A330 MRTT can be seen in Europe while supporting Saudi Fighter deployments in France and in the UK for example.

(Metz-Nancy, April 2014, Reinold Kalsbeek

Also E-3 AWACS can be found sometimes in Europe, like this one with serial 1804

(Mildenhall April 2023, Dave Hopkins)

Al Kharj/Prince Sultan Air Base (OEPS)

RWY 17/35     POS 24°03'48"N 047°34'50"E     ELEV 1651 ft

Prince Sultan Air Base
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSAF 6 Wing
17 OCU Squadron aircraft on loan

18 Squadron E-3A

19 Squadron Beech 350ER-ISR

23 Squadron KE-3A

24 Squadron A330-203 MRTT
A330-243 MRTT

32 Squadron KC-130H

60 Squadron Saab 2000AEW&C

On 30 September 2021, Royal Saudi Air Force RE-3A 1901 of 19sqn arrived at RAF Waddington for a night stop on the way to the USA for rework. This is a very rare beast in the UK and in fact this part of the world.

(Waddington, September 2021, Martin Fox

The Tornados of the Saudis have lost their sand coloured camouflage and are all grey now.

(Coningsby, September 2013, Henk de Vries)

Dhahran/King Abdullah Aziz Air Base) (OEDR)

RWY 06/24, 16R/34L     POS 26°15'56"N 050°09'07"E     ELEV 84 ft

King Abdullah Aziz Air Base
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSAF 3 Wing
13 Squadron F-15C

44 Squadron AB412EP
Bell 412EP
RSAF 11 Wing
35 Squadron Jetstream 31

75 Squadron Tornado IDS

83 Squadron Tornado IDS

Fighter Weapons School Tornado IDS
F-15SA (o/o)
A new Weapons & Tactics School (Fighter Weapons School) is located at Dhahran.
Hafr, Al Batin/King Saud Air Base (OEKK)

RWY 13/31     POS 27°54'03"N 045°31'42"E     ELEV 1352 ft

King Saud Air Base
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSAF 4 Wing
7 Squadron Tornado IDS

12 Squadron AB212

92 Squadron F-15S
F-15SA (o/o)
The air base near been King Khalid Military City upgraded and expanded and is slated to host a Typhoon and F-15SA squadron in the future.

To be honest, the allocation of the resident wing, RSAF 4 Wing, is assumed by us and pending confirmation.
Jeddah/Prince Abdullah Air Base (OEJN)

RWY 16C/34C, 16R/34L, 16L/34R     POS 21°40'46"N 039°09'24"E     ELEV 48 ft

King Abdullah Air Base
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSAF 8 Wing
4 Squadron C-130H

16 Squadron C-130H

20 Squadron C-130 training
Six remaining C-130E have been sold to Turkey. Three other examples have been scrapped for spare parts.

Hercules aircraft van also been seen in Western Europe sometimes. This one arrived at Brussels for the support of the Saudi Hawks which came over for the Sanicole airshow in 2022.

(Brussels, September 2022, Jeremy de Winter

The F-15 Eagle is the backbone of the Saudi Air Force. No less than nine squadrons on four different bases.

(Konya 2011, Frank Noort

Khamis Mushayt/King Khalid Air Base (OEKM)

RWY 06/24, 14/32     POS 18°18'29"N 042°48'20"E     ELEV 6778 ft

King Khalid Air Base
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSAF 5 Wing
6 Squadron F-15S
F-15SA (o/o)

14 Squadron detachment AB212
Bell 412EP

55 Squadron FTU F-15SA

99 Squadron AS532M

202 Squadron CH-4B

203 Squadron CH-4B
55sq is the F-15SA Training Unit.
A total of 100 CH-4B Armed Reconnaissance UAV's are on order.

Ce550 Bravo HZ-136 of 1 Wing/Special Flight, Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force arrived at RAF Coningsby in connection with Green Flag in 2013

(Coningsby, August 2013, Martin Fox)

B737 of 1 Wing/Special Flight, Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force visiting Rotterdam in 2013 making local spotters very happy

(Rotterdam, April 2013, Ralph Blok)

Riyadh/King Salman Air Base (OERY)

RWY 01/19, 12/30     POS 24°42'35"N 046°43'31"E     ELEV 2082 ft

King Salman Air Base
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSAF 1 Wing
1 Squadron/ Saudi Arabian Special Flight A340-213X
Ce550 Bravo
King Faisal Air Academy
8 Squadron SR22T

9 Squadron PC-21

22 Squadron PC-21
Royal Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services
33 Squadron (Royal Medical Flight) AS365N
Beech 350
Wing Unknown
50 Squadron Beech 350i
King Faisal Air Academy
77 Squadron PC-21
Tabuk/King Faisal Air Base (OETB)

RWY 06/24, 13/31     POS 28°21'56"N 036°37'08"E     ELEV 2551 ft

King Faisal Air Base
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSAF 7 Wing
2 Squadron F-15C

21 Squadron Hawk Mk165

29 Squadron F-15SA

37 Squadron Hawk Mk65

79 Squadron Hawk Mk165

88 Squadron Hawk Mk65
Hawk Mk65A
88sq is also known as the "Saudi Hawks", the national display team.

Exercise Cobra Warrior in 2023 was a great success, also because of the 6 Saudi Eurofighters which participated.

(Coningsby, April 2023, Stephan van den Krommenacker)

The Saudi Hawks are the demoteam of the Saudi Air Force, here seen at an airshow at Djerba Zarzis International Airport in Tunisia

(Djerba Zarzis International Airport, March 2020, Arnold ten Pas

Taif/King Fahd Air Base (OETF)

RWY 07/25, 17/35     POS 21°29'00"N 040°32'40"E     ELEV 4848 ft

King Fahd Air Base
Wing Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
RSAF 2 Wing
3 Squadron Typhoon F2
Typhoon T3

5 Squadron F-15C

10 Squadron Typhoon F2
Typhoon T3

12 Squadron Detachment AB212

14 Squadron AB212
Bell 412EP

34 Squadron F-15C

80 Squadron Typhoon F2

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