Civil Updates - November 2021

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this image shows one of the last landings of a Lufthansa Cargo MD-11

Lufthansa Cargo phased out the MD-11F last October. It postponed the retirement of its last remaining MD-11F D-ALCC by an additional two days, as it decided at the last moment to deploy it on two more JFK rotations, while maindeck capacity remains in high demand. Therefore the last commercial Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F flight took off at New York-JFK (NY) on Sunday evening 16 October, and landed the following day at Frankfurt. (Frank Schuchardt)

CN B737 EI RZA AMS 09Oct21 Paul Zegers

The Italian airline Neos was founded in 2001, as a joint venture between two tourism companies, Italian Alpitour S.p.A. and the German TUI Group. In January 2004, Alpitour bought all of TUI Group’s shares, making Neos a fully owned subsidiary of Alpitour and no longer affiliated with TUI. Earlier this year the airline took delivery of four Boeing 737MAX8s. EI-RZA was the first one to be delivered and arrived at home base Milan-Malpensa on 31 March. (Amsterdam-Schiphol, 9 October 2021, Paul Zegers)

CN A320 D AIUY FRA 22Sep21 Frank Schuchardt

Late September, early October, the first three of ten Lufthansa A320s were painted in Eurowings Discover colours. The first aircraft was D-AIUY, which was ferried back from Ostrava, where it had been painted, to Frankfurt, on 22 September. Frank Schuchardt was present that day at Frankfurt Airport, to catch the aircraft in its shiny new colours. Eurowings Discover is a wholly-owned Lufthansa subsidiary and received its own AOC on 16 June, and has been designated as the leisure carrier within the Lufthansa Group.

this one is probably , because of the weather conditions ,just one for the records .It’s on a test flight  , ex A6-EFF , Emirates Cargo .Hopefully I’ll get it again on one better day on the days to come !

With the phase-out of the MD-11F, Lufthansa Cargo has now completed its transition to an all B777F fleet. On 28 September, it received the last freighter of the ten strong order it had placed with Boeing. In September Lufthansa also added an ex-Emirates aircraft to its fleet on lease from DAE Capital. This brings the total number of 777 freighters to eleven. The ex-Emirates aircraft D-ALFJ (former A6-EFF, msn 35612) is still not fully painted and wears this all-white colour scheme with only a “I’m a natural beauty. Waiting for my Lufthansa Cargo make up” sticker. (Frankfurt, 20 September 2021, Frank Schuchardt)

