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North Bay - Jack Garland
ICAO Code:CYYB/YYBInfo Last Validated:dec06
City:North Bay, Ont.Position:46°21'49"N 079°25'22"W
Runway(s):08/26, 18/36Elevation:1215 ft

The former CFB North Bay is now owned by the local government. Their infrastructure is now developed for civil use. Both Air Canada and Bearskin Airliners, a company that serves Northern Ontario from Thunder Bay, are regulars here.

Around The Airport
Eastern approach rwy26

Carmichael Drive runs south and east of the airport. It should be possible to follow this road that leads past the approach of runway 26.

Bombardier hangars

Along Airport road you pass a preserved black CF-101B Voodoo that is at the crossroad with Airport way. Continue onward and you will reach the former CF ramps and hangars that are now occupied by Bombardier. They built CL-415s here and do some rework on DHC-8. From their parking lot you can have a look through the hangardoor window.

Southeast side ramp view

Further down Airport road some more ramps and aircraft are visible.

Terminal area

Before you reach the terminal there is a small parking lot from were you can look into the Bombardier hangars on teh other side of rwy 18/36, provided they are open of course. Driving further down might yield the odd helicopter.

Preserved at the airport entrance (Erwin van Dijkman)
  • 118.300/236.600/257.200
  • 121.225/127.250/233.400/356.300
    Toronto control
  • 124.900/128.200
  • CL-415 end-assembly
    DHC-8 modification and overhaul
  • CF-101B, on crossroads Airport road/Little down way/Airport way; near entrance to CFB (black c/s)
  • CF-100 Mk5D, in the housing area opposite spot 3
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