Boscombe Down (EGDM)

RWY 05/23, 17/35     POS 51°09'08"N 001°44'51"W     ELEV 407 ft

Unit Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
744NAS Various
The 744NAS is the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) Aircraft Test & Evaluation Centre. Aircraft and helicopters are used on loan from other FAA units based on requirement.
Culdrose (EGDR)
RNAS; HMS Seahawk

RWY 07/25, 12/30, 18/36     POS 50°05'08"N 005°15'17"W     ELEV 267 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
750NAS Avenger T1 (570 to 573)
814NAS Merlin HM2 (CU-265 to CU-275)
820NAS Merlin HM2 (CU-010 to CU-019)
824NAS Merlin HM2 (CU-580 to CU-589)
SFDO - School of Flight Deck Operations Various -

736NAS is using the Hawk for fast jet training but they days are counted. Starting April 2022 the task will be taken over by RAF 100sq at RAF Leeming.

(Yeovilton, Simon Titchmarsh)

Fleet Operational Sea Training (FOST) is a Royal Navy training organisation which operates two AS365N2 Dauphins, the ZJ164 and ZJ165.

(Prestwick April 2019 Nicholas Hoenich)

Gosport (--)
RNAS; HMS Sultan
Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
DCMarE - Defence School of Maritime Engineering Various
Newquay (EGHQ)
St. Mawgan

RWY 13/31     POS 50°26'26"N 004°59'43"W     ELEV 390 ft

Unit Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
Fleet Helicopter Support Unit (FHSU) AS365N2
The FHSU is operating in support of the Fleet Operational Standards & Training (FOST).
Predannack (EGDO)

RWY 01/19, 05/23, 10/28, 13/31     POS 50°00'04"N 005°13'51"W     ELEV 295 ft

Unit Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
Aircraft Crash Rescue Training Facility Various
RNAS Predannack is a satellite field of RNAS Culdrose.
Prestwick (HMS Gannet) (EGQG)
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
814NAS (detachment) Merlin HM2 (CU-265 to CU-275)
820NAS (detachment) Merlin HM2 (CU-010 to CU-019)
HMS Gannet houses 1-2 Merlin HM2 helicopters on deployment from 814/820NAS.
Yeovilton (EGDY)

RWY 04/22, 09/27     POS 51°00'34"N 002°38'20"W     ELEV 75 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
727NAS Tutor T1 last two
815NAS Wildcat HMA2
825NAS Wildcat AH1
Wildcat HMA2
845NAS Merlin HC4 A to X
846NAS Merlin HC4
Merlin HC4A
A until Z
AA until AF
847NAS Wildcat AH1

The story of the Merlins at the FAA is an interesting one. The Merlin HM1’s of 814, 820 and 824NAS have now all been upgraded to HM2 standard and are painted grey. Next to that, the Fleet Air Arm has taken over the Merlins HC3 and HC3A from the Air Force and those are based at 845 and 846NAS at Yeovilton. When they were transferred, they were painted in this green camouflage. Nowadays those Merlins are upgraded to HC4 and HC4A model are painted grey as well.

(De Kooy, January 2023, Frank Noort)

Replacing the Lynx Mk8, the Wildcat has a more powerful engine allowing it to be flown in extreme conditions all year round. The Navy operates two types of this helicopter: The Wildcat HMA2 the maritime model and the Wildcat AH1, the battlefield reconnaissance model.

(Fairford, July 2019, Alex van der Goot)

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