Dustpan & Brush - November 2021

AW.109E 435 of MH-40 seen at Sangley Point on June 11th 2019

Mark Rourke was present at Sangley Point, on 11 June 2019, where he captured AW109E 435 of the Philippine Navy’s MH-40 squadron. Sadly it was written off on 26 September 2021, when it rolled over during a landing in stormy weather, at Cagayan North International Airport.

Additions & Corrections

08jun21 745 Mi-17V-5 840M37   w/o

A Mil Mi-17 of the Afghan National Army crashed in Jaghato district, Maidan Wardak province, as a result of a technical malfunction. There were at least three fatalities.

New Accidents

17sep21 N444ZW CRJ200LR 7788   dam

United Express flight 3937 was being pushed back from the gate at Asheville Regional Airport (NC), when it was struck by a fuel truck. The FAA reported that the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

23sep21 RF-19590 Ka-27PS 5235004686602   w/o

A Kamov Ka-27 disappeared at about 20:30 hours Moscow time in the mountainous area in the Russian Far East. According to preliminary information, the Ka-27PS was operated by the Russian Federalnaja sloezjba bezopasnosti (Federal Security Service) Border Guard Service, at the 7060th Naval Aviation Air Base in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy/Yelizovo. At the time of the accident it was performing a training flight with three people onboard.

One day later, the wreckage of the helicopter was located by a Mi-171, operated by the Emergency Aviation Service (EAS), at an altitude of 950 metres on the slope of Mount Ostraya, five kilometres from the village of Sosnovka in the Elizovsky municipal district of Kamchatka Territory. The EAS informed the TASS press agency that the crew did not survive. The ground rescue teams had difficulty accessing the scene of the crash as the terrain is very steep.

24sep21 N85RR Beech 95-B55 TC-1365   dam

A private Beech Baron sustained substantial damage subsequent to impact with cornfield terrain adjacent to Fairfield County Airport (OH). The two related occupants onboard the airplane received unspecified injuries.

25sep21 OO-FFB Ce208B 208B0834   dam

The Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster of Paracentrum Vlaanderen suffered an accident on landing at Moorsele Airfield, Belgium. The aircraft had just completed the final drop of the day and landed back at Moorsele Airfield. It came to rest close to the runway. Eyewitnesses reported that the aircraft landed short of the runway. Photos from the scene seem to indicate that the right-hand main gear had collapsed.

25sep21 HK-3353 Bell 206L-3 51177   dam

None of the three occupants of the SADI Colombia (Servicios Aéreos de Ibagué) LongRanger III were injured, after it had to make an emergency landing near Fonquetá, Chía. It was en route between Puerto Berrío, Antioquia and Guaymaral Airport.

26sep21 435 AW109E 11818   w/o

A Philippine Navy AgustaWestland AW109E Power rolled over while attempting to land, and was destroyed after being swept by strong gusts of wind at Cagayan North International Airport, Philippines. All four persons onboard sustained minor inuries.

27sep21 RA-1558G SA341F     dam

The sole person onboard the private Russian Gazelle was uninjured after the chopper rolled over during landing. It had flown around the Vilyuchinsky, Zhupanovsky, Karymsky volcanoes and landed on a pre-selected section 23 kilometres from the Elizovo-Paratunka highway in the Elizovsky municipal district of the Kamchatka Territory in a swampy area. When the engines were turned off, the helicopter began to sink into the ground with the right ski. The pilot added engine power, but the aircraft rolled over on its right side regardless.

27sep21 PK-SNP Ce208B EX 208B5495   dam

Both occupants of the Smart Aviation Cessna Grand Caravan EX were uninjured after their bizprop suffered a runway excursion and ran into a ditch after landing at Yuvai Semaring Airport, Long Bawan, Krayan. The airplane was transporting diesel fuel. The nose landing gear folded and the propeller was damaged.

29sep21 J8-VBI BN-2B-26 2026   dam

SVG Air flight SVD207, originating in Antigua, veered off runway 28 after landing at John A. Osborne Airport, Montserrat. The Britten-Norman Islander deviated to the left and came to rest against an embankment. All seven occupants were rescued, among them two were injured. The aircraft was severely damaged.

