Forças de Defesa de Timor Leste (F-FDTL)

Brief history
The Eastern part of Timor island, that also means Easterly, gained independence from Indonesia in 2000 and became UN-member on 20 May 2002.

The armed forces were formed in February 2001, but it was not until 2013 that a law was passed enabling the creation of an air component, Componente Apoio Aéreo and referred to as Núcleo Aéreo.

After this was implemented in 2014, it took another six years for the first aerial asset to be inducted in the shape of a single Cessna 172P. It operates out of hangar A of President Nicolau Lobato International Airport. In 2021 construction work started to errect another hangar ay Baucau aerodrome, more to the east.


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