Military Serials - Eur 2023

Military Serials - Eur 2023


Our annual installment of European Armed Forces series is back, the SMS Europe 2023. For this year, the only military serial book that will be published by us!

It includes the familiar format, orders of battle and serial numbers for each active type, and handy index. That means that the 2023 edition is filled with 174 pages.

Because of standardization, we sometimes use type, unit and series designations that can differ greatly from those of the manufacturer or user. It is therefore possible that the information you send differs from the information we publish.

Despite all the increases in raw materials, production costs and shipping costs, we have managed to keep the increase in prices to a minimum. Below you can place your order and we wish you the best of luck in trying to complete the book.

Please use the radiobutton menu on top to choose the correct price for your order as there are 8 different options.

Option 1. Subscribers Netherlands € 23.00 incl. shipping costs
Option 2. Subscribers EU countries € 31.00 incl. shipping costs
Option 3. Subscribers Non EU countries € 35.00 incl. shipping costs
Option 4. Subscribers World € 43.00 incl. shipping costs

Non subscribers pay € 2.50 on top of the above prices. (option 5 to 8)

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