Military Serials - Eur 2021

Military Serials - Eur 2021

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Our yearly spiral-bound must-have A5 monograph on current European military aircraft serials is available again. As you are used to by now, it includes orders of battle, type rundowns with serial, subtype, construction number and unit/fate. Handy 'tick' boxes will help you manage your sightings. This year we have filled 138 pages with serials for you.

What is included?

This year's SMS Europe features 15,507 airframes spread over 45 sections from Albania to the United Kingdom. The US forces based in Europa are included as well.
Our SMS has the usual format again: for every country, all types that are listed have at least one aircraft of that type active as of 1 March 2021, including those only used by technical schools. For types with a limited number still left, we only list the remaining active ones. This edition was compiled after Scramble 502, so subsequent updates on these lists can be found in Scramble 503 and onward. The Table of Contents is on the last page again as a quick guide to the 138 spiral bound pages.
So get your copy now! 

Because of the standardisation we sometimes use type, unit and serial presentations that may strongly differ from those used by the manufacturer or user. It is therefore possible that the information sent by you can deviate from the information we publish.

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