Culdrose (EGDR) RNAS; HMS Seahawk

RWY 07/25, 12/30, 18/36     POS 50°05'08"N 005°15'17"W     ELEV 267 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
750NAS Avenger T1
814NAS Merlin HM2 CU-265 to CU-275
820NAS Merlin HM2 CU-010 to CU-019
824NAS Merlin HM2 CU-580 to CU-589
736NAS Hawk T1
Hawk T1A
Hawk T1W
CU-840 until CU-875
Culdrose Engineering Training Section (ETS) Sea King HAS5 -
SFDO - School of Flight Deck Operations Various -

Painted in retro blue markings, which was applied to the Sea King HAS1 fleet when it entered service, this 771sq bird sits on the tarmac at its homebase on 21 July 2009.

Hans Heemskerk

The FRADU operates with a fleet of Hawk T1 aircraft from RNAS Culdrose. A small, two aircraft, detachment is maintained at RNAS Yeovilton. The tailfin of this Hawk is painted in a special "100 Years FAA" colours.

Hawk Hans Heemskerk

Large red coloured markings identify this Sea King as a Search and Rescue bird, operated by 771sq at RNAS Culdrose.

Hans Heemskerk

In 2009 the first Merlin HM1 helicopters were returned to AgustaWestland Ltd at Yeovil, where they are to be converted to HM2 standard. Wearing an attractive tiger pattern, this picture shows a Merlin HM1 at its homebase on 21 July 2009

Erik-Jan Engelen

At Gosport/HMS Sultan one can find the Royal Navy Air Engineering and Survival School (RNAESS). Amongst the helicopters present for training purposes is this Westland Wasp.

Erik-Jan Engelen

Gosport (--) RNAS; HMS Sultan
Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
DCMarE - Defence School of Maritime Engineering Various

Newquay (EGHQ)
Unit Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
FOST - Flag Officer Sea Training AS365N2

Predannack (EGDO) RNAS

RWY 01/19, 05/23, 10/28, 13/31     POS 50°00'04"N 005°13'51"W     ELEV 295 ft

Unit Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
RNSFF - Royal Navy School of Fire Fighting Various
RNAS Predannack is a satellite field of RNAS Culdrose.

Various old RAF and FAA airframes have found their way to RNAS Predannack where they are used to train fire fighters. (21jul09)

Erik-Jan Engelen

Yeovilton (EGDY) RNAS; HMS Heron

RWY 04/22, 09/27     POS 51°00'34"N 002°38'20"W     ELEV 75 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Tail Code Badge
727NAS Tutor T1 last two
815NAS Wildcat HMA2
825NAS Wildcat HMA2
845NAS Merlin HC4
Merlin HC3A
A to X
AA to AF
846NAS Merlin HC3
Merlin HC3i
A until Z
A until Z
847NAS Wildcat AH1
NFSF(FW) - Naval Flying Standards Flight (Fixed Wing) Hawk T1
Hawk T1A
Hawk T1W
RNHF - Royal Navy Historic Flight Chipmunk T10
Sea Fury FB11
Sea Hawk FGA6
Swordfish I
Swordfish II
845NAS is working up to operational status at RAF Benson. Once completed it will return to RNAS Yeovilton (planned in June 2016).
The NFSF(FW) operates with two to three Hawk jets on loan from 736sq(RNAS Culdrose).

The Lynx HAS3/HMA8 fleet will be replaced by the Wildcat. The naval prototype of this helicopter performed its maiden flight end 2010.

Erik-Jan Engelen

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