30sep21 Ce402B     dam

An unmarked Cessna 402B aircraft was forced down by Super Tucanos from the Dominica Republic Air Force, in the vicinity of Oviedo and Pedernales. The aircraft was conducting narcotics trafficking and carried 275 bricks of drugs. The authorities are still looking for the pilots.

30sep21 B-7103 AS365N2 6041   w/o

During a marine pilot transfer flight an Aérospatiale Dauphin 2 of CITIC Ocean Helicopter Corp made an emergency landing, near the Port of Lianyungang, Jiangsu. One occupant died and three were rescued.

01oct21 N412TL R22B2 4689   w/o
  CP-2562 Bell 212HP 31225   dam

A Helibol Bell 212 hit an obstacle when it tried to take off at a sports field in Cochabamba. All three occupants were uninjured but the helicopter sustained substantial damage to the horizontal stabiliser.

02oct21 helicopter     w/o

An Abu Dhabi Police helicopter (type still unknown) crashed in Abu Dhabi, killing the four people onboard. No details on the location or cause of the crash have been revealed yet.

02oct21 N922NK A320-271 9341   dam

Spirit Airlines flight NK3044, from Atlantic City (NJ) to Fort Lauderdale (FL), with 105 passengers and seven crew, was accelerating for take-off from Atlantic City's runway 31 when the crew rejected the take-off, advising they had a bird strike and were stopping on the runway. The Airbus NEO slowed down safely and stopped on the runway when the tower queried whether the aircraft needed any assistance, to which the crew replied "roll the trucks please".

A short while later tower advised there appeared to be fire underneath the engine. The crew acknowledged, the fire bell was audible in the background of that transmission, and about a minute later advised they were evacuating the aircraft. In the ensuing emergency evacuation three passengers and one crew travelling as passenger received minor injuries as result of the evacuation.

A few days later it emerged that an entire fan blade had fractured at its root and separated. Sadly in this day and age, everything was filmed on several smartphones inside the cabin, including the engine being on fire. The safety instructions clearly state to leave all personal belonings behind in the event of an evacuation, but people were seen taking out their suitcases and carry-ons from the overhead bins, delaying people getting of the slides. And obviously filming an evacuation from both in- and outside the cabin does not help the evacuation at all.

We fear that this is the 'knew normal', where a small group of people is more concerned with social media and their laptops, than actually getting out of the aircraft as soon as possible. Some videos to highlight this incident can be found here and here.

03oct21 RA-04172 R44 1248   w/o
  YR-PDV PC-12/47E 1532   w/o

Almost twenty years to the date (8 October 2001) Milano-Linate Airport had to deal with another aircraft crash. Unlike the SAS MD-80 that came down during foggy conditions, and hit a taxiing Cessna Citation, killing everybody onboard both aircraft, this time it involved a Aviroms Rent A Car PC-12, with eight occupants. It left runway 36 at 13:04 hours, bound for Olbia.

During the initial climb, the pilot completed two successive turns to the right then continued to the south. At an altitude of 5,300 feet, the aircraft entered an uncontrolled descent and crashed on an industrial building under renovation, located about 1,8 kilometres southwest of the runway 36 threshold. The aircraft was totally destroyed by impact forces and a post-crash fire, and all eight occupants were killed, among them the Romania businessman Dan Petrescu. The building suffered severe damages as well as few vehicles in the street. There were no injuries on the ground.

03oct21 TBM700/850?     w/o

A destroyed single engine aircraft was found on an illegal landing strip in Machiques de Perijá, Zulia. It probably had been used for transporting drugs.

04oct21 C-FZVM K-1200 A94-0053   w/o

During logging operations a Kaman K-1200 K-Max of Black Tusk Helicopter crashed east of Powell River, in Killam Bay, at the entrance to Jervis Inlet, north of Egmont (BC), around forty kilometres north of Sechelt. The pilot was killed and the helicopter destroyed. Transport Canada is working on a recovery for the helicopter, but that may take some time, as the water in the area is believed to be more than 500 feet deep.

