Military Serials - Eur 2022

Military Serials - Eur 2022

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Our yearly instalment of European armed forces serials is here again, the SMS Europe. It follows the publication of the World Scramble Military Serials late last year and joins the North American companion volume; which will follow soon!

Apart from the trusted format, the orders of battle and serials for each active type and the handy index, we have included Russia for the first time.
This was decided before Mr. Putin went westward. It is our objective to cover all countries irrespective of their behaviour, and it provides an overview of their fleet.

The inclusion of Russia means that the 2022 is more beefy than previous years, at 177 pages. This counters the trend of ever decreasing numbers of aircraft and therefore pages to include.

Because of the standardisation we sometimes use type, unit and serial presentations that may strongly differ from those used by the manufacturer or user. It is therefore possible that the information sent by you can deviate from the information we publish.

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