The Qatar Emiri Air Force ordered 24 EF-2000 Typhoon fighters. The EF-2000s are operated by 12 Squadron Al Thariyat and 7 Squadron under Flying Wing 1 at Tamim Airbase.

Gary Claridge-King

No more than 24 AH-64E Apache helicopter has been delivered to form 41 Squadron under Flying Wing 2 at Doha airbase.

Lars Kitschke

Al Udaid (OTBH) Al-Udeid AB

RWY 16/34     POS 25°07'02"N 051°18'54"E     ELEV 130ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge / Tail
Al Zaeem Mohamed Bin Abdullah Al Attiyah Air College
6th Squadron SA-342 (W)

31 Squadron Al Zaeem ('The Leaders') MFI-395 Super Mushshak

?? Squadron PC-24 (2 for pilot training, VIP transportation)
Airlift Group
10th Transport Squadron C-17A

12th Transport Squadron C-130J-30
Helicopter Group
20th Squadron AW139

41 Squadron AH-64E (QRA)
IFTS (International Flight Training School)
?? Squadron M-346 (6 on order)
Flying Wing 5
51 Squadron Ababil ('Flock of Birds') F-15QA
Al Zaeem Air College is the entity that operates the PC-21 and Super Mushshak trainers. It also gained the SA342Ls from 6sq.

The Qatar Emiri Air Force took delivery of 36 F-15QA Ababil fighters to equip two squadrons. No. 51 Squadron was the first established unit, part of Flying Wing 5 at Al Udaid airbase.


The Qatar Emiri Air Force operates 18 AW139s in Flying Wing 2 from Doha airbase.

Lars Kitschke

Al-Shamal (--)

RWY 18/36     POS 25°45'50"N 051°17'30"E     ELEV 110 ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge / Tail
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Center
UAV squadron Bayraktar TB2
The designation of the UAV squadron at Al-Shamal is not clear. It seems to operate under the flag of te Department of Defense "Reconnaissance and Surveillance Center" or RCS.

No. 9 Squadron operates some 20 NH90 helicopters under Flying Wing 2 from Doha airbase for SAR and transport missions.

Lars Kitschke

The Qatar Air Force is going to operate 36 Rafale fighters in two squadrons. The first Rafale unit, 1 Squadron 'Al Adiyat', part of Flying Wing 6 is based at Tamim airbase.

(Konya, June 2021, Marijn van den Burgt)

Doha (OTBD)

RWY 16/34     POS 25°15'40"N 051°33'54"E     ELEV 35 ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge / Tail
Flying Wing 1
11th Close Air Support Squadron Hawk Mk167 (Leeming, UK)
Helicopter Group
8th Anti Surface Vessel Squadron WS Commando 3

9th Multirole Squadron NH90

LifeFlight AW139

41 Squadron AH-64E
At least one LifeFlight AW139 helicopter is usually present at Hamad General Hospital, Doha.

Qatar received eight Boeing C-17A Globemaster IIIs. Some of them look like civil aircraft, but real military spotters prefer the all grey military looks

(Doha, December 2012, Martin Fox)

Qatar Hercules received a beautiful rainbow during its visit at Amsterdam Schiphol in 2014

(Amsterdam-Schiphol, January 2014, Danny Reijnen)

Leeming (EGXE) RAF

RWY 16/34     POS 54°17'32"N 001°32'07"W     ELEV 132 ft

Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge / Tail

Joint Hawk Training Squadron Hawk Mk167
The Joint Hawk Training Squadron (JHTS) is a joint Royal Air Force (RAF) - Qatari Emirati Air Force (QEAF) training unit, using Hawk Mk167 jets owned by the QEAF
Tamim (--)

RWY 16/34     POS 25°28'06"N 050°59'59"E     ELEV 90 ft

Wing Squadron Name Aircraft Type(s) Badge / Tail
Flying Wing 6
1 Squadron Al Adiyat ('The War Horses') Rafale EQ
Rafale DQ
Flying Wing 1
7th Air Superiority Squadron EF-2000

12 Squadron Al Dhariyat (The winnowing Winds) EF-2000
The first Typhoons arrived Qatar on August 27th, 2022.

Elementary pilot training is being carried out by the MFI-395 Super Mushaks of the Al Zaeem Air College at Al Udaid airbase.

Ali Almuhannadi

Advanced training is taking place on the PC-21s from the Al Zaeem Mohamed Bin Abdullah Al Attiyah Air College at Al Udaid.

Ali Almuhannadi

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