04oct21 N55JX Beech 95-B55 TC-1243   w/o

A Beech Baron of DLS Holdings crashed under unknown circumstances in Vallecillo, Mexico, and was destroyed by fire. Both occupants sustained minor injuries.

04oct21 F/A-18F     w/o

A US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet of Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (VX) 9 Vampires, crashed in Death Valley National Park (CA). At approximately 15:00 hours local time the Super Hornet crashed in a remote area, in the southern part of the park. Search and rescue teams from Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake, Fort Irwin Army Base and Marine Corps Air Station Yuma responded to rescue the downed pilot, who was taken to a hospital in Las Vegas (NV). The pilot sustained no serious injuries and was released later that evening.

05oct21 N283SA Falcon 20C 83   w/o

Sierra West Airlines flight PKW887, operated by this Dassault Falcon 20C, was destroyed when it impacted trees and terrain while on approach to Thomson-McDuffie County Airport (GA). On short final, the aircraft impacted trees and crashed in a pasture, less than 2 km short of runway 10 threshold. The aircraft was destroyed upon impact and both pilots were killed. There was no fire. This has the makings of a CFIT accident, or Controlled Flight Into Terrain.

05oct21 helicopter     w/o

A military helicopter of the Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya At'Tunisia (Tunisian Air Force in English) crashed in Gabès, Tunesia under unknown circumstances. There were three fatalities.

06oct21 N373SP Bell 206B-3 2885   dam

Operated by the Louisiana State Police (but belonging to the Louisiana Department Of Public Safety) the Bell JetRanger III sustained substantial damage subsequent to the autorotation and hard landing, following a loss of tail rotor effectiveness, 200 yards from Louisiana Regional Airport (LA). The sole State Trooper/pilot onboard the helicopter received minor injuries.

08oct21 Lj35A 35A-494   w/o

A half burnt Learjet was found by law enforcement officers near Little Belize, Belize. It likely had been used for transporting drugs. No drugs were found in the wreckage. The drugs had likely already been unloaded. The aircraft in question was previously registered PT-LDM before it was sold in May 2021.

09oct21 FAB-320 CeU206G     w/o

DB Ce206 FAB 320 SLET El Trompillo 12Oct13 Wim Sonneveld

The Fuerza Aérea Boliviana lost Cessna Stationair FAB-320 after it crashed under unknown circumstances, on 9 October 2021. Wim Sonneveld was lucky to see the 206 on 12 October 2013, basking in sunshine, at El Trompillo

10oct21 RF-94591 L-410UVP-E3 871826   w/o

A DOSAAF Let 410 crashed near Menzelinsk, Russia, killing sixteen occupants. There were twenty skydivers and two pilots onboard, meaning six occupants survived, with various degrees of injuries. Shortly after take-off from runway 20 at Menzelinsk Airport, the pilot reported the failure of the no.1 (left) engine, stating his intention to turn back Menzelinsk. The aircraft was observed flying downwind until it descended and impacted the ground. It crashed onto a concrete wall segment and a pile of logs.

10oct21 C-FFYM TBM910 1190   w/o

A TBM700N (or TBM910) of 1364254 Alberta crashed and flipped over when landing at Westlock Regional Airport (AB). One occupant was airlifted to hospital in critical condition and the other three occupants were transported by ground ambulance to hospital in stable condition.

11oct21 N7022G Ce340A 340A0695   w/o

A Samarth Aviation Cessna 340A was destroyed by fire and impact with a UPS delivery car and residential structures, north-northeast of Gillespie Field Airport, San Diego (CA). The pilot sustained fatal injuries while the number of occupants was not immediately clear.The UPS delivery driver was fatally injured and two people on the ground sustained serious burn injuries.

