The combat element of the Tunisian Air Force is being formed by No. 15 Squadron, operating F-5E/F fighters from Bizerte airbase.

Jim Walg

For advanced training and close air support missions the Tunisian Air Force operates the L-59T in No. 13 Squadron from Sfax airbase.

Jim Walg

Bizerte/Sidi Ahmed (DTTB)

RWY 08/26, 11/29     POS 37°14'44"N 009°47'29"E     ELEV 20 ft

Squadron Aircraft types Patch/Badge
15 Squadron F-5E
21 Squadron C-130B
32 Squadron AB205
Bell 205A-1
36 Squadron UH-60M
42 (?) Squadron (ISR) Ce208B Grand Caravan EX (o/o)
32 Squadron has a detachment at Monastir.

The transport force comprises No. 11 Squadron from Tunis and No. 21 Squadron from Bizerte airbase. This C-130J-30 operates in No. 11 Squadron.

Patrick Dirksen

For VIP transport and liaison missions, the Tunisian Air Force operates the L-410UVP-E in No. 12 Squadron from Tunis-Carthago airport.

Ian French

Bordj-El Amri (DTTI)
Squadron Aircraft types Patch/Badge
l'Ecole d'Aviation de Borj el Amri PA-28

The Tunisian Air Force operates some 15 SA341/SA342 Gazelle helicopters voor reconnaissance and observation in two squadrons (31 and 33 Sqn).


Gabès/Matmata (DTTG)

RWY 06/24     POS 33°43'57"N 009°54'58"E     ELEV 410 ft

Squadron Aircraft types Patch/Badge
33 Squadron SA341
37 Squadron OH-58D(R)
Both squadrons operate on behalf of the Tunisian Army.
Gafsa/Ksar (DTTF)

RWY 05/23     POS 34°24'56"N 008°48'49"E     ELEV 1060 ft

Squadron Aircraft types Patch/Badge
34 Squadron OH-58D(R)
34 Squadron operates on behalf of the Tunisian Army.

Many different helicopters are used. The AB412 is one of them.

Ian French

More recently the OH-58D was added to the fleet.

Jim Walg

Remada (DTTD)
Squadron Aircraft types Patch/Badge
36 Squadron UH-60M (detachment)
41 Squadron (ISR) Maule MX-7-180B
Sfax/Thyna (DTTX)

RWY 15/33     POS 34°43'14"N 010°41'19"E     ELEV 117 ft

Squadron Aircraft types Patch/Badge
13 Squadron T-6C Texan II
14 Squadron SF260CT
31 Squadron AS350B

Latest helicopter added is the UH-60M here in sandy surroundings...

Arnold ten Pas

...and in front of some typical local vegetation.

Patrick Dirksen

Tunis/Carthage (DTTA)

RWY 01/19, 11/29     POS 36°51'04"N 010°13'37"E     ELEV 137 ft

Squadron Aircraft types Patch/Badge
11 Squadron C-130J-30
12 Squadron L-410UVP-E20
35 Squadron AB412
41 Squadron (ISR) Maule MX-7-180B
République Tunisienne
Ministère de l'Intérieur
Unité Spéciale de la Garde Nationale
Bell 429
The military part of Tunis/Carthage is used as El Aouina by the Tunisian Air Force.
The Maules are spread over several locations for border patrol duties.

The IAD airshow in March 2020 provided the first good photo opportunity to capture some of the newest inventory. Like the Bell 429 of the USGN.

Arnold ten Pas

Apart from the newest additions, also the venerable AB205 and L-410 could be seen.

Ian French

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