A220 -300 55133 YL-ABF airBaltic. Delivered on 1 October.
  -300 55134 F-HZUA Air France. Delivered on 28 September.
A319 -112 2174 D-AIBL Lufthansa, ex OE-LDB of Austrian Airlines. Delivered on 29 September. Aircraft is operated by Lufthansa CityLine.
  -111 3041 YR-ABA Carpatair,(addition Scramble 505 – Page 41)
A320 -232 2112 LY-NZL Heston Airlines, ex LZ-GNF of Genersis Aircraft Services. Delivered on 12 October. Former RP-C7937 of Pan Pacific Airlines.
  -232 3741 OE-LIB GECAS - General Electric Capital Aviation Services, ex HA-LYV of Wizz Air. Registered in Austria on 19 October. Ferried to Kaunas for storage on 20 October.
  -214 3780 LZ-FBE Bul Air, ex LZ-FBE of Bulgaria Air. Delivered on 7 October.
  -214 3972 9A-IRM Fly Air41 Airways, ex EI-GTR of Aircastle. Registered in Croatia on 29 September. Aircraft arrived at Zagreb on 1 September. Former VT-GOS of GoAir.
  -214 3972 9A-IRM Sundair, ex 9A-IRM of Fly Air41 Airways. Delivered on lease on 14 October. Aircraft wears a basic GoAir colour scheme with billboard Sundair titles.
  -232 4351 YL-LDJ SmartLynx, ex OE-ISY of JP Lease. Delivered on 4 September. Former HA-LWD of Wizz Air.
  -232 4372 YL-LDK SmartLynx, ex OE-ISZ of JP Lease. Delivered on 14 September. Former HA-LWE of Wizz Air.
  -214 5746 OE-ITV GECAS - General Electric Capital Aviation Services, ex T7-MRD of MEA - Middle East Airlines. Registered on behalf of the lessor on 13 October. Aircraft was ferried to Sharjah for storage on 11 October.
  -214 7251 D-AIUW Eurowings Discover, ex D-AIUW of Lufthansa. Repainted in Eurwings Discover colours in October
  -214 7256 D-AIUX Eurowings Discover, ex D-AIUX of Lufthansa. Repainted in Eurowings Discover colours late September.
  -214 7355 D-AIUY Eurowings Discover, ex Lufthansa. Repainted in Eurowings Discover colours in September.
  -251N 7951 EI-SIB SAS Scandinavian Airlines Ireland, ex SE-DYD of SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Transferred on 20 September.
A321 -211 3334 9H-AMR Avion Express Malta, ex LY-VED of Avion Express. Transferred to Malta late October.
  -253NX 10408 SE-DMR SAS Scandinavian Airlines. Delivered on 23 September. Test registration was D-AVWZ.
  -253NX 10519 CS-TSJ Azores Airlines. Delivered on 1 October . Test registration was D-AVYX.
  -271NX 10659 HA-LZD Wizz Air. Delivered on 18 October. Test registration was D-AVYW.
A330 -343E 645 D-AIKG Lufthansa, ex OO-SFP of Eurowings / Brussels Airlines. Returned to Lufthansa homebase (still in Eurowings colours) on 18 October.
  -343E 741 EC-NOF Wamos Air, ex HS-XTD of Thai AirAsia X. Delivered on 17 September. Registered in between as OE-IHK of AerCap
  -202 760 A7-ACS Qatar Airways. (correction Scramble 508 – Page 32)
  -202 820 A7-ACT Qatar Airways. We mixed up the msn-registration combination of these two Qatari A330s . (correction Scramble 508 – Page 32).
  -243 975 D-AIYC Condor Flugdienst, ex OE-ISR of Avolon. Delivered to Dusseldorf on 22 October. Former A6-EYR of Etihad Airways.
  -302E 1025 G-EIDY Aer Lingus UK, ex EI-EDY of Aer Lingus. Transferred on 1 October.
  -243 1045 LY-MAC Heston Airlines, ex VQ-BBF of Aeroflot. Delivered on 22 October
  -343E 1097 CS-WFP World2Fly, ex EC-LXR of World2Fly. Ferried from Madrid to Lisbon on 17 October and seen with this Portuguese registration four days latter.
  -243 1210 EC-NOE Aura Airlines, ex OE-ISS and N618AC of Aircastle. Delivered on 7 October. Former ZS-SXY of South African Airways.
  -223 1266 VP-BUT Nordwind Airlines, ex OE-INT of ALC - Air Lease Corporation. Delivered on 7 October. Former VN-A381 of Vietnam Airlines.
  -343EP2F 1477 D-AJFK DHL / EAT Leipzig, ex 9V-STZ of Singapore Airlines. Delivered after freighter conversion on 1 October. Registered in between as M-PVGK and 9H-HFD of Hi Fly Malta. Aircraft was never operated by Hi Fly Malta.
  -343E 1531 9H-SMF SmartLynx Malta, ex LZ-DBL of DAE Capital. Delivered on 4 October. Former RP-C8762 of Philippines – Philippine Airlines.
  -941 1861 OO-ABG Air Belgium. Delivered on 8 October. Test registration was F-WWKQ.
  -743L 1985 F-GXLJ Airbus Transport International. The third Beluga XL was delivered on World’s animal day 4 October. Test registration was F-WWCO.
  -941 1987 HS-LAR Thai Lion Air. Delivered on 30 September. Test registration was F-WWKV.
A340 -313E 668 9H-BOB Airhub Airlines, ex F-WTBJ of KP Aviation. Delivered on 22 October. Former F-OLOV of Air Tahiti Nui
A350 -941 536 JA12XJ Japan Airlines/ Delivered on 1 October. Test registration was F-WZHG.
A380 -841 266 JA383A ANA - All Nippon Airways. Delivered on 15 October. The last A380 delivered from Toulouse. The remaining A380 will be delivered from Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Test registration was F-WWAL.
  -842 270 A6-EVQ Emirates. Delivered on 7 October. Test registration was F-WWAJ.
BAe146 -RJ70 E1258 LZ-BRU Bulgaria Air, ex LZ-TIM. Re-registered in October.
B737 -476SF 24446 EI-STC ASL Airlines Ireland, ex HA-FAZ of ASL Airlines Hungary. Transferred on 22 October.
  -8Q8 29368 UR-SQQ SkyUp Airlines, ex N469AC of Bank of Utah. Delivered on 13 October.
  -8F2BCF 29788 TF-BBP Bluebird Nordic, ex LY-FBA of Avia AM Leasing. Delivered on 21 October.
  -8ASSF 29925 EI-AZB Amazon Prime Air, ex N529AC of UMB Bank NA Trustee. Delivered on 23 October.
  -7BC (BBJ1) 30330 9H-ELF Elil LLC, ex N666ML. Re-registered 13 October.
  -8AS 33618 G-RUKD Ryanair UK, ex EI-DWL of Ryanair. Transferred on 20 October.
