The combat element is spearheaded by the F-7II Airguard fighters from 5 Squadron based at Gweru airbase.

Advanced jet training but also for close air support missions, the Air Force of Zimbabwe operates the K-8Z in 2 Squadron from Gwelu airbase.

Sebastian Sowa

Gweru-Thornhill (FVTL)

RWY 13L/31R, 13R/31L     POS 19°26'19"S 029°51'40"E     ELEV 4680 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Motto Badge
2 Squadron

K-8Z Cobra Strike from above
4 Squadron

Hornet Seek And Strike
5 Squadron

Arrow Find And Destroy
6 Squadron

Tiger Aspire To Achieve
Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority

Historic Flight

Provost Mk1
Provost Mk52

The Air Force of Zimbabwe operates three version of the SF260 (M, TP and W) in 6 Squadron.

Wiiliam Whaley

The combat element of the Air Force of Zimbabwe is strengthened with 6 Mi-35P Hind gunships of 7 Squadron, based at Manyame airbase.

John Reid Rowland

Harare-Manyame (FVHA)

RWY 05/23     POS 17°55'53"S 031°05'38"E     ELEV 4901

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Name Motto Badge
3 Squadron

Falcon Swift To Support
7 Squadron

Alouette 3
Spider Fight Anywhere And Everywhere
8 Squadron

AB412SP Scorpion By Night And By Day

For troop transport and assault missions eight AB412SP helicopters are flying in 9 Squadron from Manyame airbase.

Nine C212-200s are the backbone of 3 Squadron at Manyame airbase.

Gary Shephard

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