Airfield Guide
La Baule-Escoublac
ICAO Code:LFRE/LBYInfo Last Validated:
City:La BaulePosition:47°17'22"N 002°20'47"W
Runway(s):11/29Elevation:105 ft

This general aviation airfield is located 40 km west of St Nazaire. It is very popular with airplanes of the UK for their navigation trips combined with some taxfree shopping. There is also a small and cramped aviation museum called Musée Aéronautique Presqu'Ile Côte d'Amour with some flyable aircraft.


The apron is located south of the runway on the western side.

Getting There

The airfield is south of the D99 from St Nazaire to Guérande. Take the exit onto the N171 direction of La Baule/Pornichet and you will drive under the west landing towards the airfield. Take the D392 towards the airfield.

Around The Airport

You will have a good view onto the apron from the entrance with all the hangars.

A small, open airfield will open possibilities like this photo. Photo Frank Kramer
A member of the local museum and in flyable condition. Photo Frank Kramer
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