  -8ASBCF 33718 VQ-BFP ATRAN-Aviatrans Cargo Airlines, ex N242GE of Bank of Utah. Delivered on 26 October.
  7-85R 35082 9H-TJF Corendon Airlines Europe, ex EI-GSL of Klaatu Aircraft Leasing (Ireland) Ltd. Delivered on 30 September.
  -8ASBCF 35552 OE-IWE ASL Airlines Belgium, ex EI-DPW of Ryanair. Delivered on 4 October. Operates in FedEx colours.
  -86N 35647 G-DRTJ Jet2, ex OO-TUX of TUI fly Belgium. Delivered on 5 October.
  -82R 35699 UP-B3732 SCAT, ex TC-CCK of Pegasus Airlines. Delivered on 3 October as TC-CCK.
  -82R 35700 VP-BDW Nordwind Airlines, ex TC-IZJ of Pegasus Airlines. Delivered on 14 October.
  -8K5 37244 N842SY Sun Country Airlines, ex G-TAWF of TUI Airways. Delivered on 11 October.
  -86N 38038 F-HUYC Transavia France, ex VP-CGH of ACG - Aviation Capital Group. Delivered on 18 October.
  -8JP 39005 LN-DYM Norwegian, ex EI-FHZ of Norwegian Air International. Transferred on 23 October.
  -8JP 39007 LN-DYS Flyr, ex EI-FHW of Orix Aircraft Corp. Delivered on 7 October.
  -8AS 40289 G-RUKC Ryanair UK, ex EI-ENB of Ryanair. Transferred on 13 October.
  -8 44603 D-AMAB TUI fly Germany Delivered on 5 October. Line # 7474.
  -8 44606 SE-RND TUI fly Nordic, ex G-TUMR of TUI Airways. Transferred on 5 October.
  -8 44653 OO-TMZ TUI fly Belgium. Delivered on 15 October. Line # 7999.
  -9 60066 TC-LYE Turkish Airlines. Delivered on 28 September. Line # 7580.
  -8 60068 TC-LCU Turkish Airlines. Delivered on 30 September. Line # 7996.
  -8-200 62313 SP-RZB Buzz. Delivered on 1 October. Line # 7868.
  -8-200 62314 SP-RZA Buzz. Delivered on 20 October. Line # 7862.
  -8-200 62321 9H-VUK Malta Air (Ryanair c/s, EI-HGI NTU). Delivered on 24 September. Line # 7926.
  -8-200 62332 9H-VUL Malta Air Ryanair c/s). Delivered on 16 October. Line # 8123.
  -8-200 65084 9H-VUM Malta Air (Ryanair c/s). Delivered on 13 October. Line # 8127.
  -8-200 65884 9H-VUO Malta Air (Ryanair c/s). Delivered on 26 October. Line # 8132.
  -8-200 65886 9H-VUN Malta Air (Ryanair c/s). Delivered on 22 October. Line # 8130.
B747 -446BCF 25308 N936CA National Airlines, ex N744ST of Global SuperTanker Services. Delivered on 24 September. Aircraft still wears the Global Supertanker colours with large National colours.
  -428 32869 TF-AAJ Air Atlanta Icelandic, ex Saudia - Saudi Arabian Airlines. Returned from lease on 29 September.
  -428 32871 9H-AZA Air Atlanta Europe, ex TF-AAL of Air Atlanta Icelandic. Registered in Malta on 29 September.
B757 -223PCF 32398 OE-LNZ DHL Air Austria, ex G-DHKP of DHL Air. Transferred on 15 October.
B767 -281BDSF 23146 SP-MRE DHL / SkyTaxi, ex N796AX of Cargo Aircraft Management. Delivered on 29 September. Former A9C-DHJ of DHL International Aviation Middel East.
  -323ERBDSF 29606 G-DHLC DHL / DHL Air, ex N399AN of Cargo Aircraft Management. Delivered after freighter conversion on 14 October. Former N399AN of American Airlines.
  -38AER 29618 N222DP Bank of Utah, ex VP-BDI of Pegas Fly. Registered in the US on 1 October. Aircraft is currently being converted to freighter at Singapore Paya Lebar. Will be delivered to SF Airlines after conversion.+
  -323ERBCF 33088 A9C- DHL/ DHL International Aviation Middle East, ex N349AN of American Airlines. Delivered after freighter conversion on 18 October.
  -323ERBCF 33089 A9C-DHW DHL / DHL International Aviation Middle East (Addition Scramble 509 – Page 45)
  -316ER 41996 N6388 Jetran, ex PT-MOE of LATAM Airlines Brasil. Registered in the US on 20 October. Flew to Brownsville (TX) for storage on 11 October.
  -300F 63128 N198FE FedEx Express. Delivered on 30 September. Line # 1253.
  -300F 66253 N280FE FedEx Express. Delivered on 19 October. Line # 1255.
B777 -312ER 34568 N855BC Boeing Capital Corporation, ex 9V-SWA of Singapore Airlines. Registered in the US on 18 October. Aircraft was withdrawn from use on 30 march 2020 and has been in storage at Singapore-Changi since then.
  -35RER 35164 N377CL IAG Aero Group, ex VT-JEW of Jet Airways. Registered in the US in September. Ferried to Victorville (CA) for scrapping on 19 October. Aircraft had been stored at Amsterdam for two and half years.
  -3ZGER 35302 VQ-BTK Azur Air, ex VH-VOZ of Virgin Australia. Delivered on 29 September.
  -F1H 35612 D-ALFJ Lufthansa Cargo, ex A6-EFF of Emirates. Ferried to Frankfurt on 29 August and registered in Germany on 20 September. Entered service with Lufthansa on 30 September. Aircraft is
  -300ER 65311 VQ-BFO Aeroflot. Delivered on 30 September. Aircraft made already its first flight on 1 May 2020. It had been placed in storage at Victorville (CA) before being delivered to Aeroflot. Line # 1654.
  -300ER 65312 VP-BFC Aeroflot. Delivered on 30 September. Line # 1695.
  -F 67031 B-16787 EVA Air. Delivered on 14 October. Line # 1704.
  -F 67146 D-ALFK Lufthansa Cargo. Delivered on 28 September. With this delivery, Lufthansa Cargo has received all the triple seven freighters it has ordered with Boeing. Line # 1703
B787 -9 66523 JA936A ANA - All Nippon Airways. Delivered on 12 October. Line # 1094.
ERJ 145LR 145570 9S-AMG Mwant Jet, ex G-CISK of Eastern Airways. Delivered on 3 September as G-CISK.
  135BJ 14500952 9H-AIP Blue Square Aviation Group, ex G-ERFX of Sirio UK. Per 2 October.
  135BJ 14501173 M-AKER Bestavia Holdings Ltd, ex B-3099 of China Eastern Business Aviation Services. Registered on 27 September.
  190BJ 19000611 D-ANNI Air Hamburg Private Jets, ex OO-NGI of Flying Group. Delivered on 5 October.