Transcript from LiveATC.net:
SoCal TRACON: 22G turn right heading 250 join final
N7022G: 250 join final for 22G
N7022G: and, uh, 22G did you say cleared for the ILS 28R?
SoCal TRACON: 22G you're 4 miles from PENYY descend and maintain 2,800 until established on the localizer cleared ILS runway 28R circle to land runway 23.
N7022G: uh, cleared for the ILS 28R, uh, uh, for runway 23 22G
SoCal TRACON: yes sir, descend maintain 2,800 until established on the localizer
N7022G: 2,800 until established on the localizer, 22G
SoCal TRACON: 22G, traffic 2 o'clock 3 miles southbound 5,000 descending 4,000's a C-130 they are restricted above you, caution wake turbulence
N7022G: Copy 22G
SoCal TRACON: 22G it looks like you're drifting right of course, are you correcting?
N7022G: Correcting for 22G
N7022G: is 22G cleared for runway 23?
SoCal TRACON: 22G you're not even tracking the localizer, I need you to fly - actually cancel approach clearance climb and maintain 3,000, 22G maintain 3,000 low altitude alert minimum vectoring altitude in your area is 2,800
N7022G: Climbing 22G
SoCal TRACON: 22G climb and maintain 3,800
N7022G: 3,800 two-
SoCal TRACON: 22G turn right 090 re-vectors to final
N7022G: 090 22G
SoCal TRACON: 22G turn right heading 090 climb immediately maintain 4,000
N7022G: (thousand) climb immediately, 22G
SoCal TRACON: 'Kay, it looks like you're descending sir. I need to make sure you are climbing, not descending.
N7022G: 'Golf is climbing
SoCal TRACON: 22G say altitude
N7022G: ***five hundred 22G [final transmission from aircraft]
SoCal TRACON: 22G low altitude alert climb immediately, climb the airplane, maintain 5,000, expedite climb, climb the airplane please
SoCal TRACON: 22G just level out the plane, er, the heading and climb the airplane up to 5,000 when you can sir.
SoCal TRACON: Traffic alert, 22G, 10 o'clock and a half mile, 1,500, you appear to be descending again sir, are you, say your altitude
SoCal TRACON: Twin Cessna 7022G, SoCal approach.
Sadly, the pilot never responded...

11oct21 N6748V Beech 58TC TK-120   dam

The Beech Baron of Cannon Oil And Gas Well Services sustained substantial damage after impacting mountainous terrain in the Castle Peak area near Jerry Creek Reservoirs, Mesa County, north of the point of departure at Blake Field Airport (CO). The sole pilot onboard the twin engine airplane received fatal injuries.

11oct21 D-GLMP PA-34-220T 34499348   w/o

Both occupants were killed and the private Piper Seneca V was was destroyed, after it crashed in foggy weather conditions near the fortress ruins of Löwenburg, Königswinter, North Rhine Westphalia.

14oct21 MH-60R     w/o

An MH-60R Seahawk ditched in the Philippine Sea during a routine flight. There were three crew members onboard who were rescued approximately twenty minutes later with minor injuries. The aircraft was based on HMAS Brisbane, a Hobart-class air warfare destroyer operated by the Royal Australian Navy.

14oct21 N857PF An-2T 1G108-57   w/o

A video obtained from KCRA shows the private Antonov 2 taking off, the airplane seemed to struggle during the climb and eventually the left wing dipped, which was followed by the airplane stalling. It subsequently impacted trees and terrain, near the Alta Mesa Airpark, in Wilton, Sacramento County (CA). The four people onboard were critically injured.

15oct21 G-WIZZ Bell 206B-II 8540   dam

Following a loss of engine power, a private Agusta-Bell JetRanger II sustained substantial damage in a forced landing on the Fitties Beach, Humberston, near Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. The three people onboard were uninjured.

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesperson said: "At just after 2.30pm a Humber Coastguard received a report that a light aircraft with three people onboard was forced to make an emergency landing at Cleethorpes Beach, near Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. All three people onboard the aircraft have been reported safe and well, and arrangements are being made to recover the aircraft. Cleethorpes Coastguard Rescue Team and Humberside Fire and Rescue Service are present at the scene." The main visible damage to the helicopter was a broken tail boom.

15oct21 0315 F-7NM     dam

A Namibiese Lugmag (NDF, Namibia Defence Force) Chengdu F-7NM has been badly damaged in a runway excursion at Ondangwa’s Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Airport. The Chief of the Namibia Defence Force told Informante Newspaper that the aircraft had landed normally but its brake parachute failed to deploy, causing it to overshoot the runway. As Ondangwa is now a commercial airport, it does not have arresting systems, he said.

