Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:LEBA/ODBInfo Last Validated:
City:CórdobaPosition:37°50'32"N 004°50'54"W
Runway(s):03/21Elevation:297 ft

Córdoba airport is a small civil airport near the city of Córdoba. It is only used for general aviation and does not offer any regular flights.

Getting There

The airport is located about 4 miles South East of the city of Córdoba and can be reached by following road number N437 from the city. Furthermore the airport is clearly sign posted and can easily be found.

Around The Airport

Following the signs from the N437 towards the airport you end up at a roundabout where you turn left (3/4) and head for the civil airport. Small parts of the platform can be seen from the terminal and parking spots are available. Good for reading and a couple of shots.

Runway 21

The treshold of runway 21 can be reached. Continuing on the roundabout (see spot 1) onto the CO-9002 you can turn left onto a dirt road after about 200 meters. This will lead to the desired spot. Photography is OK from here but mainly during PM hours.

Runway 03

This spot is very close to the treshold of runway 03. By continuing on the CO-9002 you can turn left towards 'Urbanication Fontanar de Quintos'. Turn left after you have passed most of the residential area and you will find yourself near the runway. Photography is very good here, even on the runway itself. There is plenty opportunity to reposition yourself when the sun moves.

On the road to the terminal this Do-27 is on display on the roundabout. Jaap Dijkstra September 2015
  • 118.3
  • This former Basaer DC-7B had been stored on the right side of the platform, but is now preserved in park "Balcón del Guadalquivir" in Córdoba city
  • At the roundabout heading the terminal this Do-27 is presered
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