ATR72 -212A 1265 G-LMTC Loganair, ex OY-YDI of Nordic Aviation Capital. Delivered on 19 October.
DHC-8 -102 472 9H-ALM Air CM Global, ex LN-FVD of FlyViking. Delivered in August.



Canadair 215EAF 1090 C-GFBP Noted on a test flight over Calgary on 19 October, with a Moroccan flag on the nose. This would be one of the three ordered. Also it was still showing the former US tanker ID 264. Ex N264V converted by Longview Aviation.
Convair 580 237A ZK-CIB Air Chathams, is going to donate this airplane and it will be preserved at Wanaka Airport in the Chathams (NZ).
DHC 2 1460 N14AK Rebuild of N203KL that crashed on 3 June 2018. Returned to the register in October 2021.

Credits : Aad van der Voet, Michael Prophet, Neil Aird (


BIZZ Global 7500 N750GX AMS 28Sep21 Robert Eikelenboom

It appears that Bombardier’s newest Global 7500 demonstrator is N750GX, with msn 70068. It was registered to Global Flight, a company which Bombardier often uses for its demonstrators, on 28 May 2021. (Amsterdam-Schiphol, 28 September 2021, Robert Eikelenboom)

This beautiful Gulfstream G600 flew in from Olbia in Italy on 1st September 2021. Before moving to the San Marino register, the aircraft which belongs to a private individual was registered in the Isle of Man as M-CAPE.

Gulfstream G600 T7-CAPE was the first G600 registered in Europe, back in September 2019. It was registered as M-CAPE upon delivery, but changed to T7-CAPE in May 2021. The jet is operated by Irvine Laidlaw, a Scottish multi-millionaire. (Malta, 1 September 2021, Mario Caruana)

BIZZ Global 6500 T7 AAAA MUC 15Aug21 ANONIEM

Bombardier Global 6500 (msn 60016) was delivered to Starjet in March this year, registered as T7-AAAA. Bombardier’s registrations for this new Global were C-GKBX and N63GX. (Munich, 15 August 2021)

