Lop Buri/Sa Pran Nak (VTBH)

RWY 01/19, 06/24, HEL     POS 14°57'00"N 100°38'37"E     ELEV 95 ft

Ministry Department Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Ministry of Interior

Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Ka-32A-11BC

The Ka-32A-11BC disaster relief helicopter is specially designed for firefighting in urban areas, and it can be adapted for missions such as forest firefighting, search and rescue, disaster prevention and the transportation of people and equipment. Special equipment includes water spray devices, chemical fire extinguishers, a 3,000-litre water tank that can be filled without having to land, a ten-litre foam tank, a 5,000-litre water basket, electric rescue hoist and emergency lifesaving equipment.


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