Photos and videos show the aircraft upside down at the end of the runway, and badly damaged. It is most likely a write-off. The pilot is apparently uninjured but was taken to hospital for evaluation. Air Marshal Pinehas said an investigation into the incident will be conducted by the Air Force.


We already published the above F-7NM (exact type is hard to miss...) but back then it was still operational. On 15 October 2021, serial 0315 was badly damaged after it overran the runway at Ondangwa’s Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Airport, ending up upside down. (Windhoek, 1 August 2015, Charles Hugo)

17oct21 03/F-TGCH EA330LC 1282   dam

The Extra EA330LC of the Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace carried out a forced landing in a field, after an apparent engine power loss. Both occupants were uninjured.

19oct21 N987AK MD-87 49404   w/o

The three crew members and eighteen passengers were very lucky to walk away without any serious injuries, after the privately owned McDonnell Douglas MD-87 burst into flames during a failed attempt to take-off from Houston Executive Airport's runway 36 (TX). The aircraft went through a fence and took down power lines before it came to a stop about 500 metres past the end of the runway, in a field in the southeast corner of Waller County, which is not too far from the airport.

The former Finnar (OH-LMB), AeroMéxico (N204AM) and since April 2007 mainly operating in the private sector MD (still as N204AM, until 28 August 2015, when it became N987AK) is registered under the name of J. Alan Kent, who is the corporate owner of Flair Builders, a Houston-based custom homebuilder. Flair Builders confirmed the incident with Kent on board at the time.

Two sources additionally confirm that the aircraft was headed to Boston for a trip to the AL Championship Series games. Meanwhile, utility company CenterPoint Energy said an outage impacting more than 1,800 customers near the scene of the crash was caused by the plane taking out an overhead powerline during take-off. Since the outage, power was restored to all but seventeen customers.

19oct21 XB-RQE Ce401 401-0268   w/o

The sole pilot of the Servicios Murbarqui owned Cessna 401 was killed after it crashed shortly after take-off from Tapachula International Airport's runway 05, Chiapas. It was bound for San Luis de Ocosingo Airport, Chiapas, for the release of Mediterranean flies.

19oct21 XB-ETV Sabre 60 306-96   dam

A Rockwell Sabreliner 60 suffered a runway excursion following a forced landing at Jacmel Airport, Haiti. At least one of the undercarriage legs separated in the accident. Both pilots were unhurt. The aircraft was en route from Mexico to Cuba.

19oct21 RA-33350 An-2R 1G226-09   dam
  VH-KWP PA-61P 61P-0765-8063380   dam

At least three aircraft were damaged by a hailstorm at Mackay Airport(Qld.). Winds up to 120 kilometres per hour were measured, accompanied by heavy hail showers. The Ted Smith of RCS Aviation was damaged by the J-6 Karatoo, which flipped over and came to rest on the fuselage. The involved aircraft were: VH-OKF Skyfox CA25N, VH-KWP TS-601P and 28-3414 Australian Aviation Works J-6 Karatoo.

21oct21 EI-DWI B737-8AS 33643   dam

A Ryanair Boeing 737 sustained damage to the fuselage after being struck by tug, while it was under tow on the taxiway at Stansted Airport, where the TBL (The Blue Handling, Ryanair's ground handling provider) tug jackknifed.

22oct21 N754KP Ce208B 208B1264   dam

Alaska Seaplanes flight 501, from Juneau International Airport to Skagway Municipal Airport, crashed on take-off from Juneau. The Grand Caravan sustained significant damage but the occupants were not injured. First reports indicate that the aircraft struggled to gain altitude on take-off and came down again on the side of the runway.

22oct21 J-10S     dam

Fishermen sitting on the Jialu River, Henan province, did not bat an eyelid after a PLAAF (People's Liberation Army Air Force, or the Chinese Air Force) J-10S crashed in the river. They barely paid attention to the pilots, who had ejected and landed with their parachute in the river. It seemed it was a non-event to them, how bizar! Anyway, the Chengdu came down near Zhengzhou, where the 56th Brigade is based, operating the J1-B and J-10S.