BAe 125-800XP 258632 N850UX Hawker Jet Holdings, ex T7-GTJ. Registered on 14 May.
  125-800XP 258689 I-LOSO Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti, ex F-HBFP. Noted at Naples on 23 August.
  125-850XP 258810 T7-JAB Asian Corporate Aviation Management, ex ES-ERX. Ferried from Tallinn for delivery on 10 September.
  125-850XP 258811 TC-MFY Noted at Basel on 20 September, ex LY-DSK.
  125-900XP HA-0103 T7-BBS Titan Aviation San Marino, ex 2-VOLC. Registered in August.
  125-900XP HA-0164 N417CM Steward Financial Holdings, ex G-RCFC. Registered on 9 September.
  125-750 HB-4 D-CEMO Exxaero, ex 2-FLIP. Noted at Münster Osnabrück on 13 October.
Cessna 501 0227 N111MK Reregistered from N83DM on 1 October.
  501 0289 HP- Exported to Canada on 21 September, ex N82DT.
  510 0020 N186M Reregistered from N121RF on 24 September.
  510 0134 N558QA Registered on 29 September, ex ZS-AFD.
  510 0135 N562SE Reregistered from N918ST on 18 October.
  510 0137 N2069Q Registered on 23 September, ex ZS-MUS.
  510 0266 N116MC Registered to AVEX X on 4 October, ex YV3148.
  510 0379 ZS- N610JL was exported to South Africa on 15 September.
  510 0382 N700JH Reregistered from N382MU on 7 October.
  525 0190 PS-LJD Addition to Scramble 508, registered to Lifejet Compartilhamento de Aeronaves.
  525 0218 N1FM Reregistered from N713SD on 15 October.
  525 0229 P*- N65AH was exported to Brazil on 5 October.
  525 1037 N529TA Reregistered from N357TM on 5 October.
  525 1077 2-COOK Delivered to William Cook Aviation on 29 September, ex N277MZ.
  525 1082 D-IAFL Delivered in Germany in September.
  525 1101 N2ZB Registered to Textron Aviation on 12 October.
  525A 0031 N469RB Delivered on 23 September, ex G-SONE of Centreline Air Charter.
  525A 0082 N10QJ Delivered to Florida Express on 13 October, ex G-SOVD of Saxonair.
  525A 0480 N224BB Reregistered from N5VU on 13 September.
  525B 0150 CP- N562PA was exported to Bolivia on 8 October.
  525B 0198 D-COGA Delivered from Billund to Memmingen on 7 October, ex OY-TSA.
  525B 0652 N656ZM Registered to Textron Aviation on 29 September.
  525C 0070 C-GLCU Registered in Canada on 5 October, ex N923BC.
  525C 0076 N77WB Reregistered from N300KK on 28 September.
  525C 0119 N63JS Reregistered from N580SV on 27 September.
  525C 0242 N1930J Reregistered from N591SF on 10 September.
  525C 0300 N845PF Reregistered from N345PF on 23 September.
  525C 0354 N300KK Registered to Textron Aviation on 28 September.
  525C 0370 N12MG Registered to Textron Aviation in October.
  550 0130 C-FXKK N630CC was exported to Canada on 12 October.
  550 0575 LV- N387RE was exported to Argentina on 15 September.
  550 0806 PS-EMT Addition to Scramble 508, reservation for Estado de Mato Grosso.
  550 0862 N770DS Reregistered from N467HS on 17 September.
  550 0926 N144ZV Reregistered from N144Z on 24 September. Still with USDA Forest Service.
  550 1004 N721GK Registered on 22 September, ex D-ILAV of Liebherr Aerospace.
  550 1041 N410JP Delivered to JSSI Parts on 12 October, ex XA-UTI.
  550 1099 N550RM Reregistered from N595VR on 29 September.
  560 0171 N406RD Reregistered from N567F on 14 September.
  560XL 5063 N713TX Reregistered from N169WB on 27 September.
  560XL 5307 N798T Reregistered from N864MA on 15 September.
  560XL 5363 N221VP Reregistered from N638TX on 15 July.
  560XLS 5615 SX- N635TX was exported to Greece on 22 October.
  560XLS 5621 9H-XOB Addition to Scramble 509, delivered to VistaJet on 20 September.
  560XLS+ 6180 N935BB Reregistered from N420PL on 5 October.
  560XLS+ 6307 B-129Y Exported to China on 20 September, ex N227JV.
  560XLS+ 6308 B-129Z Exported to China on 20 September, ex N228JV.
  560XLS+ 6310 N345PF Registered to Textron Aviation on 24 September.
  560XLS+ 6316 N868CM Registered to Textron Aviation on 30 September.
  680 0186 N680KS Registered on 24 September, ex XA-UJP.
  680 0199 N557SL Reregistered from N12LE on 8 October.
  680 0318 XA- Exported to Mexico on 23 September, ex N318FF.
  680A 0031 N894KS Reregistered from N399DH on 29 September.
  680A 0168 N168L Delivered to Avpro on 24 September, ex CC-AXZ.
  680A 0292 N923RE Registered to Textron Aviation on 7 October.
  680A 0296 N553QS Registered to Textron Aviation on 4 October, for Netjets.
  680A 0297 N554QS Registered to Textron Aviation on 5 October, for Netjets.
  700 0064 N710VM Registered to Textron Aviation on 29 September.
  700 0063 N637RP Registered to Textron Aviation in October.
  700 0065 N50MG Registered to Textron Aviation on 14 October.
  750 0129 N513JB Reregistered from N929TX on 13 September.
  750 0181 N25KN Reregistered from N600AW on 30 September.
  750 0207 N89BC Reregistered from N49W on 14 October.
  750 0519 N800CG Reregistered from N500CG on 29 September.
Challenger 300 20111 N906GB Bombardier Aerospace, ex OE-HII. Registered on 28 May.
  300 20178 N253XS XS Air, re-registered from N16DD on 5 May.
  300 20284 TC-EAR Noted Amsterdam-Schiphol on 13 October, ex TC-RZA. Operated by Genel Havacilik.
  300 20364 N364DW Bombardier Aerospace, ex C-GSUN. Registered on 4 June.
  300 20395 N864RB MRB Aviation, ex VT-APF. Registered on 28 April.
  300 20427 N988RT RT Development, re-registered from N309NZ on 9 June.
  350 20823 N477SC 197JS, re-registered from N199JJ on 24 May.
  350 20879 N717AS Bombardier Aerospace, registered on 4 May.
  350 20880 N312HC Bombardier Aerospace, registered on 18 May.
  350 20884 N884CL Bombardier Aerospace, registered on 22 June.
  601-3R 5114 ZS-IGC Noted at Lanseria on 23 September, ex 2-MATO.
