their aircraft here. Again; not a spot for serious photography.

CN235/C212 platform and storage line

The northern side of the airport gives a cool overview of the north eastern Airbus Military platform. You may find some C212s that are stored here, and you can also see new built CN235s and C295s if outside. All serials can be read from here. Also note the dumped C207 that can be seen from this spot. To get here just follow the airport fence when exiting the terminal area (towards Airbus Military facility).

Airbus Military north east gate

To view the preserved aircraft within the north western Airbus Military facility follow the signs to their main gate. You will be able to view the aircraft (listed below).

27 approach

This spot gives a convenient overview of the runway, approach and part of the A400M production facilities. It is a dirt track running between the main road towards the EADS gate and an irrigation canal. At night it is a lover's lane, but in daytime you can just capture the taxiway as you are a bit elevated. Approach is good too.

To get here you can either enter the dirt road from the roundabout at the Airbus Military southern gate, find the entry along the south bound road just past the approach or enter at the road running along the north east perimeter just before the roundabout there.

Airbus Military southern flightline

From the road towards the gate, just south of the threshold around the 3.0 km marker, you have a good overview of the flightline. Stopping is a bit difficult here, so really a quick hit and run. But that is all that it takes anyhow. Best early in the morning.

09 approach

The approach of runway 09 is an option, but it takes a walk. Coming from Sevilla on the A-4 towards Cordoba, take exit 535 until the roundabout. Take the first exit on to Av Séneca and continue on this road until the first bench in the road (to the right). There is a park on your left. Park your car and walk into the park towards the runway 09.

South west views

From the deserted military barracks on the south side, it is possible to have a glimpse into some of the Airbus hangars; if they are open of course. If you approach from the west, take exit 535 and keep right at the roundabout. You will have a residential area on the right and the park, mentioned under spot 7, on your left. The road bends right, over the irrigation canal, this road is the Calle Taiwan. You can already see the preserved C127 from a distance here. At the roundabout, go three-quarters and drive onto the large slap of asphalt that is used for the market on Sundays. Exit on the south west side and follow this road through a park. After leaving the wooded area you are straight opposite the EdlA gate and C127. Follow the road further, go left at the T-junction. The road bends right and then you look at some of the large Airbus hangars from the opposite side as spot 6.

By off-roading, following the fence along the irrigation channel, you should even be able to make it back to the roundabout in front of the southern Airbus gate!

Spot 5 offers opportunities for capturing the approaching aircraft and overviews of the runway. This DHL B757 is about to take off. The hangars in the background house the A400 production facilities. (Jurgen van Toor)
Opposite the main gate of the A400M production facility this unmarked CN235 (EC-FAD) is preserved
  • 118.100 / 268.075
  • 121.700
  • 120.000 / 120.800
  • 128.500 / 261.050
  • 118.175
  • HA220, pres gate
    NE Airbus Military area
  • RF-4C, pres north side on base
    NE Airbus Military area
  • T-33A, pres inside gate
    NE Airbus Military area
  • C212-100, gy c/s, std between buildings
    NE Airbus Military area
  • C127, pres outside EdlA SW gate
  • blue/white CN235, on a roadabout at spot 9
  • C212s, stored Airbus Military NE ramp
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