23oct21 LV-CVE Bo105CBS-4 S-556   dam

An EMS Bolkow sustained substantial damage after being hit by a truck on the Perito Moreno highway, at the height of the Parque Avellaneda tollbooth, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The helicopter had been dispatched to assist in a collision between two trucks, as a result of which one of the drivers was trapped inside the cabin of the vehicle.

24oct21 7304 Mi-171E 171E00196137304U ?   w/o

While carrying millions of cash (currency not reported) a Libyan Air Force Mi-171 rolled over during landing on a football field in Tarhuna, southeast of the capital, Tripoli. At least two occupants were injured.

25oct21 PK-SNN Ce208 20800556   w/o

One pilot died in the crash of this Smart Cakrawala Aviation Cessna 208 Caravan I after it crashed upon landing at Ilaga Airport, Papua, in foggy weather. The other pilot was seriously injured and the aircraft was written off. The aircraft came down on the runway, just past the threshold of runway 25.

29oct21 PK-RVH Ce208B 208B   w/o

Both occupants walked away from the mishap (with injuries though) involving this Reven Global Transpor Cessna Grand Caravan, after it crashed while attempting to land on the steep hillside airstrip at Dagi Baru, Papua, Indonesia. Both wings broke off and the fuselage suffered extensive damage in the accident.

29oct21 B-7811 Ka-32A 5233242010001   w/o

A fire-fighting Kamov Ka-32A11BC of Shandong General Aviation crashed in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. There was a post-crash fire, during which all three occupants died.

30oct21 LV-OAR PA-61 61P-0644-7963297   dam

A Piper Ted Smith Aerostar 601P of Ingeniería Petrolera S.A. Petroing suffered damage after a gear up landing at Aeropuerto General Felipe Varela, Catamarca, Argentina.

01nov21 9H-AEB PA-34-200T 34-7870066   dam

The two occupants of the European Flight Academy Piper Seneca II were shaken but not stirred, after the aircraft came to rest to the right of Malta-Luqa's runway 31 after the starboard main gear collapsed.

02nov21 TR-NGT An-26     w/o

An Optimum Aviation Antonov 26, was climbing out of Juba, South Sudan, when the crew declared emergency about three minutes after departure. The aircraft came down near the runway 13 end, across the river White Nile, about 0.7 miles from the runway 13 threshold. Emergency services did not find any survivors among the five crew members. The Antonov was carrying 28 drums of diesel fuel to Maban.

03nov21 EY-360 C-160NG F-233   w/o

An all white Wiken Group C-160 Transall caught fire shortly after landing at the dusty airstrip of Dolow Airport, Somalia, completely destroying the aircraft. It was carrying cargo from Mogadishu to Dolow, Gedo region.

03nov21 EW-518TI An-12BK 8346107   w/o

An Antonov An-12 of Grodno Aircompany crashed in a wooded area, about four kilometres northeast of Irkutsk Airport, Russia, killing all seven onboard. A fire erupted after the accident. The aircraft had transported food and consumer goods to Anadyr in the Chukotka Autonomous Region in Russia and was reportedly returning to base, with an en route stop at Yakutsk.

On the approach to Irkutsk Airport the flight crew reported performing a go around, after which contact with the flight was lost. Weather at the time of the accident was poor with snowfall, low clouds, limited visibility and a temparature of about -7°C.

03nov21 GNBV-7430 Bell 206B 1304   w/o

A JetRanger II of the Guardia Nacional Bolivariana crashed at noon in the Santa Cruz sector, Colón municipality, Zulia, according to military sources. No fatalities were reported. The two generals onboard (of a total of four) were reviewing the border protection bases. That is when the chopper started to experience fuel pump failures, leading the crew to perform an auto-rotation, which was unsuccessful. It ended up upside down in a grass field.

03nov21 Beechcraft     w/o

According to Venezuela's FANB Strategic Operational Commander, a twin engine aircraft (most likely a Beech King Air) was destroyed by the Venezuelan military while attempting to conduct narcotics trafficking.

Credits: ASN, Aviation Herald, B3A, Leo Hoogerbrugge, Facebook

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