  601-3A 5128 N868RB Boji Express, re-registered from N307SC on 2 June.
  601-3R 5140 XB-JFA Noted at Cancun on 14 August, ex XA-JFC.
  604 5319 M-CDAN Hyperion Aviation, ex M-LOOK. Registered on 23 August.
  604 5355 C-FTJP NovaJet, ex N555WD. Registered on 2 September.
  604 5444 N135SM Solairus Aviation, re-registered from N604AF on 21 June.
  604 5545 N518JG Joe Gibbs Racing, re-registered from N471RJ on 27 April.
  604 5516 N73ML ML Acquisitions Company, re-registered from N145DC on 11 June.
  604 5599 5N-NMN Noted at Basel on 17 August, ex T7-NMN.
  604 5632 N174FP FE Aviation 174, re-registered from N632BA on 22 June.
  604 5633 N648CR Alliance Aviation Group, re-registered from N604CC on 11 May.
  605 5748 2-GGGG Delivered to Isle of Man on 21 October, ex VP-BGM.
  605 5764 9H-ALD Hyperion Aviation, ex G-DAYR. Noted at Guernsey on 23 September.
  605 5860 N625LR Avion Services, re-registered from N605JS on 24 may.
  605 5921 N921BG Wilmington Trust, ex C-GITC. Registered on 6 May.
  650 6063 PS-GSI Simpar, ex N683SC. CofA was issued on 2 September.
  650 6166 C-GUVU Image Air Charter, registered on 16 September.
  650 6166 C-FSEP Image Air Charter, re-registered from C-GUVU on 13 October.
Eclipse EA500 000020 2-SHEE Addition to Scramble 508.
  EA500 000267 2-CAZZ Addition to Scramble 508.
Embraer 500 50000371 2-TOMY Ex A6-EFB of Etihad Flight College was sold to TGTA Ltd. in the Guernsey register.
  500 50000396 T7-LBH Former N775EV of Maveriko LLC was sold to Monty Mobile International Ltd.
  505 50500099 N716LL Ex LN-HLM of Funkybiz AS/Altor Equity Partners was sold to Lindemann Logistics in the U.S.
  505 50500197 N31SS Ex M-ELOW of Sleepwell Aviation Ltd. was sold to Segal Law Firm in the U.S.
  505 50500206 N400JA Ex M-KGTS of VTS Sp. z.o.o. was sold to JetAviva LLC in the U.S. in September.
  505 50500300 N505BD Former T7-MSP of Tulip Wings Ltd. was sold to Empower Air LLC in September.
  505 50500359 N926PS Ex D-CCGM of Rhein Mosel Flug GmbH & Co KG was sold to Branch Aviation LLC.
  505 50500442 N365JH Ex F-HJFL of Ovalto was recently sold to Hodge Aviation LLC in the U.S.
  505 50500590 T7-LASER Former M-ASER of ACASS Ireland was sold to a yet unknown operator in the San Marino register.
  505 50500626 D-CIKS This factory fresh Phenom was sold to Proair Aviation GmbH in Germany.
  505 50500631 HB-VAJ Another new Phenom was delivered to Europe, this time for Execujet Europe AG.
  550 55020139 D-BOSS One more, this time a Praetor 600 for Air Hamburg, ex PR-JAX.
Falcon 7X 5 VP-BGT Noted Southampton on 2 October, ex 9H-TOO.
  7X 46 F-HCTV Noted at Geneva on 7 October, ex N19NE.
  8X 444 N318EC World Link Jet Charters, re-registered from N8X on 2 June.
  8X 457 OO-ELK Luxaviation Belgium, ex F-HDMO. Registered on 9 September.
  8X 468 F-HHCB Dassault Aviation, registered on 3 September.
  8X 481 T7-EAGL Delivered to Geneva on 28 September.
  50EX 255 PS-JSR JR Comercio e Exportação de Café, ex N60ME. Registered on 17 September.
  50EX 262 N5752H Cartam Air, ex C-GOFJ. Registered on 10 May.
  50EX 301 N7150B Pilot, re-registered from N715CB on 28 April.
  50EX 306 9H-CHZ Skyfirst, ex 9H-CGH. Noted at Malta on 22 September.
  50EX 328 N955VG J4V, re-registered from N918RD on 7 May.
  900B 128 N918LB BVA Operations, re-registered from N404BC on 24 May.
  900EX 18 N387TS Lonestar Avalanche, ex T7-MAX. Registered on 22 June.
  900EX 135 N311KB Jet Plaid, re-registered from N296AG on 21 May.
  900EX 183 N868AA DCCO Aviation II, ex I-SEAR. Registered on 15 June.
  900LX 265 N505RR Sonic Automotive, re-registered from N993AM on 7 June.
  900LX 280 N280LX Avpro, re-registered from N215EF on 5 May.
  900LX 324 VP-BTW AMS, noted at Jersey on 16 October.
  900DX 615 N500JJ JJ Air, re-registered from N232SF on 17 March.
  900DX 616 T7-FJA Sonnig International Private Jets, ex P4-FJA. Noted at Geneva on 9 October.
  900DX 623 OE-IGE International Jet Manager, ex G-ECHB. Registered on October.
  2000 36 N364AE Sierrakilo, re-registered from N602LP on 4 June.
  2000 37 D-BHMP Heron Aviation, ex CS-IHP. Delivered in September.
  2000 141 N278GH Tdsair, re-registered from N54J on 27 April.
  2000 224 T7-5678 Phongsubthavy Road Building & Irrigation Construction Sole, ex N140NW. Registered in August.
  2000LX 22 N777 Erebus, re-registered from N118T on 7 May.
  2000EX 79 N360MJ MJJT Falcon, re-registered from N886CE on 4 June.
  2000EX 137 N612SDD N321SD, re-registered from N119EM on 28 April.
  2000LX 236 N236LX Wilmington Trust, ex PR-ALS. Registered on 21 May.
  2000LXS 267 N225AP Talaria Logistics, re-registered from N325AP on 18 May.
  2000LXS 283 N666TR DRT Falcon, re-registered from N225DF on 11 May.
  2000LXS 292 N78LX Solairus Aviation, re-registered from N78KN on 28 April.
  2000LXS 301 N759Q Working Group, re-registered from N927TD on 2 June.
  2000LXS 371 N482EC Dassault Falcon Jet, registered on 12 March. Registered to Exelon Business Services on 20 May.
  2000LXS 374 N483EC Dassault Falcon Jet, registered on 22 June. Registered to Exelon Business Services on 9 September.
Global Express 9007 N907GX Registered to Bombardier on 20 September, ex VH-LZP.
  Express 9074 ZS-SMF Addition to Scramble 508.
  Express 9113 N954SP Reregistered from N113XP on 5 October.
  Express 9144 N77NZ Reregistered from N6VB on 5 October.
  XRS 9316 N316GX Reregistered from N1868M on 28 September.
  XRS 9339 N125DT Reregistered from N933JG on 14 September.
  XRS 9387 EJ-JMMM Addition to Scramble 509, delivered to ACASS Ireland in September.
  5000 9226 VH-RIS Delivered to Seletar Jet Charter on 24 September, ex N900TR.
