Hereford (EGVH)
Credenhill Barracks

RWY 08/26H     POS 52°04'51"N 002°47'57"W     ELEV 210 ft

Unit - squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge
HQ Director Army Aviation
658sq is part of
JSFAW - Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing

658sq AS365N3
658sq is attached to 22nd Special Air Service Regiment which is also based here.

In July 2016, the Ministry of Defence announced that the Gazelle would remain in service until 2025 taking the Gazelle past its 50th anniversary in UK military service and making it the oldest helicopter in active UK inventory. The Gazelle can still be found flying at Lyneham.

(RAF Northholt, October 2014, Thijs van der Laaken)

658 Squadron AAC is a British Army helicopter squadron, part of the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing. The squadron has six AS365N3 Dauphin helicopters.

(July 2018. Martin Uleman)

Lyneham (EGDL)

RWY 06/24, 18/36     POS 51°30'19"N 001°59'36"W     ELEV 513 ft

Unit Regiment School Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge

DCTT - Defence College of Technical Training
DCEME Gazelle AH1
Lynx AH7
Scout AH1
Some of the airframes have been allocated serials in the TADxxx range.

Middle Wallop (EGVP)

RWY 01/19, 02/20, 08/26, 13/31     POS 51°08'56"N 001°34'08"W     ELEV 295 ft

Unit Regiment Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge

7 Regiment AAC (Trg)
673 sq AH-64E

Army Flying Grading (AFG) Tutor T1 last two
Wattisham (EGUW)

RWY 05/23     POS 52°07'38"N 000°57'21"E     ELEV 284 ft

Unit Regiment Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge

653sq Apache AH1
1st Aviation Brigade
3 Regiment AAC
662sq AH-64E

663sq AH-64E

4 Regiment AAC
656sq Apache AH1

664sq AH-64E

The Apache AH1 will be replaced by the AH-64E. Parts of the older Apaches will be used in new airframes and they wil be delivered to the AAC with a new serial number.

(SPTA, June 2019, Anno Gravemaker)

The AW159 Wildcat is a further development of the Westland Lynx. It will perform a range of tasks on the battlefield including reconnaissance, command and control, transportation of troops and material, and the provision of force protection.  It officially entered service in 2014, replacing the Lynx)

(Yeovilton, Mark van der Vliet)

Yeovilton (EGDY)

RWY 04/22, 09/27     POS 51°00'34"N 002°38'20"W     ELEV 75 ft

Regiment Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Code Range Badge

Wildcat Contract Maintenance (WCM)
652sq Wildcat AH1
1st Aviation Brigade
1 Regiment AAC
659sq Wildcat AH1

661sq Wildcat AH1
Also located at RNAS Yeovilton are the Wildcat Storage (WST) and Wildcat Maintenance (WZM) facilities which support both the Army Air Corps (Wildcat AH1) and Fleet Air Arm (Wildcat AH1 and Wildcat HMA2) operations.

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