  5000 9584 C-GBBA Delivered to Aviation Starlink on 12 October, ex VP-CBF.
  6000 9432 N702ER Registered on 7 October, ex VP-CCK of Gama Aviation.
  6000 9562 M-ERCI Reregistered form M-ABCC on 31 August. Owned by ABA AG.
  6000 9718 CS-DHZ Registered on 27 September, ex VP-BZN and OE-ISV.
  6500 60023 M-AJET Addition to Scramble 508, delivered to Jetology on 8 September.
  6500 60034 VP-CJL Registered in August, ex C-GNPG.
  6500 60036 N1886N Delivered on 17 September, ex C-GNQX.
  6500 60043 SE-RMV Addition to Scramble 508, at SAAB.
  7500 70062 N421SZ Registered to Bombardier on 16 September, ex C-GPFG.
  7500 70078 N899ST Registered to Bombardier on 15 September, ex C-GTNQ.
  7500 70079 N63RP Registered to Bombardier on 16 September, ex C-GTNX.
  7500 70080 T7-688 Delivered to San Marino in October, ex C-GTQI.
  7500 70082 9H-VIF Delivered to VistaJet Malta in October, ex C-GTSF.
  7500 70085 N366JC Registered to Bombardier Aerospace on 21 October, ex C-GTTE.
Gulfstream III 323 N323G MD Aviation, ex XA-LNP. Registered on 8 June.
  IV 1084 T7-SAV Noted Fort Lauderdale-International on 26 August, ex N41ZA.
  IV 1118 N269HV Red River Aircraft Leasing, re-registered from N269HM on 20 May.
  IV 1214 N495WG NXT Jet, re-registered from N477JB on 18 March.
  IVSP 1406 N86MS Jet Edge, re-registered from N104AD on 30 August.
  IVSP 1444 N424JS Sky Night, re-registered from N445SC on 23 June.
  G450 4081 N450BG Americor Management, re-registered from N926RR on 2 June.
  G450 4094 RP-C8450 Asian Aerospace Services, ex T7-LFZ. Noted at Davao on 19 May 2019.
  V 518 LV-KAX Baires Fly, ex N17ND. Noted at Tenerife South on 3 October.
  V 665 N333LX CKE Associates, re-registered from N999LX on 24 May.
  V 668 N599TR Thriveni Earthmovers, ex HZ-SK4. Registered on 7 May.
  G550 5058 N955AB Redstone Partners, re-registered from N2480H on 9 June.
  G550 5072 N918WB Choice Administrators Insurance Services, re-registered from N378L on 10 May.
  G550 5155 N377SA Adams Office, ex EC-KUM. Registered on 28 May.
  G550 5206 N8SW ICONIQ Capital, re-registered from N6JP on 24 May.
  G550 5304 N371JC Sky Beyond Holdings, ex VP-CTE. Registered on 1 June.
  G550 5322 PS-FMV Tconfal Administração de Bens, ex N900ES. Registered on 13 August.
  G550 5374 N623TA Transcend Aviation, re-registered from N551PM on 24 May.
  G550 5426 N880SR TVPX Aircraft Solutions, re-registered from N426GA on 3 May.
  G550 5482 N550BG Bic, ex VP-CAT. Registered on 22 June.
  G650 6026 N650MV Dorstone Holdings and Investments, re-registered from N919SB on 8 June.
  G650 6118 N889CH Pasaca Capital, ex HB-JUF. Registered on 17 March.
  G650 6132 9H-BBH Elit’Avia Malta, ex M-BHBH. Noted at Tel Aviv and Basel on 15 September.
  G650ER 6425 N680BB Accurant International, re-registered from N625GA on 3 June.
  G650ER 6427 N886AJ Breyer Capital Management, re-registered from N627GA on 9 June.
  G650ER 6444 N524EA David Rubenstein, ex N644GS. Registered on 13 May.
  G650ER 6449 N649GA Silver Lake Technology Management, registered on 20 May.
  G650ER 6449 N131DS Silver Lake Technology Management, ex N649GA. Registered on 22 September.
  G650ER 6450 N83CW Costco Wholesale, ex N640GA. Registered on 21 May.
  G650ER 6452 LX-ICE Global Jet Luxembourg, ex N652GD. Noted at Luxembourg on 1 September.
  G650ER 6456 M-MBLY Lynxjet Private Flights, ex N656GA. Registered on 26 August.
  G650ER 6461 N650KT Mockingbird Air, ex N661GA. Delivered on 27 August.
  G500 72008 N508GD Delta Jet, registered on 16 March.
  G500 72008 N142HC Delta Jet, re-registered from N508GD on 14 June.
  G500 72021 N521GD Gulfstream Aerospace, ex A7-CGR. Registered on 26 April.
  G500 72029 N529GD Gulfstream Aerospace, ex A7-CGS. Registered on 26 April.
  G500 72037 N537GD Gulfstream Aerospace, ex A7-CGT. Registered on 26 April.
  G500 72070 N1DM Macneil Aviation, re-registered from N570GD on 28 May.
  G500 72072 N78KN Solairus Aviation, ex N572GD. Registered on 20 May.
  G600 73006 N155TM Solairus Aviation, re-registered from N155TM on 21 June.
  G600 73009 N600GS MPT Operating Partnership, registered on 12 August.
  G600 73036 N4500X Polaris Aviation Solutions, re-registered from N4500X on 3 June.
  G600 73041 N161B Honeywell International, ex N641GS. Registered on 6 May.
  G600 73044 N554AV Abbvie Aviation Department, ex N944GA. Registered on 10 May.
IAI G150 245 P*- N245CX was exported to Brazil on 8 October.
  G200 143 N143GA Reservation. ex C-FJOJ which was exported to the USA on 18 October.
  G200 190 N636SY Reregistered from N769MS on 18 October.
  G280 2108 N280PD Addition to Scramble 508, delivered on 20 August.
Learjet 45 45-005 LN-AWE Former OY-GIC of FlexFlights ApS was sold to Airwing AS, but is operated by Aircraft Lease AS.
  45 45-311 OO-MED Former G-XJET of Zenith Aviation Ltd. was sold to Air Services Liège.
Pilatus PC-24 186 SE-RVA Ex HB-VVB of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to Kommunalforbunder Svenskt Ambulansflyg.
  PC-24 189 SE-RVB Ex HB-VVC of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to Kommunalforbunder Svenskt Ambulansflyg.
  PC-24 235 N316CT Former HB-VUO of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in August.
  PC-24 241 HB-VUU Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August.
  PC-24 244 HB-VUX Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August.
Raytheon 390 RB-35 N40JD Ex D-ISKO of Peak Air was sold to JDT Aviation LLC in the U.S. in October.
  390 RB-41 D-IFCB Former N882AA of World Jet of Delaware Inc. was sold to a yet unknown operator in Germany.



Seen on 23th September 2021 in Stans: a new PC-12 NGX (2121, 3A-MIG), coming back from a training flight - it's allready the second PC-12 with the 3A-MIG-Registration.

Whilst the previous 3A-MIG, PC-12/47E msn 1651, was painted in a white/grey colour scheme, the new 3A-MIG is almost completely black. This is one of the newer NGX variant, its msn being 2121. Deliveries of the PC-12 NGX are proceeding at a very rapid pace! (Stans, 23 September 2021, Stephan Widmer)

BIZZ PC 12 T7 SLXP AMS 16Sep21 Robert Eikelenboom

As far as we know, only two PC-12 Super Legacy XP aircraft exist. One of them is 2-FLYT, and T7-SLXP, shown here, is the other one. The Super Legacy XP is an upgraded older PC-12/45 or PC-12/47 variant, and features improvements to its power plant, propeller, cabin soundproofing and interior detail. T7-SLXP is the only 7-bladed variant. (Amsterdam-Schiphol, 16 September 2021, Robert Eikelenboom)

Beech C90A LJ-822 N107SR Former F-GBLU of SàRL Icare Franche Compte was sold to 2Fly-Safety LLC.
  C90A LJ-1566 N55ZR Ex D-INMA of Makra was sold to Schuybroek Aviation Inc.
  B200T BT-15 2-WKTK Former N45N of DEA Aviation Ltd. was sold to Dynamic AvLease Inc.
  B350 FL-229 C-FYTY Ex OY-MEN of Aerdan November ApS was sold to Fast Air Ltd. in Canada in September.
Cessna 208 00247 OY-VPC Noted at Stauning on 27 August, ex VH-PTX.
  208 00340 F-HSLE Skydive Center, ex G-DLAK. Registered on 9 July.
  402B 1222 RA-67325 Registered on 24 May, ex HA-ACG.
  404 0644 YL-UFO Insitute for Environmental Solutions, ex G-FIFA. Noted at Rhodos on 15 August.
  421C 0879 N421TC Jet Air, ex OO-STG. Registered on 5 May.
  441 0165 N17TJ Qualitair, ex EI-DMG. Registered on 19 May.
PAC 750XL 156 4X-DAJ Noted at Masada/Bar Yehuda on 12 August, ex ZK-JZL.
Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 1015 PK-SNB Former HB-FBA of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to a unknown operator in Indonesia
  PC-12/47E 876 D-FWPW Former LX-JFQ of Jetfly Aviation was sold to Base Marl in Germany.
  PC-12/47E 1669 LN-FOX Ex D-FHRG of Hahn Air was sold to A-Tec Aviation AS.
  PC-12/47E 1731 N731NG Former SE-MIX of Grafair Flight Management AB was sold to Emmental Partners LLC.
  PC-12/47NGX 2082 OO-PCA Former HB-FSE of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to European Aircraft Private Club in Belgium in August.
  PC-12/47NGX 2096 2-JEFE Owner/operator now known as Brachert Aviation GBR. Addition to Scramble 509 – Page 48.
  PC-12/47NGX 2098 LX-FLJ Former HB-FSU of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to Jetfly Aviation in July.
  PC-12/47NGX 2112 D-FJED Former HB-FQI of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to a yet unknown owner/operator in Germany in August.
  PC-12/47NGX 2113 N69NL Former HB-FQJ of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in August.
  PC-12/47NGX 2115 EJ-VAIS Former HB-FQL of Pilatus Flugzeugwerke was sold to CAFICO Trust Company Ltd. in Ireland.
  PC-12/47NGX 2124 HB-FQV Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August.
  PC-12/47NGX 2125 HB-FQW Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August, later sold to:
  PC-12/47NGX 2125 N856GR Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in September.
  PC-12/47NGX 2126 HB-FQX Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August.
  PC-12/47NGX 2127 HB-FQY Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August, later sold to:
  PC-12/47NGX 2127 N445NG Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in September.
  PC-12/47NGX 2128 HB-FQZ Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August, later sold to:
  PC-12/47NGX 2128 N12NF Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in September.
  PC-12/47NGX 2129 HB-FRA Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August.
  PC-12/47NGX 2130 HB-FRB Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in August, later sold to:
  PC-12/47NGX 2130 N434LR Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in September.
  PC-12/47NGX 2131 HB-FRC Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in September, later sold to:
  PC-12/47NGX 2131 N131AF Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in October.
  PC-12/47NGX 2132 HB-FRD Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in September, later sold to:
  PC-12/47NGX 2132 N90GM Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in October.
  PC-12/47NGX 2133 HB-FRE Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in September, later sold to:
  PC-12/47NGX 2133 N805CW Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in October.
  PC-12/47NGX 2134 HB-FRF Registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke in September, later sold to:
  PC-12/47NGX 2134 N58GX Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd. in the U.S. in October.
Piper 46-500TP 4697562 2-TRAC William Cook Aviation, ex 2-COOK. Noted at Gloucester on 23 August.

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